There’s no water at all, but we will make sure to get all of the spots when doing Tulsa auto detailing today. It is kind of a mess, so it’s going to get this wet towel. Rub h2o Garden loss and really well. Really solid written down. Then, try it out. It’s really great. If you’re saying, well, I don’t need to burn, here’s my main protection for the car paint. You can, but there’s, you’ll get even better results protection before you start using garden glass. The circuit pretty well knocked out the door jams, because your door jams. They want to shine and want to send you. I’ll show you this for someone else, so you can use it on wheels. That’s, that’s the last thing so next is door jams. Last is wheels, which the door next to was a little bit dirty, not too terrible but a little bit, especially if it comes out on there.

Basically, with h2o gloss and cleaning, this wet towel and dry towel method is awesome for Tulsa auto detailing. You will love doing this and getting there. Then you come here with a dry towel and that combo is so cool it’s like polishing waxing and sealing all in one because you’re going to have to be an artist to be up as the rest of your chorus. Look, I love that. So this is my number one process for knocking out door jambs and getting them to look shiny versus other methods. Then the last thing that we would do after doing all the door jambs is between the wheels but before we do the wheels let’s go ahead and do one more quick thing.

Okay, so the reason I want to do that is that the tire’s shine is a part of Tulsa auto detailing. The chances of me getting some tire shine on the wheel tires is high. He saw a little bit of high gloss, used car tires. Tire shine on tires like this, without a really serious tripod I sprayed in the front tire. I fear that I will do that. Let’s go all the way up into that to make sure that I have no undressed tires if I have this looking nice. This looked gray and not nice and then the tire, and then the wheel rather well. That combination fits great. Then after my tire is programmed to shine but you see all the spots on these wheels don’t get a close look at all there are tons of spots from when we wash it we didn’t dry it so there are all these spots and stuff on there. Okay so now I take this wet towel. If I take this wet, issue a garden last how good damp, wipe the wheel sockets, spokes, and get that knocked down. Then dry towel it, you’re going to see here we’ll shine like new.

We’re just going to wash the car. We’re just doing a wash only instead of just watching it, I got carried away, and we ended up playing it, but she actually has his car back pretty quick, but she was super appreciative get her card out a little bit, so definitely it’s a way nicer car wash. I’ll make a little bit of a mess on this one while doing tire shine, so I wipe those things down too. You know what I need any of my metal, or metal polish is to not get a little build up off of that so I’m going to do that before we get into that. Today we’re going to clean an engine, a nice and dirty one which is the best kind of engine to clean. This is my friend Steve’s tundra. It’s 2016 it’s got 80,000 miles on it. He claims he’s never cleaned his engine which is perfect for this quick segment so you can see up here, lots of dirty paint, obviously a nice dirty engine so the engine bay. We want to clean, as well as the actual all the painted areas around the engine.

People are afraid to clean your engine if you’re afraid of failing your engine. And you drive in a 1984 Land Rover, you should be. If you drive anything made in Great Britain. Forget about leaving the engine, just don’t ever do it. Okay. But on modern vehicles, you can pretty much get away without any problem. Cleaning your compartment, there’s a couple of things to note. If you have been auto-crossing your car and then you come in your engine steaming hot and you can touch the hood it’s like, oh my gosh, don’t clean your engine at that point, let it sit for a few hours before you clean it. Okay, the next thing is if you have an open-element air filter in other words like a cold air intake, you can see the actual air cleaner. Make sure you cover that. There are two ways to do it, one, you can just use a big giant Ziploc bag, put it over there. The other thing that I like to do, which is also pretty easy, I take aluminum foil and take a bunch of aluminum foil and cover it around, then you can really kind of crunch it and crunch it around it and you can really cover it well so I like that method, it seems to work great. We use the best cleaning methods at and you will love what we have in store for you when calling 918-999-0355 today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Would You Like Your Car Cleaned Regularly?

Then you decide am going to clean the engine compartment today as part of the Tulsa auto detailing and the answer is yes, we do that too. We can either use a straight, all-purpose cleaner, or am I going to read set first and then clean it up if you look at the battery you look at some of the stuff this is a really dirty engine, and if I can see a lot of oil and baked on cooked on crud. Then I’m going to go ahead and spray it directly. I’m going to use our all-purpose cleaner, the old earth cleaner I like for the reason that it’s a very effective cleaner, it’s safe. And it really knocks down the amount of credit freeze so I’m spraying an engine without rinsing at first because this one’s so dirty. Then you’re going to notice that I’m going to give it a slight amount of water. And then I’m going to scrub it by spraying fully concentrated cleaner on your engine. I’m able to get very serious clean power.

So this is like a zero, diluted full-on super heavy duty cleaning agent that I’m putting on the engine when we do Tulsa auto detailing. The reason, again, is you don’t need to fill it out like this. If you’re into it, it is not just dirty. rinse at first, a little bit up here. Never not one time to clean your engine just one time. That’s why we use full strength. Before I go ahead and scrub it. I’m going to rinse. Just put a little bit of water on there, because now I’m getting a nice amount of cleaning happening. I want my hose like this. I don’t want to do a stream like that. We’ll be able to just get a little bit of water and then rush. So, this is not an engineering brush this is our whipping brush that’s got these super soft bristles when I’m cleaning the painted parts of the vehicle. I’m not going to scratch it.

Use the softest brush that we have in our line when doing Tulsa auto detailing. This brush right here is extremely safe and very effective at cleaning all of the painted parts at the end of the department, it’s also, it’s also safe when you’re cleaning, big, giant plastic areas, the bristles are so floppy and soft, that they get into the little nooks and crannies really well. This is going well. Now let’s say I’ve got something that’s a little bit gnarlier, a little bit more nasty built-up grime. Well then, this is also not our industry rush, this is the fender brush of our wheel of rush.

This is if I was a few inches shorter and unable to reach out and looking at the back of the firewall now this guy because I couldn’t reach it. I couldn’t reach it all the way with the brush, but I got this guy in there, all the way, no problem. This is for stuff that either is super, super greasy, and nasty creamy with a slightly firmer bristle or it’s something that you can’t reach. You need to learn stuff about 18 inches more within your back area here. Anywhere I can’t reach this structure here. I like to use a pocket to keep my brushes wet all the time but if I don’t rinse off between every scrub. All right. Once again, I want to finish the rest of the inside this department, with a nice soft brush because
I’ve reached it with no problem.

My friend Steve thank you for giving your engine enough meaning it can’t reach back here too well. So, once again, use the long handle brush and knock this guy out. I’m thinking they’re safe, unsafe, is their car we’re gonna start again. We’re just saying thank you to take notes people to master at work, that’s what Cesar said. I think people are asking what products you’re using, why all-purpose cleaner versus Tire and Rubber cleaner. Okay, great question. You can use either one of them as a cleaning agent. The tires and rubber cleaner are also very effective. If I’ve got these two products sitting in my garage and I’m wondering if they’re an all-purpose cleaner or all-purpose cleaner, you can pretty much use them interchangeably, they’re, not a super huge benefit to using one over the other and we can help you when you call us at 918-999-0355 or head on to now.