If you need an interior detail done for Tulsa Car Detailing we will apply an interior dressing or leather conditioner. You would need to remove the residue is if you see a noticeable amount of it on there and there are some times when you put on the leather conditioner or dress a little too thick. You can take an edgeless utility towel and you can wipe it over. That’s the only time you would need to wipe it off. It’s not like a ceramic coating or things like that where you put it on and then you wipe it away. In most instances, you apply the conditioner or a matte dressing. Your leather tends to drink it in and take it in and then when you come back and it won’t look shiny or anything like that.

When applying leather conditioner you can let it sit for a few hours for Tulsa Car Detailing. You come back and it still kind of has a wet look, then you can wipe over that and it will knock that down. I would recommend spraying this on here. Let it sit where the adhesive is for you know just a few seconds. That tar remover will work with the adhesive and then you can go back and start removing it. I think we’re in a good spot now, so as you can see the adhesive and all the adhesives are gone now. This is like dirt nastiness from stuff getting trapped in there.

If your car is only a year old you still have to polish it when doing Tulsa Car Detailing. In the process of doing a full detail, you would obviously wash your car and get it ready to clay. You need clay to remove the bonded contaminants. If it’s a white car, I still recommend doing iron remover, just because a lot of those cars get transferred, either by train or on open transport. If it’s an open transport, it’s going to get here with brake dust and things like that. Performing an iron remover on a light-colored vehicle will allow it to turn purple to see the removal of contaminants.

If it’s a black car, I wouldn’t necessarily have to do it. Once you get it inside and it’s dry and everything, I recommend doing all the trim first. Either tape it off, or put like VRT on it. Once you’re done with that, then do the de-badging part. Then once you’re done with the de-badging piece of it, then you can just pause your whole car is one, you don’t need to polish it. Then de Badgett didn’t polish those sections again, you just de badger first. Now you can just polish the rest of your car. With this looking kind of nasty, I’m going to use the microfiber pad this is sort of an older, a used microfiber pad. Since it has stuff on it, I’m going to use the pad conditioning brush. To turn this on, you’ll see a bunch of dust is going to come out which is completely fine.

Now, compound I don’t need a lot because I’m doing a little bit smaller of an area. This pad had all the compound in it, so I’m going to hit it with just a couple of sprays a detail spray. Then we’ll spread the mixture and we get the compound on the actual spot. Now I’m going to run this at speed for now it’s just like you’re passing your car so you’ll see it will start removing all the nasty dirt and grime. Make your car look fantastic when you give us a call at 918-999-0355 or go to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com today.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Ready, Set, And Get A Great Detail

We work on both single-stage paint and two-part paint with our Tulsa Car Detailing services. We can clean all the dirt and grime from the vehicle. A lot of what that nastiness was on this car, was more of staining of the paint than it was like dirt sitting on top. When I polish this car then it actually almost looks like it changes color. The paint can get stained a little bit with some dirt and grime and I have to go through and polish it every once in a while. We can put the graphene ceramic coating on it as well. I’ve just done spray coatings on most vehicles, but we also do traditional ceramic coatings as well to protect against the elements and so much more.

Spray coating for the last couple of years vs the old spray coating is maintaining it with wash and wax for
Tulsa Car Detailing. One of those things once I’m sort of waiting for this other stuff that I’m want to get for this like the bumpers and the new grille and all that stuff. Once I have all that stuff and I’ll go through and I will fully ceramic coat everything which you know, you guys know this as well as I do on project cars. Here is with the polish, just refine it a little bit. Now I for sure want to put some protection on here.

I will just put some spray coating but to be honest with you I can still kind of see it a little bit for
Tulsa Car Detailing. Make sure to take a little bit of extra effort with the compound and just begin to refine the finish doing the compound and doing the polish step. One thing I probably would have done differently is I want to use a heat gun. Then after I use a heat gun for a little bit, then I probably would have sprayed some of the tar removers onto it. You have to let it fall in there to soften up the adhesive and then wipe it off.

You could just spray this in there and kind of let it work and do its thing. I think the heat gun expedites the process and makes it faster and easier. This is his Subaru Crosstrek and as you can see, this car is dirty. We figured let’s wash the filthiest car that we can wash on and get it cleaned. You know, it’d be really easy to bring all of our products to wash the car and be done with it. What I want to do is do a little bit more unique way so if it’s super cold out, you know, there are different ways and different processes that you can do to really get on your car from very dirty to clean especially in the winter.

I’m utilizing the power of this pressure washer because we don’t have heated water at headquarters. If I go and start using that pressure washer there it will just become an isolate and then it’s not safe for anybody, especially even at your house. What I did is we drove down the street, five minutes are here to clean off wash. What I’m doing is utilizing the power of the pressure washer to really blast off everything. Once I get everything blasted off, then we’re going to drive back to headquarters, and then I’m going to show you a whole different process of what we do there for details. Right now what I’m doing is I’m just getting the wheels and tires done first, then moving on to the rest of the car. With us and our team, you can expect a great clean car, so dial 918-999-0355 or see examples of our work on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.