That is washing your car in the style of Tulsa car detailing by Oklahomies Car Detailing now. To be honest, getting your car clean right now, the midsummer thing is washed before or after the car is away at this point. Today we’re just gonna be talking about cleaning, safe cleaning, and using some cool tools that had knocked that out so on my wife’s new daily driver. Show me some dirt on that thing and we will be sure to clean it and give it the shine it needs. We got it. As you know this is right here. That is paint loss from where the batteries exploded. The battery exploded so this paint is original to its original paper in 1973. The paint on that got totally charred when a battery exploded. The crazy thing is when the guy put this hitch on here, I mean you put this winch on here, he added a second battery. Now, that battery also puked and blew up over this side. So both sides have a little bit of history showing up on this thing which is part of the charm. Alright, you got to bring that sucker over here. Car washing is arguably my favorite thing. Well, this might be kind of my favorite pastime.

Sit down here and we’ll settle over who does the best kind of Tulsa car detailing in the area. This is the testament portion shampoo, how to try to get some on the glass to see how it is to be appointed. We went ahead and washed this Bronco. We will fully suds it down, we found it and then washed it and just let it sit out here. It’s about 90 degrees for that. It’s sitting here and it’s got cooked in the sun because he washed two cars. Two parts side by side. You can get car soap at AutoZone for five bucks a gallon. Well, for five bucks a gallon. You’re not getting very high quality. That’s the stuff that you got to rinse a fender wash vendor, for instance

I’m going to show you how to get your car totally clean from Tulsa car detailing today. With just good old h2o. No worries, zero soap residue, you can look as hard as you want with a glass where it’s easiest to see. There’s nothing left behind at all. So again, the whole point of this video today was how do you wash two cars at the same time and how do you do it so that you don’t end up with water spots. Also, do it in a way where you actually don’t end up with any damage to the finishes. We showed you how to do it 90 degrees today.

Remember, if we didn’t have to compound anything to get that to you, that sort of water being right, that did not require that we still got the same result. On a silver car, which has plenty of use and miles on it, you know, it’s really cool when you go to dry a car that is ceramic coated. Perfect that is the love that versus this, washing the shell. So, you know, you just, you just see streaks a little bit, and you see because the surface is sticky over here. Super, super sticky. That’s crazy. Anyway, you see how it is over here. It’s just such an easy, easy step to dry once you are ceramic coating, especially using horsehair. It makes it awesome. I love this car. She’s a good little grocery battery or things like close to 400 horsepower. My family got up and got on pretty well. We will get all the cars cleaned in the best way possible.

How do you maintain your ceramic? Your CS three, right? Well, I do. Just go back and do it again. How do you maintain your ceramic spray coating, you maintain your ceramic spray coating by using CS three, which is our ceramic spray, sort of a waterless wash, and a ceramic formula. What this does, if you just go ahead and get this little push brand wipe after your wash, or after every third wash or whatever, this is going to be something that’s going to give you a lot of gloss with a little bit of effort. You can get a ceramic coating at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com or by calling us now at 918-999-0355 to book an appointment.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Don’t You Want A Cleaner Car Now?

That’s kind of what the goal here at Oklahomies Car Detailing is to offer incredible Tulsa car detailing to you every single time. A lot of shine, a little bit of work. If you go ahead and wonder how to keep your car looking great. Once you ceramic coated CSP is awesome. If you ever notice that the beading starts to slow. If I realize wow, like if you’re driving in the wintertime, you’ve really been driving through a lot of crap, a lot of chemicals in the road or salt, the bottom half of your car, like no longer beating at all, well, then you get a strength boost. Okay, so that’s a way heavier, heavier dose to make your finish really feed water once again. The ceramics are just in a whole different category than then traditional waxes. So waxes have a warm look, they have a glow. Everyone said that nice carnauba you know, all these different boxes that really have a lot of colors. The waxes are very easy to use, they have a hell of a nice shine.

However, when exposed to the elements, the wax simply does not hold up after we do the Tulsa car detailing. Okay, so it’s got a melting point. Some people say it’s 180 degrees. I don’t know how you find that out totally. I like to be reality-based and say that let’s just say it does not last nearly as long as something more like a painting. Now the paint sealant, right. When you have paints, you’re on a polymer sealant that’s going to outlast wax by a longshot. It has a slightly different glow to it, you know, and in that is the detail. If you’re driving a car all the time, well, then, really the whole idea of a paint sealer makes a whole bunch of sense because it is going to last through extreme elements, a lot of direct sun beating on your car, or a lot of rain on your car. Now, if you take the detail spray that’s going to be working on top of any of the products but it’s really awesome to be used with wax and fall on machines now.

Does the Tulsa car detailing spray still work on top of this stuff? You just work with anything. Okay, so you know we can use detail spray and see us through. You can do both and then you’re going to drive a very shiny car around. Then you’re going to go to the paint sealants, okay, like h2o Garden loss that’s in the paint sealant family. That’s something that’s a polymer sealant that really beats water. Awesome. It’s easy to use. I would say that the slick and sly this new product is kind of more in that in that family too. Okay. It’s something that adds so much shine and just has such a different feel. You spray and wipe that stuff. If there’s going to be a durability test, things that’ll probably outlast it.

If you’re yet to get into the ceramic family. The way to get in touch with a little bit of this guy. This is so easy to use. The ceramic spray coating is so easy to use and use it you can only use it on your paint on your glass on your plastic, you can use it on just about everything it really holds up well. This water was crazy because he did this. And that’s its next level. It’s definitely in a whole new category. And it sits like this wax. Nice glow, good shine, protection over here. Up here we’re going to go Hey, now we’re getting to the end of we’re going to be in the polymer sealants, h2o Garden loss a little bit better, a little more durable. And then boom, wax, boom polymer share and then ceramics, ceramics take you a substantial step up.

This is more like a sprayable version of our h2o detailing spray-on glass. Since we’re talking about h2o, garden gloss, paint sealant, sticking sliders is kind of like in that family. Okay. Then you get back into the coatings, right. The coatings of that family it’s much better technology. It’s like the difference. What microfiber was two towels, it is a huge evolutionary shift. It is way, way more durable, doesn’t care how hot a car is. In fact, the hotter it is, the more it is on there and bakes on there, it’s even more durable. I think when you think about ceramics, you think that the slide is really crazy. We think of my ceramics, you think of the most protection possible, combined with the most gloss you can achieve. That makes it kind of a no-brainer and you can get the first detail for $99 at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com now. Be sure to call us at 918-999-0355 for a booking.