I’m going to use leather interior cleaner for the Tulsa car detailing. I’d say our carpet, upholstery cleaner would be the best option but in that instance, you need something that can agitate the surface a little bit better and we have options for that like we have the cockpit brush. Yeah, like we have the cockpit brush. We also have something called a carpet drill brush which attaches to your drill, and you can use the torque and power from your drill to like crank through to really clean the leather so if your leather to clean your carpet. If your carpet gets really nasty, we always recommend, like carbon impulsively and we also have a foaming surface cleaner I think is what is multi foaming surface cleaner to get it detailed great.

With Tulsa car detailing there needs to be high standards, and we have that here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. The carpet and the upholstery cleaner works really well. You know you just foam it and dispense it up. Format on to your carpet and then run the carpet job rushed and it just tears through some of that nastiness I would just invest into all-weather floor mats. That’s like the best way to protect yourself from your winter. The best way to clean those is to pull them out of the wheels and tires and you spray them down with the term rubber cleaner, and then scrub it with our fender brush or tire scrub brush. Then rinse it off and then it’s good to go and if they look a little dull, you can actually use interior detail to bring back the color, the richness of the black.

Let’s get into this interior protection phase when it comes to Tulsa car detailing now. So this is like doing a paste wax on the interior of your car, and again this is mainly, I mean this is only for hard surfaces of your car such as leather and vinyl. What I like to do is turn this in a couple of times to get the product on there. Then you just apply this as if you’re like waxing your car and what I like to do is just avoid the stitching best I can, initially, and then once this is once you have some of the product out, then you can just start going over everything but you can see when this goes on if it doesn’t go on like shiny but it’s really almost like moisturizer for your leather, and I like to work this product into the surface.

It’s so cool like waxing your leather, crazy. I remember when our chemists developed this product. I was, I tried it once and I was like campaigning for it because I thought it was such a cool product and it just, I mean it works so nice. So after I’ve, you can see as some of the products out of the applicator, then I can just kind of go over all the surfaces and it’s not gonna screw it up too bad. Now I’m just trying to get it. The severity of the gross odor in your vehicle. An odor bomb sterilizes the area that it’s in. So it like fully just, it destroys any odors any nasty stuff inside your, your vehicle odor neutralizers are more like four in the air, the odors that are in the air, they will destroy any the odors are in the air but it’s not going to attack the source an order bomb is gonna like sterilize and attack the source.

If you have a car that somebody smokes in or there’s mildew or something like that an odor bomb is the best option for sure. After using odor vomit, it will sterilize everything in your for a couple of days after one to two days after your pest smell that chemical smell from the owner bond, and it eventually dissipates but you can do the odor bomb and then you can use right after you can use odor neutralizers through your air conditioning system to help circulate the air with the odor neutralizer in it so I usually recommend to do the odor balm and just follow the instructions. We have different ways to remove odors and stains from your car here at Oklahomies Car Detailing today. Be sure to dial 918-999-0355 or visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now for your consultation on a cleaner car.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Keeping It Clean Forever Is Our Job

At Oklahomies Car Detailing we may use odor bombs as part of the Tulsa car detailing service. It’s like a little cup and you mix these chemicals and then close your doors, roll your windows up, let it sit for a number of hours, and then. Then, after it does its thing, then you can air it all out, and then once it’s done and I’m ready to drive it, I’ll usually close the doors and everything. Turn my AC on as high as it can go and put it on circulate. Your car has like the little car with the arrow going around. And that’s going to circulate the air inside your car and then underneath your driver a passenger side, dash, you spray the product in there and it will pull the odor neutralizer up, and you want to put it on. I can’t remember the name of the model but you want the air conditioning, where the air sources from your windshield, and then it will push the odor neutralizer, yeah defrost, and then it will push the odor neutralizers throughout your whole car, and it will help with the smell and our odor neutralizers have the sense to them.

If you need an odor bomb for Tulsa car detailing, there’s like Apple Cinnamon and also clean cotton. I can also have a fresh scent, and there’s one more I can’t remember but those are two that add smell. Yeah, pineapple orchid. Those are that add smell and help reduce gross smells in your car but the odor bomb is like. It’s setting a bomb off in your car that smells great. Suede is a little bit tough to clean, and here in the cockpit of this Corvette, we have the suede mode dial, and then slid off here everything else I was working on this side is leather, but with suede. The best way to clean it is to treat it mainly by using these hotbed brushes.

You want to avoid introducing a ton of moisture to suede during Tulsa car detailing, because what happens is it creates these little balls, or called piles. It will create these little balls and then your material in the car gets super smooth and then you just have these little balls everywhere. I mean you can read online on the internet like you can take a razor to get those things off, but you want to avoid that. What we like to recommend is just brush your suede and in the instance of this, you know, there are some broad surfaces. You want to brush this out and if you can’t get into other services. I get the mini cockpit brush and then you can get into getting in more detail, but you want to brush this through so that honestly makes it look free and nice.

I would recommend that you take our carpet and upholstery cleaner. Using just a utility towel, you spray this in here. Just a little bit. On the stream which I don’t want to spray just spray a little bit in here, think that I just did three sprays of carbon upholstery cleaner. There’s a little bit of excess right here. I just want to make sure these towels are damp. Then I want to just blot the surface. All I’m trying to do is kind of introduce the cleaner into the surface. They want to blot it in there. Then you take your brush again and you brush it out to get the car cleaned.

Once the cleaner starts to dry, you’ll see it will come back nice and that’s mainly like if you have a stain or, or like excess dirt on your suede is when you use the carbon upholstery cleaner in the towel just to blot it out. If you’re trying to take the color of the stain or dirt away that’s how you do suede. At Oklahomies Car Detailing we will use all the different polishes on your car to get the shine it needs, whatever it is. I know on our Instagram and Facebook it is at Oklahomies Car Detailing to see some of the car detailing work that we do. Be sure to head online to our website on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com to book an appointment or call us now at 918-999-0355 today.