What I would do is when you get ready let’s see how Oklahomies Car Detailing differs from the competition with Tulsa car detailing. I think you can put order notes on there. If not, just as soon as you place your order and you get the order confirmation one of our team members will give you a call in order to get the best-detailing services you could ever imagine. We have customer services for that but if you’re thinking about getting a polisher, I don’t know which one’s best for me. This is the car I have, and this is why I want to use what you recommend for car detailing.

We just compounded this section and you can see it’s hazy, but we will fix that with Tulsa Car Detailing. It looks like there’s I wouldn’t say quite as crazy as the buffer halos. The haze is absolutely there. I think you guys should be able to see that. In order to remove that haze, we need to polish it out. We need to use polish to get that out. Let me climb through the jungle here and get some polish so we can make this car look better. Joe is grabbing some white polish. I have the white foam pad on here already. I think this was used once already. Now I’m just going to brush this out.

For now polishing the Tulsa Car Detailing pad, we will make the car look that much better. Now I can put a few drops of this polish on here. Then one quick spray of detail sprays because it’s a pad that has been used before. Now, could they see the haze there? Yeah. Okay, now let’s remove that. I don’t care if the compound doesn’t make the surface look perfect just yet because I’m wanting to cut the paint with the compound. It has a very specific job. I think of it as these guys are soldiers for you, right? The compound is the frontline. They’re there to take down all the deep scratches and all the swirl marks now.

You follow up the compound with polish in order to even out all the haziness that the compound created. Like we talked about earlier, use the polisher and then the same speed with just unloading the technology of the foam pad and then the filling of the polish. Do the work with detailing because you want to take out as many variables as you can. Any unpredictable variables you want to eliminate so you can stay consistent. You want to have a consistent product that you’re giving people but also it allows you to understand how much time it takes to build people and understand what your time is worth.

We took all the haze out now. Compared to the hand polish, you can see I think it removes more. Here let’s do it like this. We can really see a true comparison between hand polishing and machine polishing. You should be able to see what we started with before and where we got with the machine polishing. We just finished up with that so you can see the clarity and how nice it looks. Here’s what we started with. You can see a difference in the color richness of the black. All the swirl marks that were on here were removed, then this was a hand polishing process. The one thing I noticed out of the different processes between machine polishing and hand polishing is how not tired I am from machine polishing. You can give us a call to detail your vehicle in the best way possible to give us a call at 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.

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It’s much easier if I’m letting the machine do the work as opposed to hand polishing for Tulsa Car Detailing. That’s the difference between machine polishing instead of hand polishing as you can get a long way with hand polishing and the system we developed is to try to be as effective as machine polishing but it just takes a lot more effort. You know, polishing still is manual labor, but it’s a lot easier because you’re letting the machine do the work and the technology of the pads with the compound and polish do a lot of that work.

We do de-badging here at Oklahomies Car Detailing as part of Tulsa Car Detailing. What we need to do is kind of melt the adhesive, but we need to break it down a little bit so we can move forward with it. You need to break it down a little bit so you can cut through it with whatever removal agent you’re going to use as a removal tool, and most people are going to use floss. I have plastic razor blades with me today so I’m going to be using this now. Don’t use a metal razor blade that can actually dig into your paint. This is safe for use on paint. We use these all the time here at the detail shop.

Break down the adhesive and use the razor blade to get off each letter, and then we polish it for Tulsa Car Detailing and it will look perfect. The first thing I got to do is heat the surface because I don’t want to do this right up next to my paint. You can burn your paint. I’m just going to heat this up. Then you can feel it getting super hot. Now if you want to get more heat going switch it to the high setting. All I’m doing is heating this up the best and you know the emblem is like adhesive but there’s also like holes in it that are stuck in there. Then you will probably have to buy a new badge.

We were doing a depth interior cleaning video on that day which is awesome. Make sure you keep it moving because if you hold it in one spot it can like damage your paint. We can also remove bumper stickers because they are very similar to this process. If you heat it up with a heat gun it makes taking off the actual sticker a lot easier. Utilizing something like a plastic razor blade like this and a heat gun. It will kind of heat up that adhesive and make it a lot easier to remove. You can see I got all the plastic lettering off but there’s still like a ton of adhesive on there. What I want to do right now is try to get as much of this adhesive off before I start attacking it with tar or polishing it.

What I’m trying to do is make this nasty heap of adhesive as pliable as possible. Then I can use the razor blade to get it off there as much as I can. If you have access to a dry ice machine, then do that. I think that’s such a that’s a really effective way to do it. After applying interior and leather dressing or leather conditioner we will wipe down the residue and make the finish look its best. The tar really likes attacks like the structure of the adhesive. The tar deteriorates the clay bar completely. I tried it once with like not even thinking about it and the clay bar melted in my hand. No need to use a clay bar when you’re using tar or an adhesive remover. Your car will look incredible and we have so many different services that we offer at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ so be sure to call us on 918-999-0355 today.