We use special soap on your car for Tulsa Car Detailing, unlike a strip wash. When you let it dry in your car, things like that can damage the paint if using a low-quality soap. This is a bit of deep cleaning, a deep cleanse for a ceramic-coated vehicle. I’m going to utilize this soap in what I want to do is I have my foam cannon set up. I already have the water-filled up right here. I want to put a few squeezes of graphene shampoo in here. Then getting my bucket set up I have you absolutely want to do a two bucket wash system when it comes to washing a ceramic coated vehicle, especially when it’s this dirty.

After your car has been exposed to road grime and things like that, you need to bring it in for Tulsa Car Detailing from Oklahomies Car Detailing now. I have one of these is filled with just clean water to about the top of the logo here. Then the other one I have a little bit of water in here, but a little bit lower. You want the lubricity of the soap to be on your wash pad. I like to put soap on my wash pads like so and then I also like to put them in the bucket. When I hit it with the pressure washer, it activates the suds, then we’re good to go.

We have graphene shampoo in the foam cannon and in the buckets for Tulsa Car Detailing today. Also, the one thing I want to make sure I have close by is a clay mitt. Okay, I’m actually going to do a quick maintenance clay on my car today. That’s a big aspect of keeping your ceramic coating maintained properly and having those hydrophobic properties stay its best on the coating itself. When you get bonded contaminants on the surface, the water tends to hold on and stick to those, not letting the water bead as it should on a ceramic coated car.

Once you get it back to a nice flat surface with a ceramic coating it will bead water like crazy. This will not remove a ceramic coating. The only thing that will remove a ceramic coating is polishing it off or sanding it off. I don’t recommend sanding it. Polishing it off is the only way you can really remove a ceramic coating. Using a clay mitt on a ceramic coating is honestly the best way to maintain it. You really need to do that every three to six months. I tend to do it more than that just because it’s really easy to do with a clay mitt in your wash bucket.

Jesse says after vehicles are ceramic coated, can the customers use the drive-thru car washes? We still don’t recommend drive-through car washes basically ever. Their brushes are always really clogged up with dirt and they’re not very high-quality fibers. Most car washes really likely to scratch your paint, even if it’s ceramic coated. Ceramic coatings offer a little bit of protection from scratching, but not enough for us to recommend you go through a tunnel wash. This is essential there’s a sponge in here. Then it’s covered with our single soft microfiber. It’s super soft, crazy soft and the new sponge is wonderful as well. It uses technology and fibers similar to our wash mitt. Okay, the thing you can do is put your hand in, and then this one is just like our traditional wash pads. These are really good for deep scrubbing. Head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now to get the best detailing in Tulsa, Call 918-999-0355 and book an appointment today.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Our Wash Pads Are The Softest

These Tulsa Car Detailing pads tend to be a little bit more aggressive than our standard 10-inch wash pads. I tend to use these the most because they’re really soft. They’re also the best price and they’re things that I can go through more often. I tend to always have three or four at my house. As one gets really deteriorated and gross, then I start dedicating that to the bottom portion of my car, like fenders and wheels if I need to do that. Then I rotate a new one in so I always have one fresh and soft pad going all the time with me. When it comes to scrubbing bugs and getting mirrors and stuff like that I’ll grab the wash pad or the wash mitt. These tend to stay for me they tend to stay really soft and nice.

What’s the difference between this Tulsa Car Detailing wash pad and the sheepskin wash mitt for detailing different cars? The sheepskin wash mitt is if you’re doing washing on a daily driver consistently all the time. These wash pads are by far your best option, no doubt about it. This should be something that you’re using more consistently all the time. The sheepskin one I would say is to use on something that you don’t wash as often and something that is a little bit more of a higher-end vehicle. The sheepskin one is going to be perfect for that.

Now, the reason I say that is because the more consistent you’re doing Tulsa Car Detailing and washing cars, the more that these wash pads get matted together and they take in a lot of dirt and grime. You can use the grit guard to really get a lot of that dirt out but you can’t get all of it. They tend to mat together and they wear out now. If you’re constantly rotating that through your plan, it’s just going to get a little bit more expensive. If you want the best of the best and the softest thing that sheepskin wash mitt is going to be a really great option for you. I like being able to flip this over put it in the thing rubbing against the grid card. Just the maneuverability of this I like a little bit better. It’s just a personal preference thing.

If you’re a mitt kind of person, the sheepskin one or even the microfiber mitt is going to be a great option for you. I’m using cold water if you have an option to have hot water, by all means, use hot water. You know, it’s a nice day today actually. I mean, we’ve got a little bit of cloud cover, but it’s probably 55 out right now. If you have hot water, you can use that, especially in the winter. It’s just more pleasant on your hands. The first thing I want to do is get as much of this dirt and grime off by rinsing so that’s what I’m going to do right now. Use a finalizer to wash the wash sponges.

To wash the microfiber wash mitts or sponges just throw that into your batch of microfiber towels when you’re doing that. They’re all microfiber material, so absolutely put that in. I would say when it comes to the wash pads that I’m using the synthetic wash pads 10 inches, I wouldn’t put those in the washing machine. Just let those dry and use them over and over again. It’s still beating water like crazy. You can see that the hydrophobic effects are still working on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ amazing. If you need a ceramic coating maintained or installed on your car, call us at 918-999-0355 today.