Here’s how you apply ceramic coatings really fast on here while doing Tulsa auto detailing. You can reapply if needed. That’s one option so something’s on there and you’re wiping it off and you’re like, it’s not coming off as well, just reapply it and then watch this. That’s one option. The other option is if you’re going around it, and you found that, just like with any ceramic coating, you find that you did not get enough product off. This is one of my favorite products in our line, how it goes, what goes on. Let’s say it was whatever it was and I waited too long so the brilliant glaze is serious. If you’re going to detail anything, you just want to keep a little bit of brilliant glaze around because it is a wonderful product. It’s so easy on and easy off.

It’s so shiny and makes sure glass is shiny, make sure paint is shiny and make sure everything is shiny after the Tulsa auto detailing appointment. If you’re going to try to get the ceramic coating to adhere better then it is something that’s going to adhere better to and make a finish than it is to install a gloss. If you’re already using h2o, and you’re happy with the finish. I don’t want to not get your business on the ceramic coating, but I would just give it three washes. Then by the time you’ve got three washes usually h2o Garden glass lasts about three or four washes. Wait till that’s sort of gone. Your waters have been crazy, and instead of once the water beading stops to be minimal or less, then go ahead and after that wash, go ahead and knock it out with ceramic spray coating. You know, they both protect extremely well.

Okay, we’ll just do Tulsa auto detailing so meaning you are going to fully polish your car and ceramic coat the car and everything. You should polish your car before you coat it. I’m going to get into the clay you use for that. There’s also another kind of version of clay, called maintenance clay, which is kind of what I was talking about earlier, which is every three to five months. We recommend doing a maintenance clay and using something that’s less abrasive like the physical clay or the fine gray clay bar, and that’s just to ensure that you don’t have these bonding contaminants continually stuck to your vehicle.

If you’re doing maintenance clay, you’re doing it roughly every time you get your oil changed. If you’re going to fully detail your car and polish it then you should clean your car correctly. The reason why you do that is that when you’re going to fully detail your car and polish it. You don’t want to do it if you don’t run the chance of running the polisher and your pads can get loaded up faster. The pads will actually upgrade those bonding contaminants and take them into the foam or microfiber pads, and then it makes polishing less effective.

What you want to do is you want to remove the bonding contaminants first and then go and polish it correctly. You are first sure to polish the clear coat and not all the bonded contaminants and not all the tar and tree sap and all the nastiness that’s on there. That’s why you want to clay before you actually do a full detail or run the polisher on your car. In the case of a maintenance clay that’s more when you’re using this clay and find great clay so if you can. We have the best kind of clay to clean your car on and you can call 918-999-0355 for any questions today.

Tulsa Auto Detailing | Our Technicians Go Above And Beyond

It’s okay for medium-grade clay when we do Tulsa auto detailing. To claim it’s easy, I would say if you are going to claim it, well you have a ceramic coated vehicle. Do it when you have soap on the car, like after you. I’m going to demonstrate that here in a second but you essentially like to film the car wash it and while the soap is still in the car. You can film it again and then run the claimant over the whole car, just the car shampoo gives it kind of an extra, like an added lubricity that maybe detail spray doesn’t have, and it just makes it a little bit safer when you’re cleaning your car with the clay bar.

You can leave before you polish the car with Tulsa auto detailing. There are two versions of claying a car for preparation. One version is claying before you do a full detail or clay before you do a full polish on your car, and then also maintenance clay as well. Maintenance clay is more every couple of months every couple months. The reason why you made clay is that you know if you continue if you have a good maintenance regimen of clay. By the time you get a year around the sun, let’s say you get to your detailed birthday whatever you want to call it, and you’re going to actually like polish your car and redo everything, then your clay bars aren’t going to get filled up as fast and it’s going to be easier to clean your car before you polish it.

Is there such a thing as too much detail spray to lubricate your car while doing Tulsa auto detailing? You know that there actually is. That’s actually something. Someone taught me when I first started working in polishes was, I was cleaning, I was detailing a 2003 Corvette black. Corvettes are the hardest thing in the world, and I was just dousing the surface when I was doing this kind of thing. Like getting into where it’s like running off of the car, and this person specifically who I think is a really great detailer, came to me and was like hey, the more detail spray put on there, the more that the clay is in touching the surface so you end up going over the bond contaminants without taking them off the car.

He was saying in this case, you just want to spray a few minutes and you want to feel a touch of drag, but not enough to where it’s stopping. You want to have enough like I can feel it dragging a little bit, but I’m not like dousing this with detail spray. You just want to give just like maybe a light mist. Just enough for it to go over the surface but you still want to feel it. You know, gliding on the surface you want to feel like going on to the surface. Should you clay if you have graphene ceramic spray coating on the car as well.

It was like I wasn’t really into cleaning my car or anything and just because you work for a car company you get into it. You try new things and I quickly became a fan because I was shooting and editing all the videos with Adam I was learning every day. Then I started applying it to my own detailing regimen, I guess you could call it. The first time I did clay and I felt a car, I went to every single person I knew and I said check this out, you’ve got to see this. I went and clay barred their car and let them feel it and they said, I want that right now I’m going to get my old car. The first time you do this, you will absolutely do the rest of your car, like it’s not even a question. It’s just such a great experience and you know, really on cars like newer cars that maybe don’t have as much damage. Let’s go back and change cars. Cars that don’t have as much damage, you know that you could get away with claying a car and then putting protection on after. We will protect your car in the best way by dialing 918-999-0355 or visiting now.