Use your own judgment so you know what, what’s black enough with black trim for Tulsa car detailing. Black trim matters and you want your trim nice and black. It absolutely makes a huge difference and when your trim turns gray or light, it makes your old car look terrible, so this is a really critical thing to make sure that you do right. It’s your car. If you think not now that it looks a little bit darker, I’d say it looks a little bit nicer. Two coats are all I’m going to do on this guy. By the way, you
can use gloves. A lot of people use gloves when applying this product to their cars.

I want a little bit of time to pass before I go ahead and then coat this for the next step of Tulsa car detailing now. There’s a couple of different options for coating this. I want to talk about all three of them right now. It dries so it’s a pigment. It’s like paint. When the paint dries, it’s no longer slippery. If you put VRT on it, then it becomes slippery. However, there is a little bit of residue until it’s dry all the way to our next point of protection. We have a few different options for how to keep this trim looking great like this.

Make sure that you do the whole vehicle during the trim restoration Tulsa car detailing process. I’ll do the whole bumper before I just go on to coating it because ideally, I can let a little bit of time pass and let this stuff really cure. That’s going to be ideal. Before I coat it, I’d like it to cure. If I don’t have it cured. Then I’m going to put a coating over it. A lot of times the coating will pull up the black trim and reduce the darkness of that nice fresh black look on your now restored-looking trim. If it’s dark, it’s better. The cow is the piece of plastic that sort of encompasses your windshield wipers, that’s always fading, you know, straight up facing the sun so that’s probably the most faded piece of almost everyone’s car. C five Corvette is like the most faded piece of plastic in the world, followed closely by the six Corvette Chevy pickups. They have a big huge piece there for pickups due to, you’ll see a lot of those faded out so it’s a huge thing.

Don’t get it on the paint, but I got something here. Okay, let’s just say that I just got a bunch on there. Now, this truck is rougher than a night in jail. This thing is so hammered, literally, never. If you ax it It’s been decades. So, what it’s going to do to this, it’s probably gonna make it look better, but it doesn’t, it really only adheres to plastic. Yeah, it goes in and fills, so very little so just wipe it with a towel and that’ll take it off. Great question. Yeah, if it ever comes off stubborn, that means your paints oxidize and need to pass the pain. By the way, when I do this, I typically polish the whole vehicle. First, the chances of you touching the black trim with a polisher, or a towel, they’re super high. I mean they’re 100%. You’re in no way going to polish this without touching this. Therefore, polish the whole vehicle first, then when you come back, you’re going to do all this process. This process is going to remove the polish and wax that you end up putting into the plastic, and then you want to do this after so order wash, thoroughly clay, thoroughly polish out the paint of the vehicle, and then go ahead and do the black trim.

Obviously, the most faded car in the world is the Chevy Avalanche so yes it does. You’ll see him turn really white. Two to three coats. Make sure you let each coat dry, for as long as possible like ideally want to do it right now, I back this truck out in the sun. Let this 95-degree heat go ahead and cure this all the way. When I touch it, I wash my fingers now. When I touch it and it doesn’t do this anymore, and no longer comes up, then it’s fully dried like right now. You want a ceramic coat over the trim too. You don’t have to. You do the trim, you do the process, you get it all cleaned up, I suggest doing one bumper at a time and one segment at a time, one little spot, and then call us at 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

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After Tulsa car detailing I will tell you right now that if you park your vehicle back outside permanently, and you let it just sit outside and you don’t do anything to it, it’s going to last for about a year. Okay, so about a year and you’ll start to see it fade again, but if you continually do something to update it like using the h2o Garden gloss on your paint, and your trim it will stay maintained. After you wash it, or you go ahead and do some ceramic boost your ceramic boost over it VRT is a good way to keep it looking good.

How long does it last for, if you live in the middle of, let’s say Phoenix, you’re in the middle of the desert and you park this red truck outside after Tulsa car detailing. First of all, this wouldn’t be a pink truck by then, but it’ll last for less than a year if you live in a place where it’s not too sunny. If you live in Seattle where the sun never shows up, well then you can go ahead and expect two years out of it so it really depends on where you live. Let’s see here. What about the ceramic skin and how we protect a perfect finish. Because it’s not totally cured yet, but I want to make sure and speed up the video for you to see how to go to this next step, I’m gonna take a dry perfectly clean utility towel, and I’m just gonna wipe off the excess residue so that anything that’s not totally dry is now gone. Look, so you can see here, I’m wiping the excess residue off of this before I go ahead and hit it with a ceramic coating.

I can’t speed up this Tulsa car detailing, because we take our time cleaning your car. I’m just going to go and wipe this down. Okay, and when I wipe it down. You’ll notice it’s going to lose a little bit of luster, but it’s going to stay black. Staying black is so critical. If you’re going to find one you can do this but it’s recommended. Look at the still color, because the color was good. Now, taking my fingers, my clean fingers right, then I go ahead and go like this, and it is dry to the touch.

When you touch it and you bring up nothing. Now it’s ready to go ahead and coat with ceramic. Let’s talk about coating, the most cost-effective without a question. The coating, okay, this is the most effective way to go. Now, if you’re already using our ceramic spray coating on the whole vehicle. That’s my favorite ceramic, period. This ladies and gentlemen is my favorite ceramic coating because a five-year coating is stupid, you don’t want to wait five years to polish your car. I cannot stand looking at swirl marks and scratch marks and even though giving it a car ceramic coating any ceramic coating that you think is in the last five years is just silly. It means it will last that long.

Drive once a year you’re going to polish and clean your car in a ceramic coat, and it makes the water fly off in the dirt too, so my favorite. Of course, our ceramic coating is fantastic. This is also a UV product so you can see it there. This is super heavy duty and this will be the longest duration, this will last super long. Let’s talk about cost-effectiveness, right here, this guy is super cost-effective. Starting with the trim cleaner, we cleaned it really well. We cleaned all this black trim. Then we went ahead, gave it a little bit of a wipe down to make sure it was dry. Then, we went ahead and restored the black trim. Okay, so we used trim cleaner first, then we used the blacks from restore, we applied to one of these little guys. If you’re doing huge areas you can use our full-size Microfiber Applicator as well. Then you have a choice on what you’re going to use for protection, either ceramic spray coating or a normal paint coating. I think we saw a trim coating that’s involved like the trim coating is that good when you dial 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.