Why did we go from the microfiber straight to a white pad for Tulsa car detailing? Why did we skip the blue pad completely? If you need to be a little bit more aggressive, or your compounding by an extremely hard clearcoat, then you want to be using microfiber. This was extremely dense. Now, if you want to be a little bit less aggressive, you start with the white pad. Whether you’re polishing a white car, a black car, or a rainbow car, it doesn’t matter. The paint still needs to be polished and the car still will get detailed to perfection. It just depends on which point and I knew that I needed the microfiber that’s why I use this. You don’t need to go from microfiber to full white. You don’t need to do that.

If you have a 2016 Ford Explorer that needs Tulsa car detailing then come to us now. You need a rougher pad because the coating is super soft. Okay, that is that. What we tend to say is before you start, if you never call us before you start washing your car, do a three foot by three foot section with a compound. If you do three or four passes and it breaks down or it evens out to the point where the deep scratches are gone, there’s just a little bit of micro marring. If this doesn’t do the heavy lifting that it needs to do, switch to a microfiber pad and go over that section again. You will see that this will be a little bit more effective.

By starting here, you will get a very quick understanding of Tulsa car detailing. You have to know whether your clear coat is carved, or whether it’s soft, or whether it’s single stage, whatever it may be, this is going to give you answers before you go into the whole process. And the other thing we recommend is a three foot by three foot section like on your hood, perfect, as perfect as you can get it and then log that in your memory. And Joe, that is the process of the whole, you don’t want to go section by section making little sections perfect here and there.

You want to do a three foot by three foot area, make it perfect. You have to start with loopholes to move the compound on the entire car. And once you’re done with that, do that to the entire car, and it will make your time more efficient. And it will make your whole heart perfect. So you know a little bit of experience in a three foot by three foot section before you even start doing this.

Basically to wrap that up, try watching, try the least aggressive method and go from there. That way you don’t have all the extra work to go back and do it over. You could get away with doing one step correction. Well just polishing that Dave asked, How about vinyl, I know that you can polish gloss vinyl, definitely cannot polished satin or matte vinyl. We can correct all kinds of paint at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or by calling us at 918-999-0355 now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Never Doubt Our Dedicated Team Of Professionals

There are so many ways that our Tulsa car detailing truly over delivers on these promises to his clients and its customers. We even go above and beyond by utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as water-free paint decontamination. This is the newest way of removing all types of contaminants without making any type of mess in your car. At most places, you will find that there are only one or two different packages to choose from when it comes to detailing services.

We do not believe in taking this approach because our clients deserve so much more than just a basic Tulsa car detailing package. Instead, we offer dozens of different service descriptions so that you can get everything done exactly how you want it and at your own pace. If you would like to learn more about all the different options out there for us to provide for your needs, then feel free to give us a call or head on over to our website. We are always going to be able to provide you with what it is that we do best, and that is to clean your car and transform it from something that you did not enjoy, something that you will be enamored with time and time again.

No matter what you need done on your car, we are going to always be able to help you out with Tulsa car detailing. We understand that every client has different needs and wants out of their vehicles and we like to make sure that we can take all of those wants and desires into consideration before giving them a price quote. Sometimes the people that come in will want everything done, while others might only want some things checked off of their list.

No matter what it is that you would like us to do, we are going to make sure that we can work with you and give you exactly what it is that makes your vehicle look amazing again. If there is something specific that you are going to be needing, then feel free to discuss that with us, and will be able to present you with all the different options that will entail. When you come to us for a mobile detailing service, we are going to make sure that your car is going to get the very best possible treatment.

We will make sure that every last inch of your vehicle has been thoroughly checked and addressed. Before we can give you any sort of quote about what kind of price you would need in order to get everything squared away and very clean. We are more than just car cleaners, we truly take the time to transform every little nook and cranny your mobile investment has within it off on the outside, and on the inside. If you smell your car, or just want to enhance the overall appearance of your car, then all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us today at 918-999-0355 or head on over to our website which is https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ to book your appointment.