You’re abrading a surface right to remove something, the same thing as polishing when doing Tulsa auto detailing. You’re braiding something to remove clear coat paint whatever it is. I hope that answers the question. I just did the compounding step on the headlight and I really just used my own judgment when I felt like it was clear. This is compared to what it was before. This is very clear. One thing I’m going to do is I’m going to just run this finishing polish or regular polish, whichever one comes in your kit. I’m just going to run it over really quick, not to make it perfect, but I want to get as much of the compound off sometimes the compound can dry out. That’s when you see the dust and things and it will stick to the surface and sometimes it’s kind of hard to remove. This is just an easy way to get that compound off or get any access because this stuff comes off really easy.

That’s the only reason I’m doing this. It’s not like making a perfect finish or anything like that when doing Tulsa auto detailing. I’m only going to run this over for a second. This is easier to wipe off. If you feel like you need to you can take the detail spray that’s included in the kit and spray it on here just ensuring. We sell these trim and headline wipes, there are saturated wipes inside of these packs, and they come in one pack or two-pack and I think that’s it. I’d recommend if you’re protecting headlights, to get the two packs. You could probably get away with doing it with a one-pack. The ceramic can dry out kind of fast while you’re using it so I would dedicate one wipe for a headlight already put ceramic on that so let’s just do this. I’ll pretend that I didn’t put ceramic on. With the wipes, it’s not like the ceramic where you have an applicator, you’re touching the actual ceramics, so I always recommend putting gloves on first.

This is our neighbor’s glorious new car. She got it yesterday and had Tulsa auto detailing done on it. It has 9000 miles on it, and I’m using the heat to see what are the ideal conditions for a hot day, which is less than an ideal condition for the car that’s not already detailed. That was really good but if you’re looking over here you see some streaks, you got those perfect. If you do get some streaks, a little bit more red with the wet towel, and then a quick follow with the dry. Way to go. Now what that’s going to do is give you a really nice finish, but it’s never going to be as nice as it could have been had we gone ahead, I’m going to detail.

Let’s talk about how you’re doing the right thing. If you’ve ever played the vehicle. These are all things that are important questions because, on a car that hasn’t been detailed, it hasn’t been played, it hasn’t been polished, and it has no protection on it like I’m doing right now so I’m doing a car that has, has been detailed. We’re just doing a little segment to show you what you can expect each fuel burn loss on a car, it’s never been easy to know that it takes a little bit extra, no one else. He’s to go because you got to hit up with a wet towel and then quit it with a dry towel. You gotta be quick because otherwise, you’ll notice that I’m going back over the Dry Top now. Once your car has some on it.

If you can’t re-wet the car really quick you can get the towel wetter and dunk it in the bucket. That’s a really good way to keep it ongoing. Here we go back so you don’t really see how dry this is now. So this is going to be a hard one to go ahead and do with a show of hands, totally dry. Now I’ve got a really wet towel which I’m going to need a really wet towel to get the h2o gloss on. Remember the h2o is a water-activated sealant. It’s absolutely designed to work with water, and it’s absolutely not designed to work without water so it is, it can be grumpy and difficult. It can be a tragedy, and not as nice to find a car that does not have a lot of water on so this is coming up really nice to have water. You can see all the different techniques for car detailing online at and give us a ring on 918-999-0355 any time.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Do You Need Your Car Worked On Correctly?

If you use our tire shine and you just go ahead like a prewet this for Tulsa auto detailing. If you want a super wet look on your tires then use spare tire shine on there and let it dry all the way. That will give you a wet look with our pressure. I’m not a fan of super wet-looking tires so I’d like to swipe one sponge and get it looking good. Looks a lot better and it’s protected. All we tell everyone is kind of h2o regimen versus doing a ceramic spray coating or purpose different kinds of protection. The resonance is that spraying to h2o is what you’ve used to maintain the car that’s already been detailed, and already been protected. It’s not something that you just want to add a ton of shine, really quick and really easy. It’s way better on something, it doesn’t work out great on bumpy cars.

I like to do this to people in the morning or last thing at night because Tulsa auto detailing is amazing from Oklahomies Car Detailing. They are way less likely to back up so people have problems with h2o streaking. If it gets hot, and that’s the fact, it definitely does not like the temperature. I’m just trying to keep this car from getting too one to use this product. This is not a replacement for ceramic is not ceramic. h2o is more like a sealant. And the cool thing about it, ease of use. You can do this, you know I’m not driving a car, this is every car instead of drying. You know I do this by every third wash. These are doing every single wash it will start to build up, it builds on the ground here. It’ll build upon your antenna to build up from funky little spots that are a little harder to get.

Then you’ll find that your car looks awesome after Tulsa auto detailing. You don’t want to do more than every third wash. Now, what do you do in between those every third wash? Typically when I do.
Spray down a little bit of waterless wash and dry, one of our great white drying towels or better rolls. That’s what I do all the time. If I want to add a little shine. Let’s say it’s a darker color or I want to add a little more shine. I will go ahead and use our detailed spray drying and another option is you can use our spray wax that was pretty good. With your cannon blow on all the little nooks and crannies, make sure that it’s all nice and dialed in.

I do that for sure before because you don’t have water pouring out of the cracks after you finish. Now I’m down to just the hood. Again, dry, so if you are in a situation this is, you know, how to detail in a real-world this is the real world, the time issue, or our h2o Garden boss works with water has no water. Spraying one door at a time instead of two. Then, I’m using a super wet towel. A super whiteboard illustrates how that super wet towel is basically acting for me as a way to rehydrate this paint which then gives me the ability to have that water bond with our h2o, and that makes that one record and seals it makes it shine.

Those more in the ceramic area, what would you recommend? The CS three is really an easy-to-use product. A ceramic wash, for now, works pretty well. I like to use ceramics on a car that’s been detailed so on this specific car. We’re doing the first wash because he wanted something black to show but we want to show real-world detailing in the ceramic world. I don’t like to do ceramic stuff on a car that hasn’t been detailed yet. For me, once you do have it, let’s say, we went ahead and did a full paint correction on this guy. We went ahead and got all the scratches and swirls out of this, then I would probably use the ceramic spray coating which is associated. You can touch your car, to protect your car all the time. Ceramic spray coating that’s kind of my favorite go-to product because it’s so good and we can install it at Oklahomies Car Detailing by calling 918-999-0355 or visiting today.