Someone said why not use in and out spray and then someone else is asking about ceramic coating for Tulsa auto detailing. I love it now for any department that’s a great product, but I would have to use almost one whole can. To get the kind of coverage that I just got with the VRT, what I’ll do is I’ll probably wipe it down now with a sponge after we finished doing something else let it, let it sort of dry let the water, dry off a little bit for half an hour or so, then I’ll come back and I guarantee I missing spots. At that point, after I sponge it, I still see some spots that look like the bottom of the hose didn’t get done, or some of like, you know, sort of like the accordion covers that kind of cover-up all the electrical stuff might hit those within canal spray, and I’ll show up and show that when I’m done doing this.

Ceramic boost on the engine compartment is not as effective for Tulsa auto detailing. I mean it looks good on exterior plastic in your car, but I mean, it’s not as perfect of a finish as a VRT. It is a little more consistent for this ceramic coating to hold up to the heat in the engine bay. Like if you like coated it for real. This is a full-on ceramic coating on all the plastic. Yeah, it’ll hold upright. These are washed, and that’s more like a dressing. Remember, under your engine heart rate, you’re not exposed and you’re not getting hammered by UV, so this is something that you can use in your department and it’ll last. It’ll stay looking great for easily into your next oil change and putting a dressing and a coating helps make it easier to clean.

Next time things like a fluid oil change or something falls on your engine compartment, it will make Tulsa auto detailing be a quick rinse off or wash. The car opens the hood, rinses it off, closes the hood, or maybe just blows it off with a blower and it’d be perfect. Once you want to clean it thoroughly as we did we just took a lot of grease off that. We know this is cooked on, you know 1000 miles so we know that it’s pretty good. I’m gonna go ahead and do the autoresponder once again. Then, if I’m going to go all the way back to the actual exhaust pipe as well as the exhaust tip, I might want to go ahead and go along with as much as I can with steel wool. I will also use a brush that I can really actually reach all the way back. Then, since I know that after 80,000 miles it’s not going to come all the way clean. If I have a nice clean one, boom, I’ll use a wheel willie or a lug brush.

I’ll go ahead and go like this. However, since I know 100% That is not going to come, so it’s not going to come off that easily, but I am going to get some four steel wool. Now how many zeros are in four steel wool to be scratching the crap out of your exhaust tips. You don’t want to watch how nice the TRD accessory exhaustive looks after I hit it with this for us to walk. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and get it going at the outside of it first a little bit, because there’s a major set all over it. I want to do that. That’s the part that’s the niceness that will look the nicest if it’s maintained mill at the worst if I use the scruffy just the scruffy parts of the steel wool. Now watch this as I go ahead and do the tip. I can get the nice inside and outside of this tip. Looking great. It makes such a huge difference in your vehicle. When you have no blacks permanently on the inside of the exhaust it really makes a huge difference.

I just want to go inside too, because I want to see a kind of clean-looking tip. After I wash this thing. Every time I don’t want to be looking at Black, always. This means needing a little bit of extra love for sure, but you can start to see that now we’re getting color out of this again, we’re back to the stainless and no longer just blacks. Then after we’re done with this I’m going to take it one step further, we can hit a quick metal polish, and boom that’ll make it look really really nice. Sit back towards where the exhaust tip hits the exhaust pipe, which is pretty standard. Want to get off the bottom. Now last also, you know I just pulled a piece of this off as soon as it becomes hard like this has become a kind of hard to come by hard pillow-soft, let’s go back to soft, and the soft is more abrasive. It loses its abrasive so if you rub it just like sandpaper. Then I’m going to go ahead and call 918-999-0355. Be sure to hit this just the inside tip, one more time just to try to get a little bit more than black nasty off and get them looking nice and fresh like what you see on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

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A little black speck of something on there it’s driving me crazy but we will get it clean with Tulsa auto detailing. I want to go on and let’s go. The exhaust tip again in case someone asked you the best thing is that we give you Wilson tires, then I’ll do the engine, and then I’ll do the fenders and steps. It will look so much better, but it’s gonna look even better than you can imagine. Once we hit it with a little bit of metal polish because then we can bring some of the colors back here and that’ll be really nice. If I want to take one more hit just because I’m feeling crazy. This is the one last hit on the side of this, to see if we get a little more than black off soon as well with a brillo pad scratch. A brillo pad is definitely not for all pads but it is great. Now, let’s be honest, if you have a brillo pad and you have nasty exhaust tips and you’re like hey my exhaust it’s cooked anyway. We do it well with a tire wheel or suit, screw it. People want to see it. Might as well. People want to see it look great and make the vehicle sparkle, cleaning wheels and tires.

You kind of need to have a bucket for Tulsa auto detailing. You don’t need brushes, but you do need to really need a bucket. I like to constantly have brushes and clean the vehicles because it makes money. On this truck, my buddy Steve loves his product which I will not name the manufacturer but it’s called Hot shine tire spray, and the hot shine has a charge for every year. It’s hard to compare a close job it’s getting a close look at the tread and you can see the brown gum that is cooked into each one of these tread blocks. That’s what happens when you use hot shine tires right. It is a very high silicon product, and we are going to need to use a lot of time every cleaner to get that off.

I’m going to use the stream settings so I can get a lot of content of the tire tread for Tulsa auto detailing. That’s where it’s most grounded, the color brown on the tire is major. A lot of ground on this tire which is not great. I want to make sure and just get it soaking and then I also want to always hit the wheel well and clean it out well because I can’t stand at the wheel wells. Well if I just sit there because once you’ve used a lot of really high gloss tire shine, you’re going to need to use something serious to dissolve that heavy silicone, and that’s what the tire rubber cleaner really needs to do.

Let me grab one more product, are we an opener. Okay, now for the wheel cleaner on these matte wheels. I don’t want to spray full strength. I want to spray the wheel cleaner on a matte wheel matte finish not make it shiny. I don’t want to possibly do any damage to the wheels, so I want to make sure that I’ve been as safe as possible, get them wet first, and do not spray on wheels with full strength. Wheel Cleaner. Great. So, this is a tire brush and the bottom line is hairbrushes. This is our secret. That is great. I’m getting all that hot shine tire spray off. I’m going into that tread block, as well as I can. Other questions joining me right now and I go the, with the tread walking most flatter yourself. You go like this, like this you’ll see a lot of spray water mist a lot of black spots in your face, to go with the tread to give yourself cleaner tires, and you’ll get less dirt.

Somebody said, well the wheel cleaner removed ceramic coating on the rim, no crazy does not at all. The ceramic coating doesn’t get changed so brushes in your every day, every time I touch it. Now, we’ll get into a long vice long for doing. Someone else asked, well, that turnover cleaner. Clean the tire without making it slick like specifically for motorcycles and that is what we do at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/or when calling 918-999-0355.