I was buying five-gallon drums of the stuff that I was using for the Tulsa car detailing. It really just started, I did it on my car one day. I did my mom’s and my dad’s car and kind of took off from there. I think I did 65 cars my first year. Just over 200 cars my second year. And I’ve done about two hundred and fifty details this year. It’s definitely some fun. I do a lot of interiors, exterior stuff, basic stuff. For me to get, you know, 250 cars done when I was working on the weekends was insane. I mean, I was doing three or four car detailings a day on both Saturdays and Sundays.

People were coming in for their Tulsa car detailing appointments and they truly enjoy the way their cars look afterward. I actually do it out of the garage. I did mobile twice and I was like I could do it and you can call Oklahomies Car Detailing. I do have a water tank that offers mobile auto detailing. My car is not big enough for a water tank. It is really not even big enough for the average stuff that you need. I kind of just took it and was like, you know what, I’m just going to do it at home. It ended up, you know, I am now number two in my, in overall detailers, but I’m number one in shop mate.

I’m the only Tulsa car detailing company above me right now that is also a mobile company. He’s been in business for 17 years. He’s real, you’re young. It does, we’re partnered. He does his job doing the car detailing. That’s where a lot of people love the car details we offer. In the mobile industry because people who are looking for mobile car detailing are completely different from people who are looking to drop their car off. They had trashed the car and it had sand everywhere. It hadn’t been detailed since the day they bought it. I walked around, I went to local car shows on Monday nights and walked around. One of them was a Porsche nine 11, nice from like 97. I was like, I definitely shouldn’t ever have my hands on this car, but you know, I trusted myself enough to, you know, actually pushed through it and get it detailed.

I just sit it into your basic clean and then the next year washed, but it was so cool to like, you know, see something that old knowing that I was keeping it preserved. The third one was just a real basic mom car, the typical mom van, and the detailing old they’re typical thrashed and destroyed on. I cleaned that up and she was really happy with it. I started charging $75 for full details, but now we charge a lot more. Obviously, everybody knows in the detailing world, the second you get on to call us at 918-999-0355 you can get a detailing appointment fast for your car. I was joining the detailing groups and asking opinions and questions about auto detailing so you can get the answers at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

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They did, they, they own a car wash right next door, but they also have a great Tulsa car detailing business. In regards to pricing, were charging great rates for an interior cleaning alone. I would like to keep detailing. However, it’s one of those things where, you know, it’s gotta be like a life balance. So I enjoy it. I will, the plan is to eventually start my own mobile detailing company, so I will still be working for myself initially. So I’m definitely looking into getting into that now. It’s not that I don’t enjoy detailing, I really enjoy cleaning those cars that are dirty.

When you had somebody that came to you for advice and they were just starting on their detailing journey, what, what advice would you give them to create a great Tulsa car detailing company? People really started to see what I was about and how driven I was to get the detailing business going. It was one of those things where I was a kid trying to pay for some cars and some fun. I have nearly tripled the detailing of cars across the board. My lowest interior package right now is two 20. It goes up or down. I say starting all the time. I hate having to go see people’s cars. We want you to come to me for five minutes so that I can look at your car.

I see cars that I had a Tesla come in last week for the Tulsa Car Detailing. It took me 25 minutes to vacuum out the carpet. It’s in about 30 minutes to clean the rest. It’s funny how, when they say, Hey, my car is trashed, so it’s pretty clean. And then when they say, well, you know, my car is not that bad. It’s like, I feel like, whoa, you there. Yep. Okay. Sweet. I don’t know why it cut out. Cut out for a second. But yeah. It’s like when they when they say, oh yeah, my car is, my car is not that bad and is very easy to clean. What is like your a detailing story that is the best in town.

It was about a year in and I had a 2004 Chrysler, I think it was a town and country come in, whatever they were back then. She transported the kids. So she pulls in the driveway and she’s like, I’m just warning you now. Like, this is going to be awful for you. She was like I said, a thousand dollars aside, you let me know how much it’s going to be. And I texted her five minutes after looking at the car and said, I’m going to need your car for two days. I had to pull the seats out. I had to pull the were plastics. I was taking stuff off of the interior, taking it out of the car, and just hosing it off. I would have gone through like seven packs of 50 rags.

It might just be better for you to order a new carpet for this car. She did, sure enough, she did get the detailing services done from Oklahomies Car Detailing. She was like, don’t even worry about the carpet. She was like, I’ll take him somewhere. She was like if you can get all the big stuff out, she was like, so I did, she, she took it and you know, it was a, it was a $700 job, but I, I looked at it, I opened the door and I was like, how do you let your car get to? I’m not one to judge. Like I keep my car clean. I’m a detailer. I drive an oh nine mini Cooper. Is it the cleanest car on earth? I like it to look good. Then there are cars that like pull in the shop that I’m like, how do you, like, how do you sit in this? How can you touch your shift knob and your hand sticks to it? I don’t get it. Maybe that’s just me and you will love the detailing in Tulsa by visiting https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ as soon as you can. I’m a clean person and we answer any auto detailing question you have when dialing 918-999-0355 for Oklahomies Car Detailing.