That’s incredible because that’s something a lot of people don’t talk about when they get their Tulsa car detailing done. You being so young, not to put your age of restriction or anything like that on you wear it as a limiting factor. How many people are scared to pick this thing up or text, text the customer, you know, and be like, Hey, are you interested in getting your car detailed? I mean, if you do that, how we do it in my company, it’s we do it every single month. So how we do it is we, we structure our business a little bit different. We run it as a membership model. Okay. So, but you know, have about a 50% closing ratio. So for that other 50 % of people that just got their first detail with us, we literally hammered them every single month, you know, but that’s something a lot of people don’t do. So what, what’s your process? I mean, do you want it in your garage? You know, somebody contacts you because I want to break it down to very specific action steps. So somebody contacts you and texts you, they call you, they’re like, Hey, I want to get my car detail. How do you proceed from there?

My first thing is the type of car, what you’re looking to have done in regards to Tulsa car detailing. How long are you looking? Or how far out do you want it to be done? So most of the time it’s, you know, I want it done next week. I have a grand Cherokee. I’m looking to get an interior basic and an exterior wash. And a lot of the times I’ll tell them, okay, well, this is what that includes. I suggest flipping to a wash and wax or a wash and a paint sealant. I offer these things, especially for the newer cars. And a lot of the times just like, wow, like a lot of people don’t look at it as it’s 50 more bucks, but it works. I turned in $45 for a basic wash. My nearest wash and wax is 75. My paint sealants, 125. I have people who contact me for a basic interior and a basic wash who are originally going to spend 200 bucks.

Man is spending $400. So I mean really offering those upsells. And that’s another thing that I did not do early on when selling Tulsa car detailing. Somebody contacted me and I want an into your basic internet, exterior basic. And I was okay, awesome. I got a customer. That’s all I need, push them out, push it back a little bit, offer them that wax, offer them that interior, UV protectant offer them that leather conditioning. And a lot of the time, even if they say no and you can’t get them to bite, they still want that into your base, to begin with.

For the three minutes that you wasted talking about it, it’s worth not losing anything. Yeah. You’re not losing anything at that 0.3 minutes. It’s three minutes. If it brings me, you know, a hundred more bucks in detailing services. Awesome. They bit, it, it worked out awesome. I have only had one customer ever turned me away after I had tried to upsell them on anything. And it was because again, it was an instance where they went down the road and the guy was tripper. And two months later, they were right at my doorstep asking if I could do something

I mean, cause there are some people out there who are just strictly mobile and they’re kind of scared of using their house as a shop for whatever reason. How, how do you overcome that? Or how’d you started doing that? You’re like, Hey, come over to my house. I will do the details here. You can give us a ring at 918-999-0355 for the detailing your car wants all the time for a clean ride. See the reviews as well as check online for https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ whenever you need your car cleaned.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Providing Excellence In Car Care

I’ve never had an issue doing Tulsa car detailing for our great cars. I have had people, you know, do you have a key box instead of just a mailbox? I ended up putting a key box on the front porch because I have people who drop their cars off at 5:00 AM before they go into work. I can’t start working at 5:00 AM. I live in a residential area, is the shop-vac bury loud? No. However, I like to be, you know, a considerate person to my neighbors. My first detail, every day starts at nine o’clock. I get off at three o’clock every day. I can finish two to three cars in that time period, depending on what I do.

You know, when they drop their car in the driveway and drop their keys in the dropbox for your Tulsa car detailing appointment. They know somebody can steal it. We know exactly who it is. I tell people all the time you want to throw your keys in the dropbox. That’s fine. We have a full 360-degree security system. Nobody’s touching your car and getting away with it. I promise you. And I’ve never had anybody that was like, yeah, I’ll just wait. That’s awesome, man. So, I forgot what I was going to ask you. Oh, have you ever had any, any neighbors, any Karen’s anybody complained that you’re doing detailing at your house?

Other than that I had we, so we have to drive, obviously, as I said, we’re a residential area and do the Tulsa car detailing there. So houses are, I mean, I can almost touch my next-door neighbor’s house from where I live other than our driveways this much. Every now and then, you know, I have everybody drop their cars off in the morning. It’s just easier for us at Oklahomies Car Detailing. That way, that way I can look, which one’s going to be quicker. Knock it out, get it out the door, start the next one. So there are days where I have four cars sitting out in the street and it does, it takes up a lot of the parking. So people have to park up the road. But like my mom goes to work at 7:00 AM. My dad goes to work at nine, so it’s not worth them pulling it in the driveway, just for me to wake up and move them all back around. So I have had people, you know, ask me, Hey, can you put your car a little bit further up the street? Yeah, fine, whatever it doesn’t bother me. I can walk an extra 20 feet. I get it at your house. You want to be able to, you know, walk-in and walk out. So I’ve had a couple of chances, but nothing that I’ve been like, wow, like that was really stupid. Like that was just a dumb argument to have.

What do you think about ONR optimum? No, I’ve actually never used it. Really? I do not offer waterless washes. I take that back. I have used it before. Just wash your car. Unless you absolutely have no access to water. Just wash your car. Nice. What about the bucket wash method? Underrated. A lot of people skip over it when they shouldn’t, especially, you know, on trash car paint that we see oftentimes. What about DI water? Do you use the high-water? I do┬áhave a water filtration system in the house? I think it’s severely, it’s kind of a middle ground for me. I noticed it, but I didn’t notice it enough to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a system for

Some waxes streak way too much. I’ve never used their waxes. I don’t enjoy it there. So leaves, residue behind, worse than chemical guys. And ceramic coatings. We think about those. I think they’re severely underrated, and you can get the coating for your vehicle by dialing 918-999-0355 or going to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and filling out the form to schedule an appointment now.