Today at Oklahomies Car Detailing we will foam and wash one car for Tulsa car detailing. Then we will let the soap suds just live on it, and then we’ll go over and fall in such a second car. Let the side live on it, then we’ll go back rent and pull one and detail so remember the suds protect from water spots. The water out of your pocket does not so we can leave our suds all over. Anyway, thanks for joining us for this week’s video on lockdown. We are going to show a few new products. We will clean the nasty car and make it clean.

We’re going to do the Tulsa car detailing now and touch on our new pressure washer for cleaning cars. Why is it awesome? We’re going to go through that real quick and I’ll just do it kind of while I’m doing the wheels and tires, and then ask questions if there are any questions that you have for me while we’re doing this detail. Tell me what you want to try and I’ll make sure I’m giving you the best answer that I’m able to for cleaning cars and detailing them. Okay, so first you’re gonna wash two cars at the same time. You know it’s important to have all your stuff put together for doing one car. Two cars, it’s really important to do too. On the Bronco and start with this guy. We will just do a quick rinse off now and it probably has about 250 miles. His blast wash was dirty. Well, I do a quick rinse off first, to get some of the cruds off.

When you’re washing your car, the last thing I do is pull it out of the driveway during Tulsa car detailing. Blast it off with water and then look for your bucket and look through all of your tools. Now get your bucket ready first, get all of your washing tools ready first then go ahead and clean it. I have polished aluminum wheels on this guy. I’m actually even going to use some of my tire rubber cleaners on the wheels, even the wheel and tire cleaner. This stuff’s awesome however, this stuff is a little bit too powerful for the wheels. During the tires on everything, including our boat trailers, I love the tires and kind of like how clean they plan they get so I go the same direction. Every time I’m washing stuff.

While we do all the detailing on both of these at the same time that would take people longer to just jump over, you’ll know that we’re doing the same exact thing, when I move on. It’s just perfectly dirty for us and we will get the car cleaned now. Did you notice, I hit that. When I hit this trigger the machine goes on and off. That means you’re not making as much racket as you but constantly running pressure. I kind of always put that even though we live out here in the sticks, it’s really nice but we do have some neighbors who have watched it and they’re making all kinds of racket and those four people have to listen to me all day long while we clean the cars here at Oklahomies Car Detailing now.

It will take the crud off of your tires in a heartbeat. Then I’m gonna go and use all the wheel spinning tools because I want to get the barrels on the Bronco. The wheels are so filthy and are so skinny so go for it and we will wash them the best way possible. When you’re washing like wheels or tires or washing going on the shaded side first, when you’re doing wheels is that matters. Yeah, that’s a good idea. So if you’re going to do wheels and tires especially get like black wheels or hard water. If you can go ahead and hit the 50 wheels on the shaded side first, that makes perfect sense so be sure to call us now at 918-999-0355. Get your first detail for just $99 when you sign up at today.

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You know if you have silver wheels like this, you’re probably not gonna waterspout anyway when we do this Tulsa car detailing. If you don’t have hard water here, it’s not like this massive bummer. If you’re doing a vehicle when you’re doing it, where there’s hard water or heavy-hitting of the sun to the shade of stuff first. That always makes good sense of reducing your water spot. Absolutely. Good point. The reason for the wheel and tire cleaner is that the wheel and tire cleaner has got some big, heavy-duty components to it that really are massively thorough cleaning.

However, they’re not kind to polished aluminum parts when we do the Tulsa car detailing. On aluminum, that compound is super delicate it’s so easy to cloud that and ruin it. You might give that guy a good solid squirt before. The light-duty heavy duty on crossover and wheels, I mean, honestly, if anyone is watching right now, if you have clothes on wheels, I’d be amazed because hardly anybody has them anymore. It’s so rare, it’s just such an unusual thing to have, and to have porcelain wheels on a car that you actually drive and really use is even rarer. Polished aluminum wheels are wheels without a clear coat, you touch them up with a metal polish and boom, did you turn black.

Most wheels are like these clear-coded with the basic facts in place and will look incredible after Tulsa car detailing. That’s what we’re dealing with here, that it’s super easy to go into the brown monopolies. Also, pull out your wheel cleaner and start cleaning wheels right up until you drive it. Whenever you’re cleaning your wheels, especially if you get super high-end, you know, wheels, make sure that you let your wheels cool way down before you clean them. Temperature is not friendly to cleaning. If you are washing a super hot set of wheels, they’re using chemicals on them.

That can be dangerous so try not to do that. Now see these wheels. These wheels, and wheel well, you don’t have hardly any clearance in here. In other words, I can’t even get our wheel well, our fender brushed through here, fit in there I’m going to use wheelchairs leaner or tire to fields or want to spray it out and then instead of using this, I know it won’t fit. I’m going to use the barrel brush. Okay, and I’m going to go ahead and get into the wheelhouse because I can’t stand the look in my brushes. I don’t have one more wheel to wipe off here. Okay so, getting into the wheel wells with the barrel brush is a great way to get back and get on to finding the thing that makes it easy.

We’ll soon have clean wheels, then we’re gonna go ahead and prepare a bucket now. It should be much safer than I am currently. Anyway, Corvettes at Carlisle. So this place is amazing, the largest crowd show in the entire country. We come here seven or eight times a year. We keep a truck and a trailer here. We’ve been doing this since 2002. In fact, the first year was with Corvettes, West Coast Corvettes. We set up a little side booth next to them and we ended up with a great following and made a ton of friends. That’s how we ended up getting involved with the Corvette program at There’s, there’s a lot of enthusiasm here for the Corvette, that’s for sure and you can get more information about it at 918-999-0355 today.