This is the full most concentrated Tulsa car detailing service you will get. Then these little wipes are going to be the most cost-effective. Let’s go ahead and use the wipes first. Let’s just show you how these fly. As soon as I open this, you have to go super fast, and so you want to do as much of this as possible. Do as much cleaning and black trim restore before you open this because once this is open it’s done for. It’s going to dry out and it’s gonna be done. Make sure and use gloves with this, if you’re a person who’s concerned about stuff like that.

Let’s go ahead and go over this whole piece of the car right here during Tulsa car detailing. We said we went ahead and restored it, very thoroughly. It will be super covered with a ceramic cream coating in this little white. Okay, so here we go. That is working really well and is covered all the way up underneath here. Okay, look at see we’re pulling off a little bit of that we’re pulling off a lot of the color there. A part of it is that we do not have enough time to pass. Part of it is just the nature of the beast. The ceramic coating wipes the way these things work. That chemical is one that just pulls color. I can see it starting to not put down as much protection, not put down as much ceramic coating.

You’re using these applicator wipes for Tulsa car detailing and I would use probably eight or 10 wipes on a truck this big. Now I’ve come back down here, swipe it one more time just to level it all off because when I first put it on there. It was a little bit sick, there’s a little bit of concentration on the wipe, so therefore I need to come back over it again just one more time to just go over it, it’s going to give it a nice even look. What I also have is protection so this is going to be way better than the rest of the truck is at this point. We have to ceramic coat it so other parts of the truck that we can show you right now, as the cowl if you want to see more of this, I guess we can ask questions real quick because we move up to the front of his truck and I’ll put everything back on the detailing cart.

Let’s say I was going to go ahead and take the ceramic spray coating and go over it again, that’s going to be something like this. Spray, then I just go right over with this applicator. If I’m using an applicator to do this, no problem, be thoughtful about getting it on the paint, but you should be probably doing your paint at the same time you’re doing your blacks from your store because if your black trim turns to this color, chances are your paint’s not looking as awesome as it could right now either. That’s the application process for either the ceramic spray coating, the paint coating, or trim coating.

You take the microfiber utility towel and take some trim cleaner. If you want to see this bed liner become way more awesome. This, I can go ahead and show you a quick way to make your Bedliner look great. When you go ahead and want to remove all the oxidation from your bed cover. This stuff is the bomb, I would actually spray this down while I’m washing it, spray down with Tire and Rubber cleaner, use a scrub brush. I use a Fender brush to go across vinyl like this and it’s oxidized. That’s a long handle brush. Scrub the whole thing when you’re washing the truck. Rinse gets all the oxidation off because this is going to destroy 50 towels. I’ll be able to be way better off doing this with a scrub brush and a cleaner. I would go ahead and do the same exact process so if it’s a black one like this and I want to restore it back to black. Then I will go ahead and do the same thing, clean it really well, and then use the black to restore, and then I’m going to go ahead and do a part of this bed cover right here at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ which is going to make my buddy crazy after dialing 918-999-0355.

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We currently sell a ceramic blockchain restore for Tulsa car detailing. I will tell you that’s not the one you want. The ceramic restore does not tend to hold up as well as doing the black trim restore, and then following it with a ceramic coating of some sort, with either a wipe or a bottle or a ceramic spray coating. Make sure that you do the first and second all in one. If you look at the reviews in the product it’s actually decent but I’m telling you right now, a better process for sure.

Can you restore the trim with the ceramic coating on Tulsa car detailing? If your trim is the last color like this is full-on the last color, like let’s just go over that little bit of VRT which is vinyl rubber and trim dressing well, so I go and do that just to show what it is looks like. I’ll just grab a little. Let me grab a little bit of that. Grab a little bit of the VRTand here it is. This stuff is super thick and super awesome. It’s one of the first products that I came out with over 20 years ago. I get this stuff, set it in little black sponges, so it will look the same. Very temporarily, but it will look pretty good. Is that the same color the same rich darkness is going to stay? So, if your black trim is not far gone, if it’s not this, change color. This is a little bit off-color, and you don’t need this product, this process is not for you.

If you want your black trim to look great for Tulsa car detailing that currently looks like this then this process is for you. This is a more permanent solution, what’s called semi-permanent. This is how you get your black trimmed to stay looking good wash after wash. It’s parked outside you can’t park, a long bed crew cab pick up in your garage. The car’s going to stay outside and your plastic will fade. The way to keep it from fading is flexor restorative recurrence to bring back the trim. Lock that in with the protection agent and it will be perfect.

Just spray water on the bumper and it’s still not cured, so the ceramic coating will be a little bit. We sped it up here a little bit but bottom line. If I let it cure for four or five or six hours, and it’s dry, then it becomes a hard surface, and then it’ll I’ll spray a little water on there but for one, water is going to interfere with its curing. It’s not good for it but I mean if you want to see it. You know this for whatever reason didn’t seem to lose as much color but certainly, the VRT lost a lot more color than that. Plastics are different from those that have a harder surface.

The ceramic hasn’t cured there, so I’m going to go and use the black trim to restore trim cleaner. Let’s go and do another little section right here because people said, Let me tell you what you just did here. I’m gonna do another section right here, and we’ll do it. Then we’ll wrap it up. Cleaning, first, first step toward rubber cleaner or as polished as a trim cleaner. Step one, that removes oxidation so first, you want to. First, wash your car. Second, restore this, and then we’re going to go ahead and you can go ahead and use a coating prep after calling 918-999-0355. We didn’t find that the blacks stayed longer but it will be better if you use the coating prep from https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now. It’s a step that you have to take.