These little ceramic coating applicators are great for Tulsa car detailing. All of our coatings would be effective on your trim, let’s put it that way. Okay, your trims are going to be the easiest to go ahead and trim the old days. When the early 90s coatings that we first came out with, crystallized and were so hard that if the plastic was at all flexing it would crack. Those days are over. The new technology doesn’t do that so a spray coating is my favorite coating of all of our coatings.

Do your paint first in Tulsa car detailing. Then you’re going to test a little compound in your plastic anyway. This process of using the trim cleaner or the turnover cleaner, getting all that out, and then going through and getting your paint perfect is a process. That’s not a good idea so if you’re watching this and using cotton towels, chances are you’re not because that’s just, that’s pretty old school technology. They scratched less than cotton towels. However, once we got into it, microfiber towels showed up, and they were the first ones that we found. There’s a difference between a premium towel, and let’s say a cheap towel so I don’t want to take anyone’s logo off of this, but if you’re buying these kinds of towels. When you’re using a towel. That is a towel like this, they actually are okay to use to check your oil, and to clean your exhaust tips so that’s what you want to use this towel for about once you use it once and you wash it, it turns into about 800 grit sandpaper.

Do me a favor and don’t use them on your paint for Tulsa car detailing, especially if you have a dark color car. You can see scratches instantly, these little corners scratch like crazy. You throw them to the wash one time, and they are your boss, he tells me even lower quality, you see that just completely come apart, straight out of the sea though you can see them. Make sure we’re not the only people on the premium microfiber game. We have some super awesome competitors that I respect like crazy that sell premium towels, buy great towels from us, buy great towels from one of our competitors.

These cheap towels here are super low quality, and again, great use them to check your oil or use them to clean your exhaust tips. If you wash them they’re done so you might as well they’re used once throwaway like firmer towels. They come in two levels of quality, high quality, and disposable so we’re gonna throw all the disposable stuff out now and not be worried about it. You can actually use crappy chemicals and get good results based on the quality of microfiber. I mean you’re using a great microfiber and great detailer, you’re going to get better results. In the same way, you use in great detail, or let’s say you’re using our detail spray.

If you’re using Detail Spray and you’re using a great towel, there are a couple of towels that we have that are going to go along with your detail spray and make it perform exceptionally well. Our single soft, and our double soft polishing towels. They are super thick and they are sewn together to make an extremely plush and awesome towel. If you want the most premium soft plush towel for detail spray the double soft is the top of the line. Why does it make a difference? Well, let’s say, let’s say you good sprayer, your vehicle down, me and Joe and had to wash their own Sprinter van earlier. The bottom line, this guy is right here. The feeling of your fingers through the website at you always leave your hands all the way up and by the way, your hands up like mine you’re old like me. But bottom line, you’re, when you’re spraying and you’re wiping and you have your hand all the way open over a nice plush towel so call us at 918-999-0355 today.

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The feedback through the towel is so satisfying when doing Tulsa car detailing. I feel so good. It’s just an incredibly flush effect of how the quality of my car picks up everything and like let’s say that lets him go through on the glasses to see on dark tinted glass. You always see everything perfectly, no streaks, zero streaks and that is great because you want a zero streak situation there. That’s part of the benefit of the double stop right is, it’s going to absorb some of the quick details. The benefit here is that you can actually take more details right into the towel people keep wiping once it’s saturated it starts the streak.

They double the thickness, and therefore you get yourself a whole bunch more years of coating for Tulsa car detailing. The detail sprays are double plush being the most a double stop being the most premium single soft being the next premium, and then you can also use the borderless, gray, now that edgeless borderless, this is such a nice towel. It’s basically the same exact technology as our single soft same thickness. They’re not rough and perfect for your car’s paint. It’s crazy, unlike those cheap box towels. Those both towels rather, this does not have anything rough to it. So this towel right here is another towel, just like our single soft towel. As far as the actual technology but having no edges makes us that you can shove it into little cracks increases even better. Okay, so if I’m pulling Sam removing polish or wax I can do this. This is also the towel that I recommend highly I use two of these when I’m using the h2o gloss.

The corner of this gray towel for Tulsa car detailing, and you get two of these because you keep one wet and you come over one dry to apply h2o gloss. I love this product, one of our favorites but this stuff is right here, I use it with this how can these be used interchangeably with the others. Yes, however, h2o gloss has such a serious polymer to it, that oftentimes it kind of spoils your towels, you can actually see once these things are washed and dried if you don’t use our microfiber vitalizer. By the way, if you haven’t heard of allergens. Make sure and show you that stuff it’s essential for cleaning your towels. Anyway, if you don’t use something that’s serious for cleaning your house, this towel after using a shovel garden last week actually beat water. So, that means it’s less absorbent. Why is it less absorbent, because we have a crazy super polymer in that towel? That makes it, you know, reject water. I like to keep towels separate from my h2o, then by polishing towels keep the keep these things so that I always got the right tool with that product. This way if they ever seem like they’re not that absorbent, they show that doesn’t need to be a super absorbent towel to be used with that because I’m wringing it out over and over again and then the dried top, you just keep going with it. It’s just crazy how well it works.

This gray h2o gloss can be used as a detail spray. Detail Spray is for a single soft towel. Double soft towel. My two favorites for that purpose. Okay then, let’s roll over into this with buttery wax. One single soft you can feel the whole car using it. Any good questions coming up anybody have any questions anybody or they want to know. Hang in there and I’ll make sure I do that better. So number one selling wax now people use wax still not as much as they used to. Now not with ceramics and polymer sealants, but let’s just say you’re using the buttery wax, use a microfiber applicator this technology right here, this microfiber applicator is exactly the same product as our utility tower. Okay, same exact technology. Let’s say I want to go out and wax, some of this van. Okay, I’m going to go to wax it, and I’m going to go ahead and be as thorough as possible.

I want to avoid the plastic as much as possible because wax on the plastic is always a pain but our butter wax. Just in case, I’ll just go ahead and hit some so you can see how cool it is. When I’m waxing, polishing, compounding, or whatever if I’m going to use this one towel to do all that. I like to use single soft towels for that. We will truly make your car stand out and look it’s very best at Oklahomies Car Detailing. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us now at 918-999-0355 or head to now.