If you would like supreme Tulsa auto detailing for a car, we can add an extra sealant over a graphene ceramic coating and make your vehicle stand out. Can you use an H20 guard and gloss as an extra sealant over a graphene ceramic-coated car? You can. The gloss has a little bit of silica in it so we’ll bond but I think it’s sort of unnecessary to be quite honest with you. You’re better off you know just maintaining it the right way by washing it correctly. Also, graphene detail spray is a really great product for maintaining your graphene ceramic coating vehicle or, you know, utilizing the graphene shampoo. We tend to tell people to work in silos when it comes to protection. If you still have it at your house and it’s like you, you don’t want to throw it out and you absolutely want to use it.

The thing about Tulsa auto detailing is that there are a lot of suggestions, but there are no rules. We tend to suggest techniques based on our experience, but it’s not ever a cut-and-dry process. You know there are times I’m using water to rehydrate my pads if I don’t have a detailed spray. The cool thing about h2o I should have grabbed it actually. I think there’s some inside but h2o actually can like it to make your trim a lot darker. I think it has sort of a similar effect to a trim restoration product or graphene coating. With our products, you can really protect everything on your car in a really simple process.

I’m going to be working on the car while I talk to you guys and give it the best Tulsa auto detailing from us here at Oklahomies Car Detailing today. One thing I want to do before I start applying graphene VRT and things like that is to get as much of the oxidation off as possible. The reason is that all this trim is rubber or vinyl. Therefore, I’m going to use a tire and rubber cleaner because obviously in the reflection, tire and rubber cleaner and I’m going to spray it into this utility towel and then the edgeless utility towel to scrub and clean it.

You’ll see here in a second how oxidized this trim is and how we will clean and transform it. If it comes off black like this, then your trim is oxidized. What I don’t want to do is put graphene VRT on all this oxidation that’s coming off of the actual rubber and not clean it correctly because it’s not going to bond very well. The oxidation is really porous. The VRT is going to fill in the pores of the oxidation. I want to get that off to have the raw naked rubber before I start putting the VRT on it.

As the tire and rubber cleaner works, we will explain how it differs from a surface prep. How do tire and rubber cleaners differ from surface prep? They’re totally different products actually. Tire and rubber cleaner is a formulation that is intended to clean rubber, plastic, and vinyl thoroughly. The best part is that here at Oklahomies Car Detailing is that we use professional-grade products for each part of your car. You can trust us to do a great job, so be sure to visit us now at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or call our offices at 918-999-0355 today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Don’t You Love The Look And Smell Of A New Car?

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we use specific products to produce the best result for Tulsa auto detailing. I think it’s surfactants that really attack the oxidation of rubber and all that nasty stuff. If you don’t protect your rubber and your plastic, it’s going to do exactly what’s happening right now. It’s just pulling off all that oxidation, and I get it to where it is. This really feels like brand new rubber now. Right now feel it up here. It’s like slip smooth, but this feels more plasticky. Once I get it to a point where it’s pulling up black a little bit. More when it’s like more gray in the middle. I bet if I hit this a few more times it won’t be as bad. It is now starting to come up more gray than I know that I’m getting closer to the end of this thing and getting it to look brand new.

Just wash it with normal laundry detergent for washing Tulsa auto detailing products. We need to make sure to use a surface prep that has a special surfactant and alcohol wipe that is to get your car’s trim looking its very best. The surface prep will be sure to remove any kind of residue from polish or detail spray silicones. We need to get all those things off of your car before you call a vehicle or put protection on a vehicle. There are just two different things.

I would be cleaning the rubber and vinyl and all that with a drying towel for Tulsa auto detailing. Then I would go over it with surface prep after to take any leftover tire rubber cleaner that’s on here off. Be sure to clean everything that is on your paint because it needs to be wiped off. You could have something with you and you would like to go section by section but I tend to do this process of removing oxidation from the rubber first, and then I’ll go back with a surface prep once I start surface prepping this and I’ll just wipe it off.

When should we use graphene shampoo versus washing with a normal car shampoo? Use graphene shampoo for sure if you have a graphene ceramic coated vehicle. You can also use it if your car is not coated at all. Especially graphene-coated it doesn’t matter. I would say wash and wax. The thing is that it is not a normal wax, but silica is what the protection agent is that is in it. A normal wash and wax is a silicone-based shampoo. Imagine taking our car shampoo and then adding ceramic boosts or CS3 to it. That’s kind of what we did. What it does is it leaves behind a layer of silica on your car after you’re done washing it.

You need to use a graphene shampoo when your car’s graphene ceramic coated or graphene ceramic spray coated. If it is not, then use wash and wax if your car is not coated or you have regular graphene spray coating or ceramic coating on it. That’s a really great maintenance product for that. It’s just it’s so amazing how good it works. You can use CS3 as a drying aid and you use to wash and wax to clean your vehicle to perfection. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our processes or products by dialing 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.