In our case, when we started getting into hiring for Tulsa car detailing, she ended up hooking us up with a couple of people that help us build out our employee handbook for detailing. They helped us figure out our payroll situation, things like legalities making sure that you stay legal within the state and within federal laws, stuff that when you’re out there just buffing a car or waxing a car, you don’t, you don’t think about it. You know, you can think about, I just want to make this car look nice. And then you hit that glass ceiling of, I only got 24 hours in a day and I’ve, I’ve used them all up basically. And you have to start expanding to grow.

We offer the best kinds of Tulsa Car Detailing when you work with us at Oklahomies Car Detailing. They break it down into four segments of what’s your overall vision for your auto detailing business and it breaks up into two details that makes you think on a level that you probably never thought of before. I never thought about that. When they break into the financials, now we’re into the marketing segment and then they’re going to get into the human resources segment of it. These last three months, I’ve come up with a really legitimate vision and future growth plan for our detailing business that I didn’t have before. So if I could have done that 10 years ago, if I had known about that 10 years ago I think we would be way ahead of where we are right now. Anybody listening to this, just look it up, man, it’s, it’s a hundred percent free. It gives you a ton of contacts and resources. Definitely take the time to look into it and have those meetings at the small business development center, it’s funded by the SBA.

Well, let’s take a look at this before you go do these Tulsa car detailing things you’re talking about. Let’s pick a couple and, and she’s, she kind of forces me to be a little bit more analytical with what it is I’m looking at. She’s a little bit more detailed and, and sort of like a managerial type of a position when it comes to, through our partnership, but working with her is awesome. Like we balance each other out very well. You’re getting a new building as well, or you are in a building now because he got kicked out of your garage. Kind of take us, take us through that leasing process. And some advice you would give people when they are finally looking to take that next step to lease an actual commercial space.

I’ll say this from an educational entertainment standpoint, don’t take it as advice. But in our case, like one thing that I would, I would recommend to anybody looking at it, first of all, get her to get a real estate agent because as the buyer, you don’t have to pay anything that’s on the seller. The second thing would be don’t don’t force yourself into something too soon. Like BB patients, it took us a few months to find our location. And then like, we thought we had one and we’re like, this is it. And they wouldn’t give anything to us because we didn’t have a very good business credit history. So I would tie that into also recommending it, like the sooner you can build up your business credit. I know a lot of us guys in the blue collar field, like the, do everything cash and you know, nobody wants to talk about it, but I didn’t know.

A lot of guys tell me that they take cash under the table, so they’ll pay taxes on it, but that doesn’t build your credit. It doesn’t build your business report. And then when you do need that history of your business to show up, it’s not going to be there. They’re not going to trust you because it’s going to say you could have been doing, you know, a hundred, 200, $300,000 a year, but if you’re only claiming 70, they’re going to base your history off of the 70. So you, you got to kind of figure out what you’re going to do in long terms with things. So yeah, real estate be patient and then try to like, think out, what is your purpose for this? Are you just going to stay a one man band? When you move into this location, are you trying to grow to a, you know, bring it on teammates to help you expand your operation? And then the more things that you have in place before you even move into a location is huge. So we didn’t have standard operating procedures or checklists or, or systematized types of packages and things like that. When we moved in, we just knew we wanted to make every car look great at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/. We always make the cars look great when you call 918-999-0355 now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Mastery In Auto Detailing Is Important

We knew all 32 polishes and compounds that we had and what they would do when it comes to Tulsa car detailing. That was great for us. Then when we ended up bringing on people, it’s like, okay, how do we translate this 10 years with the detailed knowledge over to them? It was very difficult. So the more simplistic you can keep your business and the more simplistic you can keep things before you make that leap, the faster you’ll be able to expedite and take advantage of that extra space. And that more professional look when you do make that move into working on more luxurious cars.

At Tulsa car detailing, we are going to be giving him a bottle of mother’s wax and he’s like, yeah, you know, when I go out there and to spell my name with the wax and I smear all over the place, I was like, oh, this is great. We didn’t know that. But the first 10 probably came from there because they were all there’s 2000, 3000 homes inside of the state retirement community. They had a little online post and one of our first clients will just be, you do good work. The news will spread fast. And if you do bad work, it’ll spread faster. And I never forgot that. So we would always go above and beyond as far as just making sure whatever we left our name on looked as good as we knew how to do it at the time. And that approach comes in a bit of something. Later on when we started learning about more detailing techniques and what we were doing more but charging the same basically. Making sure you, you know, don’t, don’t just focus on, on learning how to detail, focus on learning, how to run a business. There’s so many great books and podcasts and things like that out there that can really help you shorten the learning curve to become a professional auto detailer.

Awesome, man. What, what advice would you give your younger self starting out if you were starting over again on this Tulsa car detailing space? I mean, you touched on quite a few things.
Probably what I just said. If I were to talk to my younger self, it would be, you know, there’s a book called the E-Myth revisited. It was the first business book I ever I ever read. And it talks about those solopreneurs. Like so many of us are to where we either were idiots. Like my sister and I were we’re where we just never had a job. And we just decided to roll with this, or they’re disgruntled technicians to where they’re like, you know what? My boss is a freaking idiot. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. I can do this better myself and they spin off and do their own thing. And that part may be true if you might be the best freaking detailer in the world, like you might be able to be the best at what you do, but you’re still one person.

We officially became an LLC in 2021 and then we moved into our building in 2021 as well. And as soon as we moved into our building, our revenue skyrocketed so much that, at the end of the year, we were a little bit surprised by how much we owed in taxes, which kind of sucks. So I definitely recommend keeping an eye on that as you continue to go forward. If I could recommend a second book, it would be one called profit first by Mike McCollough, which is kinda like a money management system for auto detailing. I’ve got YouTube videos and things like that, that I’ve done as far as when I started implementing into our detailing business and kind of covered and sorta like a four session type of series of, of what it’s about how we put it into place, how it changed our business and how to do it yourself for your own auto detailing business. Once you move into that once we moved into that stationary location and we started bringing on tint and paint protection film, especially in our case, which admittedly I will say is not everybody paint protection film will make you consider suicide at least once a month.

Like if you’re polishing painting and you missed a spot or you got to go do something, all right, you just don’t redo it. You have that harder to film. And now you’re ripping a couple of hundred dollars a film off and starting back from scratch. And it’s like, it took a solid year to get okay at it. And then it took about another year to be able to get to the point where I felt like I would be capable of showing somebody how to do it. Now we’re pretty comfortable with it, it would say it’s a constant learning process, just like detailing, but same idea though. You will love your experience with us here at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ so call 918-999-0355 today.