Be sure to use a special cleaner, especially one that’s just for Tulsa auto detailing. Use an all-purpose-built for degreasing, and it’s made for eliminating the nasties now look at the spray can’t reach the back of the spray. Now I got the back of that little bit better. the top of this fender well, better. Now I’m really getting serious on there that is really dirty, we’re gonna make this so nice and clean. I like the idea of, using a purpose degreaser and that’s what this purpose is to clean correctly. If you’ve got a lot of high river cleaners, and you have no other designer, go to town.

You won’t have a problem when Oklahomies Car Detailing offers your Tulsa auto detailing. Once again, I have all this really well. When I’m doing this, the chances that I’m going to have to wet this gently and scrub. Then go ahead and let’s hit again, or I’m taking off a ton of dirt, very high chance but I’m gonna leave some streets and stuff from some parents that did not get. First up in here I want to make sure and get this while I’ve got the hood up because I don’t want to have any.

I don’t want to have any spots that have been forgotten when doing Tulsa auto detailing. I don’t want to have to leave any leaves or important. No, be proclaimed. Okay, once again last night someone asked, what best way to get caked on oil off the top of an engine block that’s cast iron and doing this same thing, Use the all-purpose painter cleaner and then this brush right here, the more caked on the good is the more effective that you’re going to find the wheel well brush. Okay, it’s gonna get a slightly firmer bristle, it will scrub better than this really soft brush, these ones for saving your tree don’t hurt it. This one’s forgetting the more heavy-duty for that great question. Be careful about shorting out electricals, you know, different areas of the cars.

The first entry-level car I ever cleaned was a brand new 1986 560 SL Mercedes Benz. Obviously, I was young and I went in there and hose the whole thing down real good because they had cosmoline all over the engine on those cars had like this yellow coating from Germany to keep them from corroding. Well, bottom line, I hose the snot out of it. When I would start the car, it wouldn’t start in the entire dashboard was lighting up. Every single line was on every one of them. I did not do my best. Well, that’s how I learned to just go hosing off any of these engines in the 80s. There was a lot of I’m using the lug nut brush now because there are a couple of little spots that I was not able to reach with the full-size brush and this little guy gets everywhere else.

I just mangle this brush has been a little aggressive. Anyway, it’s talking about these engines in the 80s engines. In the 80s, the computers came in, but the whole idea of being watertight did not show up till the 90s. If you’ve got yourself a whole bunch of guys who has a whole bunch of grease on a nice engine then you have to be careful. It’s very possible that you’ll end up with a little light that will come on in the 80s, but making sure the electronics, you’ve got any kind of fuse box or electronics that are open. Take that same idea that I did talk about earlier with the cold air intake, and go ahead and cover it with aluminum foil. First, let’s make it really good that stays on you when you hose it okay now this is starting to dry a little bit look up here. I want to get this rinsed off now when calling 918-999-0355 so I’m gonna go and rinse this guy and we have the best-detailing techniques on today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Making Sure To Clean Every Inch Of The Car

I want to make sure that I get every single part of the car in Tulsa auto detailing, especially the painted parts. I plan on doing that twice, especially if it’s going to use 1000 miles and you’re going to end up with some stuff stuck on like that you’re going to close it. This is where you can see that basement research right on there and clean with the pressure washer. The pressure washer puts way less water in your engine compartment than a normal hose and it cleans way better. I always prefer a pressure washer to do engine bay cleaning and car detailing.

When doing Tulsa auto detailing, cover fully all the electronics. Making sure that I’m keeping my fan on and definitely not going too extreme with the water. Someone asked, Is the Eco APC as effective as regular APC, can they have a gallon of water, and can they use it? It’s very good and you can use it, but no, it’s not as strong. It’s eco, so it’s meant to be not quite as strong, but it will do the trick. It’s very effective. I love like you see the smell. It’s got a great flavor to it. Very, very good. Not quite as good.

I know it’s not one of our products with simple green, but that is what we use when we do Tulsa auto detailing. Simple Green is a good product to use if they have that. Simple green is what we started selling, we actually used to give away a free bottle with every Tulsa auto detailing appointment, but I started the business 20 years ago. He is one of the most awesome guys. One of the most awesome guys in our industry, and even it’s not really true in our specific industries in the cleaning product industry. Simple Green spray, a very good product, very safe. I think something’s great and you’ll never hear me say a crossword about simple green, especially their staff because they’re a great product for details.

I think representatives are a great idea, every time if you end up with a term you end up with two or 3000 miles. You might notice that you’ve got yourself a little bit of built-up crud on the engine compartment so again my second round here is stuff off and then before it dries, critically, Josh, and then our drivers, come on up and take a look at this. Now that we did take twice as long as it was, you know, of deferred maintenance. Where does this cleaning the engine fall in the detailing process? I like to do wheels and tires first. Then I do the engine. After that, I do the exhaust cleaning and polishing as well. We didn’t do a lot of super dirty cars. We can do wheels and tires but when we asked the people, real quick. This is a very important part of when you’re done cleaning your engine. If you have access to it, use compressed air to blow out the engine. It’s a great way to get all the water out of all of the nooks and crannies.

We’re using our new air cannon for the old master blaster which I just happen to have hanging off the wall in my barn. I’m going to go ahead and use Master Blaster. Okay, right here, Joe. Make sure this is not a waterless wash. This is VRT, and it is this much water. And this much VRT, okay 80% Water 20% VRT, and I just happen to have it in the old water swatch palette but so VRT. This is an awesome trick to keep your engine looking great. Soon as you blow it dry. Take your VRT mixture with water, and go ahead and blast out all the black plastic, anything that you want to look nice and new and dark. This right here does the trick. This little, this little quick and easy process. By the time I’m done with this, and then we go ahead and do a couple of exhaust tips or maybe even, maybe even a couple of sets of wheels, we’ll see if we decide to do that. This is going to be dry. A lot of the water will dry out this book is so simple, so processes just. This is the easy button for making your engine light gray okay so VRT right now looks shiny, they won’t be shining, they’ll still dry matte and then we’ll discuss it with you, I’ll come through the sponge and make your car look great after calling 918-999-0355. What I want to sponge it, it’ll end up looking just perfect. It’ll look new. Not greasy or nasty or anything but very shiny. See photos online at now.