I think graphene is going to be the best protection for Tulsa Auto Detailing. You know, I’d say like any of the graphene ceramic coatings but you know, when it comes to this stuff it’s kind of a lot of work to get it protected. You know, we’re starting to, I know here in Oklahoma, that temperature is starting to drop and we’re getting rain here and there so the harsh weather is already beginning. Doing this now I think is a little bit more difficult just because of the weather and everything. Whereas the spray coating I think is a little bit more achievable.

You could put on now and then this you could put on now for Tulsa Auto Detailing. Then once you get on the other side of winter and spring, you know you could fully polish your car, it’s going to be a lot easier to polish through the thin layer of this. Then you could go and put the graphene ceramic coating on but I really say any of the ceramic coating products so from the graphene ceramic spray coating the regular graphene ceramic coating, advanced or even getting into just a regular paint coating that doesn’t have graphene, it’s just the best way to really put a layer of protection on your car.

Tulsa Auto Detailing is kind of a two-parter for paint protection and car maintenance. First, it protects it really well but also makes it really easy to wash your car and clean it so how does that compare to wax? If it was me, and I was in this time of year getting ready to protect it for like the really harsh winter elements, I’d be putting the graphene ceramic spray coating on, and the only reason I say that is because, you know, that’s really not intended to last as long as the more robust ceramic coatings.

Okay, that’s a good question. Somebody kind of asked, how does this compare to wax? Like buttery, like buttery wax? Okay, that’s a good question. Check this out. This is a very traditional style of protection. You know, carnauba wax, you know, was used 100 years ago, maybe or not 100 years ago, but maybe like 50-60 years ago. It was the hardest substance you could get onto your car because they can contract it from a tree, mainly down in Brazil can make carnauba wax and like raw, like actual raw hard carnauba wax that isn’t mixed in with a bunch of other things. It is extremely hard.

What scientists were doing, they were taking the car’s new wax and they were mixing it, and making these formulas so they put it on your car and the cool thing about it was it would fill in a lot of the imperfections of your car. If you had swirl marks on your car, instead of actually correcting those back in the day it would fill in the imperfections. He’s waxing the car because that’s like how you would make cars shiny back then when you didn’t actually polish cars that technology didn’t exist yet. At Oklahomies Car detailing, we actually take the time to remove any imperfections from the car. We polish and compound defects out from our trained professionals. Give us a call at 918-999-0355 or head to our website at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

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Waxing for the longest time is something that you wax your car and then it looks really shiny with Tulsa Auto Detailing today. When you drive it for a week or so and then the wax starts to melt off or starts to go away or get washed off. Then you need to reapply the wax and make it look shiny again but you’re never correcting. Okay, so, wax is something that’s going to last maybe a week. We know we just can’t withstand the harshness of the sun. You know the heat because you’re paying heat up when it gets exposed to the sun for a long time.

The wax isn’t going to last very long, because after one wash of Tulsa auto detailing, it is going to be gone. So buttery wax is something that really when I talk to people, I push this to them on a classic car that they’re probably not going to polish a lot of Polish at all and put a ceramic coating on it’s something that this can help aid in making it shiny you know you could put a brilliant glaze on to make it really shiny and then lock that in with a buttery wax on top.

We will make your car look like it’s also one of those things to that like at a car show after we do Tulsa auto detailing. Let’s say you pulled up to a car show. We have good guys that are up in Loveland every year here in Colorado or Hot August Nights is a really great example in Reno. Some of those cars that have original paint you really can’t polish that a ton. He can’t remove every imperfection. When you get to a harsh show, you can pull up and put a layer of green glaze and buttery wax on to help the gloss factor of your car. It’s not going to last very long. It’s really an enhancement, not long-term protection whereas buttery wax I would probably well it depends if it’s sitting if your car is sitting in a garage and is not moving like it’s a full garage clean. It can last maybe a month, okay.

If it’s a car that you’re driving a lot, it’s going to last about a week. I give it like a week to a week and a half or so. Buttery wax is something if that’s what you’re using, you need to reapply every time you wash your car. Okay, you wash your car, you pull it in, you wax your car, okay, now with the advancement of technology, in-car care, you go from waxing your car. Here’s a paste wax and this is a liquid wax. Anytime you take something that’s really hard and you reduce it down to a liquid, it starts to lose its structure. Okay, so paste wax. The Americana wax is a lot more robust and will stay on your car for a lot longer. Whereas buttery wax is more in you know, week or two weeks kind of thing.

Well we like to say it is like this is a great base product and then this is something good to put on top and maintain a wax. Okay, so the wax is like the OG it’s been around forever. It’s something like you’ll see on discussion boards. Everyone’s like no wax is dead. Wax is dead. It kind of is but wax is much more of a tool than it is, you know wax versus ceramic coating. We use all kinds of professional-grade products on your vehicle when you call us at 918-999-0355 or by going to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.