When starting out, you really want to open up to personality and just talk because people love getting Tulsa car detailing for their vehicles. When someone with a goal and especially hard working people can offer great services, people will want to work with you. So you mentioned that you just want to work hard, you know, just starting a business and that you are doing really good work and some good photos of auto detailing in Tulsa. I just think if you’re personable, people will come to you and especially the people on the older side that want to have their cars cleaned on a regular basis.

It’s awesome, dude. How did you cause and eliminate belief, a lot of people have it, you know, especially a lot of younger people that want to start getting into the Tulsa car detailing world. It seems like you didn’t have this problem, which was great, but you know, they’re like, oh man, I’m so young working on people’s cars. How will they trust me? How will they, I’m not, I don’t feel confident. I don’t feel comfortable charging people a certain dollar amount for detailing. How did you, if you did have those thoughts starting now, how did you overcome those when going out to begin the car detailing journey you have ventured on?

Oh yeah, when I began to offer the people of Tulsa the best kind of Tulsa car detailing that our company, Oklahomies Car Detailing has, it became a way for us to grow for sure. The big thing when it comes to confidence, I think, is being knowledgeable. I spent a lot of time on YouTube and talking to some other detailers about the way they clean cars. Getting out the door, talking to people and you know, it’s a comfort for people to have them know that, you know what you’re doing when working on their vehicle in a very good way.

So when, anytime they have a question, always be right on the answer and have information, know what you’re doing. For a long time I did undercharge for detailing because I was anxious about that. Over time I raised my prices and they began going up and up and up and now my basic insight now is almost double the price of what it was when I started polishing paint over a year ago.Oh yeah. That is awesome, man. Let us say, I don’t know how much you started with how, well, let me just ask you, how much did you start your detailing business with as far as money for supplies?

I think I put in maybe two or $300 and that was it. The first car I washed was one of my old gym coaches and she had a Porsche Panamera. The first car wash was a Porsche Panamera, and it was incredible. I hand washed it with a bucket and a hose and I didn’t dry it. I borrowed a leaf blower and I just blew off everything that I could because I was afraid of scratching it. So it was just a bucket of soap. I got some good old meguiar’s detailer from Walmart, everything was from Walmart. We were going to start it. Then I bought some towels and wash mitts. You can find great auto detailing services and prices by calling Oklahomies Car Detailing now at 918-999-0355. Furthermore, visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ as soon as possible.

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I had gotten some spray bottles and some multipurpose cleaners and I just went at it using good Tulsa car detailing techniques. That’s incredible, man. What, what would you say are like the top five detailing products that every detailer should own and have in their arsenal of making cars look incredible again? Can you list off some products or tools? They can be both. All right. I think the first thing, if you’re really going at mobile detailing is going to be a pressure washer because it saves you so much time and there’s a lot of uses for it. You know, it helps you, it speeds up the entire washing process.

Finally, when it comes to filling and using a foam cannon,that will allow you to get your snow foam and rinse the car off well. I think the go-to is a pressure washer, but whether that’s electric or gas, I started with electric. So the number one item when it comes to Tulsa car detailing is using and purchasing the right pressure washer to get dirty cars cleaned up fast. Number two, would have to be a solid multi purpose cleaner. I think you can get a lot, you can get really far with that. Number three would be some good quality microfiber towels.

A lot of people really like specifics, you know, they like just something, okay, you said this I’m gonna go with this when it comes to building a product list for the Tulsa car detailing business. That sounds like a great idea. If you could be as specific as possible, like brand names, or things of that nature that you really love using in Oklahomies Car Detailing, or that you’ve found works the best, we would love to share these in the auto detailing space. Our company will go above and beyond to offer the most exceptional customer satisfaction in the Tulsa metro area and beyond.

When I began my auto detailing business, I first bought a solid Ryobi electric pressure washer. I got it at Home Depot for like 140 bucks and it was 1800 PSI. It was an awesome start. Then I got to turn over a Trinova snow foam cannon. That would be my number five on the list. That was like $30 on Amazon. Right now I’m really loving meguiar’s quik interior detailer wipes and all purpose cleaner. The multipurpose cleaner comes in a gallon. So that’s number one, number two, the multi-purpose number three is that find that a home Depot has some really, really good cheap microfiber towels that are, you know, it’s $8 for 16, so I can, I don’t have to reuse towels.

So number one is that pressure washer, the Ryobi number two is going to be what we use here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. If you want, you can use a great APC from meguiars. Three is going to be those microfibers from Home Depot. Number four, be detailing brushes, especially the synthetic kind or boar’s hair brushes to clean cars are great. If you are looking for a great brand, chemical guys are versed here and they have the best kind detail brush. I think if I was to purchase five products by calling 918-999-0355 with a certain amount of money and then just go cheap on everything else. When I need to get my car detailed I will visit https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ as soon as I can.