I’m going to begin cleaning the bottom section of Chris’s car and doing Tulsa Car Detailing on the vehicle, working from this body line down. I’m just going to blast this down with a pressure washer. The best I’m not overly worried about the plastic. What I’m doing is I’m utilizing the lubrication that the rinseless solution has and the cleaning power of it. This can be used as a pretreat on ceramic-coated vehicles as well. Any washing process is safe for a ceramic-coated vehicle to be quite honest with you. The only thing that takes a coating off is polishing and mechanical decontamination.

I have the four towels in here for Tulsa Car Detailing to clean the car with a rinseless solution. I’m taking one towel out, and you can see how much the solutions coming out. I’m going to squeeze out the excess solution to the point where if I hold it, it’s not dripping or a bunch of water is coming out. Like we did earlier, we blasted this thing off so you can see as a lot of the top half of the car is not super crazy dirty. Now what I’m going to do is utilize the lubrication with the rinseless and now I’m going to go through and I can do bigger sections on the vehicle.

With one wipe with the rinseless solution, we can do Tulsa Car Detailing and remove some of the dirt and grime that was on the vehicle. Now what I’d like to do is there’s kind of a distinct line of like where the dirt is. I’ll actually put my thumb over that and now I’m going to wipe the next wipe this
today and I’m just trying to get as much of the dirt dropped off as possible. Look out there that’s fairly dirty. You can see how dirty that is now. Now, what do you do? He flipped the towel over. Okay, now we will use the perfect fresh side again. A lot of the nasty dirt and grime is onto the windshield and up here.

By lubrication, I mean I can feel assistance gliding on the surface. Chris’s car isn’t ceramic coated but it is still gliding on the surface. That’s just the lubrication solution of the rinseless solution that we put into the bucket. That’s nice and dirty. Now I have two fresh panels again, we just keep going, and really what we’re doing, is wiping down the panels with a rinseless wash. You can just begin wiping the farm and utilizing the lubrication of the rinseless wash solution in there. This is called the Gary Dean wash method. Gary Dean developed this as a way to conserve water while you wash your car.

If you still have to wash your car without using a hose anymore, we can offer you a rinseless wash. What I’m going to do is I’m going to develop this system so I can use towels and a solution to get my car cleaned in the best way possible. Okay, once this towel is completely soiled, we set it aside. Then we just grab a new towel. What the solution in that bucket is doing is not getting dirt or grime in anything. If you take that bucket, you put it aside, and now the next time we come to do a rinseless wash, your solution is here and it’s ready to go. We have multiple car cleaning methods on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ so call 918-999-0355 today

Tulsa Car Detailing | Using The Gary Dean Method

You could wash your car maybe five times with the rinseless wash process for Tulsa Car Detailing without having to add more water to the bucket. You could go through four gallons for about five washes. It’s definitely a unique style to washing your car but still very effective and safe. I still have this whole section that’s needing to be wiped off. Gary Dean is the guy who made it and he created optimum no rinse. I just know that Gary Dean created this particular wash method and I’ve researched it and seen different people perform it.

So you can see how dirty the outside of the towel is. Now look if you want to see the dirt more using a borderless or sorry using a double software single software will help you see this better. Can I just the portal is great. I tend to use more. So now this whole side is done. I’m not going to use this I don’t want any of this dirt and grime to be going on Chris’s car. So you fold this now over fold it again and now we have more fresh sides that I can keep going and cleaning with. We pretreated all that stuff at the bottom. Okay, so right we pretreated all of it at the bottom so it’s gliding and it’s not rubbing this dirt or grime into Chris’s car.

He asked me if we do Tulsa Car Detailing with towels on the two bucket wash method? What I’m essentially doing is I’m washing the car without having access to a pressure washer. I pretend like that pressure washer and my hose don’t exist. This is a way that you could clean a super dirty car without needing a hose at your house. If you live in an apartment or a condo or whatever it is, this is a way that you can do that and clean your car in the best way possible.

You can wash your car with a two bucket wash. If you can’t do that, whether it be because of the time of year, the weather, whatever it is, you don’t have access to a hose or water use a rinseless wash. Do this method and this is a way that you can wash your car fully without needing to blast off with a pressure washer and a hose. You know, I’m not wasting as many towels and I can go through the process a little bit faster than normal for detailing.

The rinseless wash utilizes the water so I’m not going to be getting water spots with this. We offer a unique way to add protection to your car without having to fully dry the surface. You could do pretty well with washing a car with this method. The car will be really clean and a lot of people swear by this rinseless method. When you are looking for the best and most professional way to get your car detailed, call 918-999-0355 for Oklahomies Car Detailing now. You can see the results we offer our clients by heading over to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.