To remove the oxidation is the first step in Tulsa car detailing. First of all, he gave his truck a quick wash earlier. The next step is our trim cleaner, aka Tire and Rubber cleaner. Tire and Rubber cleaner or trim cleaners that we’re going to use first. I like to use that with a microfiber utility towel. I want to make sure to remove as much of the oxidized material as possible. You know oxidized plastic off of this as possible so let’s go ahead and do a nice thorough rub and get all of the nasties off of this.

I want to do a before and after of the Tulsa car detailing. I’ll do a little area right here so that I have a strong before and after we’ll get on inside here. Then over here, Joe on the top of the bumper that’s super faded. I want to go ahead and do some of this too so again I’m just, I just want to make sure that I move all the oxidation before I start putting any black trim restore, on to the plastic. It’s going to come up darker, more black so I’m going to be able to pull it up, depending on what you’re working on more rubber more black, more plastic less black more.

I want to do the whole thing for Tulsa car detailing. I just wanted a little bit for this, for the sake of the video so you can get an understanding of how it works, and what we’re doing. Pulling before because of this whole thing. What this is doing is just taking all the dead stuff off the finish. It’s like exfoliating okay. No, like what you would clay a finish before you polish it, this is removing contamination so it actually now if you look at this, you’ll notice the tiny bit darker. Just a little bit, because we removed. Oxidation from this plastic now depends on what you’re doing, it’ll come up super dark or not that dark like over here we have the sliding bed cover, this is rubber. If I go ahead and do some of that.

Alright, so we’ve got ourselves. Step one knocked out then. Now, I want to go and get our black trim restored. Okay, the black trim is restored with this little applicator. I’m sure I like my little guy already out. Yes, there’s a little sealer cap in there, make sure you pull that out. Okay, so after the trim cleaner I want to come straight in. Now, the black trim Restore is a pigmented, restore of color for your black plastic and rubber. Why would you want to use this, because your vehicle saw too much sunshine? It’s what happened to too much sunshine, you need to go ahead and get your black trim restored again. I’m doing a little piece of aluminum on the bed cover. Now come around the corner a little bit just to make it easy for Joe to see what I’m working on here. I’m working on the top of this bed to cover the plastic bed caps, and then we’re going to go ahead and do a little piece of the bumper just to show the differences and how it responds.

Different plastics respond differently. If you have a vehicle that the plastic was originally grey like some z 71 Chevrolet products had gray plastic instead of black plastic. Well, this might not be the most perfect solution for you if you’re trying to make your gray plastic look black because it’s not the original color. This is making this look fantastic so I rubbed it in until there’s almost nothing left and then you can see how I apply it on there. Then I’m going to go ahead and do this, this little corner cap here. I’m going to go ahead and spread it evenly over that finish. We will truly make your car look one of a kind at Oklahomies Car Detailing now when you visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or call us at 918-999-0355 every time.

Tulsa Car Detailing | A Dirty Car Is A Dirty Shame

You know what, we can and will absolutely do a great job with Tulsa car detailing. In our testing, we did not find that it held up longer or less long with that step so the plastic is so porous that this stuff just drips straight into it so yes you can. It is not nearly as essential as if you’re going to ceramic coat your car, because the polish has way more residue, the compound has way more residue than the black trim. I’m sorry, then the tire cleaner will be thinner or the trim will be restored. I gotta get this guy all the way in there

How long do you recommend before putting on a second coat when it comes to Tulsa car detailing?
Great Call. If you’re going, to be honest, please do this at a time where it’s for sure not going to rain. Anyway, we did a Jeep Wrangler, she’s got a bunch of Porsches and Jeep Wrangler, I did a Jeep Wrangler fender before she left the parking lot, it started raining on her since she got home she had a problem. She sent pictures and we had to like to use super heavy-duty crazy cleaners to clean it all backoff. The black trim restores it and then goes over it again with a ceramic coating so don’t do this process on your car if you see rain in the forecast.

You will have everything that we have to offer you here at Oklahomies car detailing today when it comes to Tulsa car detailing. Now, clearly, there’s a huge difference compared to on top of the aluminum piece here, this is just a piece of the bed cover. You can see a piece of the aluminum bed cover here before and after I just touched that too because it also lost its pigment. VRT works great in the bathroom as well. That is a great question. It is such a great thing VRT is like you’re covering, and you’re putting something over the top, but it’s a nonpermanent solution so VRT vinyl rubber trims dressing. I don’t see any over there right now but VRT is awesome but it’s something that turns it dark for a little while, but it’s not going to restore pigment VRT is something you use on your, on your product that looks like this. To start, and then you just want to keep it dark and keep it looking awesome so consider it a dressing.

It’s a dressing, it’s not a dye, this is a dye, we’re, we’re reporting color back into this, where color has left, so you see where it was, you see here when I started and rinsed off it’s very obvious. We put color back into this, I’ll use VRT now on this to keep it looking good. It will not take this and make it look like this. Okay so just so we know. Let’s see here. Can I use a ceramic trim coat on this? Let’s go ahead and get right into that. At this point, we have the decision, do I want to put another coat on or leave it as is.

Well, this bumper, because of all the different classes in your car, even on your own car, you’re going to find that it will work well on this piece of plastic but look, it didn’t look as good as on this. Notice that this is sort of a dark gray versus light gray but this is black. My truck, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and just do a little bit because someone asked. What do I do about a second coat? Well, let’s go ahead and do one more code up here, just to see if we can get this because this seems super faded. Let’s do a little bit more and see if we can get it to be a little bit darker a little bit more black. We will restore all your car’s trim at a moment’s notice when you ring us at 918-999-0355 and can even see examples on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.