The big thing with ceramic coatings for Tulsa car detailing is that a lot of people see the hydrophobic properties. It’s no different with graphene. If anything that the contact angle measures how the bead sits on the surface. The tighter the contact angle, the more will roll off the surface, and then the self-cleaning properties will be much better on the car. The tighter bead angle is the one thing that’s a lot different about graphene. What that means is the water is going to vacate the surface a lot easier and a lot faster. It will also leave your car drier which, realistically when you’re washing and drying makes drying a lot easier but also cleaning your car easier too.

Let’s check out how this water behavior is after Tulsa car detailing. This, that’s where the benefit happens for ceramic coating. The first is self-cleaning properties. If your car was a little bit dirty and maybe has dust on it, all you need to do is just spray it off with water or you can do a spot-free rinse. You know we have a new deionizer which is amazing and makes deionized water to clean your car. That’s a huge benefit of graphene you’re going to get is that protection. With ceramic spray coating for a year or more. On your car, use graphene detail spray. Right now so hopefully you’ll see that they’re designed really to help maintain your graphene ceramic coating but also they’re super simple to wash your car and do all the hard work. You put graphene on your car to make it easier to clean. You can apply a traditional graphene ceramic coating on your car graphene ceramic spray coating.

On the maintenance side of Tulsa car detailing will be very easier. That’s why generally people do graphene ceramic coating because moving forward, washing your car is easier. You know drying it’s easier everything is easier whereas If you’re putting wax or sealant on your car to maintain and more often than paint sealant on your car. Then every third wash that you do you need to apply h2o gloss well for slicking slide and just to continue to have that protection of graphene ceramic coating.

Any silica-based product will work with graphene right now. The reason why you want to do that is you want to take the bonded contaminants off your car’s paint and do a great kid of cleaning. What that’s going to do is when you go to polish, it’s not going to load your powder with all those knots. See an overspray or no metallic particles, any of us tar you know this call specifically has white overspray on it. You probably can’t see it now because that’s water spots. I want to plan that offers to take all that off the paint. I will do it with detail spray as the clay lubricates and I have a clay bar to remove anything from the paint.

I would say with the medium-grade clay bar for decontamination. Medium grade clay is the most aggressive so if you’re going to fully polish your car use that. I recommend using medium-grade clay to be super effective at pulling out anything off your car’s paint that does not need to be there. I took off the paint overspray, the tar, and everything that I don’t want to go into my polishing pad. It looks a lot better actually. What we want to do now is remove all the swirl marks and any of this damage. Now if you’re polishing your car for the first time and you see a lot of swirl marks like this you’ll see some deeper scratches in too. That’s just the reality of how polishing is and getting your car perfect. Just takes time a little bit of effort but anyway let’s get started today. We can make your paint look great at and by calling us now at 918-999-0355 for any of the services Oklahomies Car Detailing offers.

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What you want to do is since it’s a dual action of oscillating and rotating Tulsa Car Detailing. You want to put just enough pressure It is doing both and when it is spinning and oscillating at the same time that’s when it’s more Okay And I know because of how damage this car I’m going to start with them the microfiber pad. I want to get this centered and the reason why microfiber is is so much more effective is because it has these fibers in here that are going to kind of go around the scratches.

It will generate a touch more heat that helps break down the scratches for Tulsa car detailing and will help it to be corrected faster. Also, this microfiber has, you know it’s glued on to this fall. That glue line actually helps. The Polish have to get absorbed down into the pad so the polish or the compound stays more to the surface which makes it more effective. Now your car is a little bit softer than a clear coat. I’d recommend using more on the softer and less aggressive foam pads. Our system is color-coded. You start with a compound and a blue or white pad. You only use this compound with either of these pads.

We went through like three clay bars because there was so much stuff coming off into the clay bar that it just deteriorated the clay so fast when doing this car of Tulsa car detailing. You could do your whole car but it’s going to make the clay have a shorter lifetime. Okay, so let’s get to polishing some polishing this side. I already played it at this side so there are no bond contaminants on here and now I want to remove and get rid of these swirl marks. We will apply compound to the microfiber polishing pad. I like to put three or four pea-sized drops on here. Okay, and what you don’t want to do is turn this on, when it’s not on the car. Okay, you want to make sure this pad is touching the car before you turn it on.

What we like to do first before we even start polishing is, look this over and we want to get the car, you can blot it but you want to get the compound out onto the car where you’re going to be polishing. You want to spread this out. The reason for that is if you don’t spread it out and you turn this machine on, it will sling polish all over you over the car makes a mess. Ruins these amazing pumpkin spice shirts that we sold and also make more of a mess, you have to go clean more of your car. Okay so spread the polish out before you start. Now that doesn’t mean you can pull this off and start the machine. It’s got to be touching the car before you turn the machine on, so you can see it’s, there are the dots in there now incorporating the pad.

How do I determine when to use what pad and which kind of polish or compound? That is why you need the experts at Oklahomies Car Detailing to do the work for you. We make it very easy to book an appointment either online at or through the phone at 918-999-0355 now.