When do you use the micro polisher versus when do you use the mini polisher for Tulsa auto detailing? Anything that you want perfect for detailing that you’ve tried to do the Mini with because most people start with the big areas of cleaning and polishing a car. You get all the big areas done as much as you can with the mini polisher and then after that, you’re going to just find some spots that you just can’t get perfect then that’s when the micro comes in. As you’re doing that, you can go ahead and take a little check-in to see how we are looking now. We will wash this and will show you here at Oklahomies Car Detailing just how great your car looks today. We will get the scratches, not only out in the big flat surfaces but we did get scratches out of a few nooks and crannies. Now the little tiny areas where I wasn’t able to reach with the full-size polisher we will use the mini polisher.

With that first pass of polishing paint for Tulsa auto detailing, we’re able to get 75 percent to 80 percent of the scratches on the car’s surface. Those that we haven’t hit it with a fine polish and that’s for sure but that looks so much better. Right here on top, you know, right around the high touchpoints like that’s still scratched up, so I’m going to hit that more along with this where there are more scratches. I guess what, anything that I was not able to go ahead and knock out using the blue foam pad I will use a different technique. There might be a need for me to either go over it slower with more pressure again with a blue pad or go ahead and grab the microfiber cutting pad. There are some pretty serious scratches, and they did not come out with a blue foam pad. I know that I’m going to probably go ahead and use this, so let’s go ahead and do that. The blue foam does not cut nearly as much as the microfiber cutting pad does.

The micro polisher swirl killer for Tulsa auto detailing comes with the backing plate and comes with a handful of pads. It also comes with a charger and two batteries. You can be polishing a whole lot of vehicles with this thing. I can do almost the whole motorcycle with one battery. Now, of course, the more you’re trying to compound out scratches, the more I’m pushing down on it, the harder the tool is going to work and the faster it is going to drink the juice out of that battery. If I’m really working on some serious damage and I’m really pushing hard on it, using more effort that’s going to slow the battery down a little bit. I’m just going over and knocking out little parts of a car, this is the perfect tool to knock out the dashboard. You know on your dashboard in your luxury car, that piano black material that is famous for putting that stuff all over the place and you look at it finding scratches. This little tool is the way to knock those scratches out so I want to get some of these little scratches out.

Right over here where we know that that’s normal wear and tear on the car. Wherever your high touchpoints are in the vehicle, like when you open and close your car door, those places are going to be the areas of your car that will require a little bit more touching and a little more attention. Often, getting those little marks out will require compounding and polishing. What I do when I’m done hitting that thing, and you get brushed over the brushes, over there. When I’m done, I use the micro polisher. I want to do it on my carpet pad. I always like to brush it out. Always brush out that pad. When you’re done using it, don’t set it down and wet is way harder to do later. We actually ran out of these micro panic pads so I cut this out of a four-inch pad so dry it looks good and gets the job done for doing paint polishing and correction.

When I’m done using that pad, then I go straight to the blue foam pad. Okay, the blue foam. I typically go right over the top of the other compound. I’ve got enough compound already in this polishing pad and if you reapply it, then you will overload your pad with compound. You end up making a huge mess and you don’t always cut more. In fact, sometimes it’s too slippery and you’ll cut less. Just a dab of that stuff is ok and goes right over the top of where I already did with the microfiber cutting pad. Just then go ahead and finish that down for microfiber cuts. It makes a great finish perfect. Sending out the compound up here on the big flat panel, thinning it out because I don’t want to go down to the side, with a really wet pad. I want to make sure and get that pad so that it’s not going to throw them down in these little tight areas. We can make your car look perfect and see examples on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or call us at 918-999-0355.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Do You Want Your Paint To Look Perfect?

When you open the door jambs of your vehicle they will look clean from Tulsa auto detailing. They just never got touched, you always want to polish out your door jams. Make sure you ceramic coat them too because when you ceramic coat your door jams all the time. Everything you do is sort of a dry wipe or a damp towel wipe, way less likely to scratch. Polish the door jambs like crazy and then make sure they look great. We still need to polish it but look how much nicer that looks now. All those scratches now, it’s still hazy, so we need to go ahead and get that out. I want to make sure we get all the haze out of there but the scratches are gone now and that was the goal for that. Okay, so now we’ve gone ahead and we’ve hit this with a mini polisher because we are Oklahomies Car Detailing.

The other thing to think about when doing Tulsa auto detailing is how hard your clear coat is when polishing paint. Let’s give you the hardest clear coats out and that is going to be Audi. Audi has such a hard color code so it’s really tough to remove scratches, so we’ll be doing more passes, and I’ll show you real quick. That’s a great question and a perfect time to ask it. Let’s say, after using the microfiber cutting pad we go to the blue foam. Then what do we do? Well, I’m going to find out how many passes it takes to get a perfect score and finish the paint. I’m going to slightly change the technique depending on the amount of damage, the amount of scratches, there is going to be additional pressure and additional passes. I’m also going to go slower across the finish so it really scratched up a little bit.

I like to start with this tool for Tulsa auto detailing for whatever you’re polishing with this first. The reason is that this is going to be way faster if you’re doing an airplane or you’re doing an RV or you’re doing a truck. Well then use the 15-millimeter polisher and then do everything you can then do this and then this is going to be a little bit to do with a micro polisher. Now we’re going to take a look at this thing and see if it is okay. Did we get that haze out with that last pass, because now I went slow with a little bit more pressure? I can tell you right now it looks yellow. There we go. So look at the reflection now. How cool is that? That is great. See and the crazy thing is, it gets even better than that because we’re going to polish it next. That’s the crazy thing, it’s going to get even better and we will make the car paint look perfect with a glass-like finish.

After the compounding and polishing, we’re going to go ahead and do some ceramic coating on the vehicle. The reason that you want to ceramic coat your bike, car, airplane, or boat is to make it so that the water jumps off like crazy. It’s easier to clean and a lot harder to scratch. Already it looks fantastic. We knocked all the swirls out of all the little fine scratches, we got down to where it’s looking like a million bucks. Of course now, why not just take it to one level higher with the polish. We’ll see what happens so I like to do it before I ceramic coat just to block in the maximum amount of shine.

If you’re going for perfection, I like to do two steps. If you use the one-step polish and use it with a one-step pad on a black finish then it will look incredible. Well, guess what, the reality is you’re going to end up with a little bit of a hazy ness to it, and you’re going to need to go over it again. If you’re not a maniac perfectionist and you just want to get it looking pretty good. The one-step is for you. The two steps are polishing and our compound processes. Without removing this, that would give me the polish. That’s a great thing about the foam pads, getting into those little tiny tight spots where it’s really hard to do that in full size at 918-999-0355. We will give your car the best finish at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ when you book an appointment now.