With Tulsa car detailing your vehicle will always look clean. You can see the hydrophobic effects kind of on this part of my car and lower are going to be less. What’s happening is it’s sticking to that road grime that’s on top. I can like feel it. It’s greasy and my fingers feel disgusting. That’s probably like oil from cars, trucks, all kinds of stuff. What I need to do is get that off of my car in the most effective way. You know, it’s just in the sections that have that road grime stuck to the top of my ceramic that it’s not beading water.

When your ceramic coating has stopped beading water, it is time for an appointment with Tulsa Car Detailing now. That doesn’t mean my ceramic coating has failed. It just means that there’s sort of an artificial layer of road grime on top of the car’s coating. On top of that the process that I’m doing right now of washing my car with graphene ceramic shampoo and then maintaining it after with the right product. It’s going to bring that the hydrophobic back like it is on top.

Even after we rinsed off the car, you can see there’s still a ton of stuff all over my car, that way we need to do Tulsa Car Detailing cleaning today. I want to get as much lubricity on the car so I’m just shaking this up. This has graphene shampoo in it. When you pull the thing is just water as you can see it on the ground. Now as I turn it clockwise it starts to bring in more soap until you have it foaming. If you want the maximum amount of suds you can turn it all the way to the right. If you want to do half suds, turn it halfway. This red piece right here you can turn you can see this piece right here. What it does is it opens and closes so what I like to do is I like to get it to where it’s essentially the fan is from kind of the bottom portion of my car to the top portion of my car.

Always hit your wheels and undercarriage this is an extra little piece of foam on your thing even after you clean them. Yeah, the water spot definitely waters because this stuff is going to neutralize this water in here. Now, one thing you guys might notice is the suds are not too thick, like mega foam. The thickness of the foam on this, you know isn’t necessarily that big. I want to utilize the technology that’s in that so the lubricity in the extra surfactants to really do a deep cleaning on this vehicle.

Megafoam soap is a unique formula that is designed to foam like crazy. It will do decontamination in regards to like cleaning. Do I decontaminate after every wash? No, I don’t decontaminate after every wash. I do it maybe every couple of months, I would say but again my car got filthy gross, with this storm that hit us and the road grime that’s on here is really nasty. I assessed my car before I started and I know there’s like a lot of gross nastiness on here that needs to be removed. I want to do a clay mitt just to make sure I get everything off of my car. Call us at 918-999-0355 or head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now for the best-detailing company serving Tulsa.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Always Going An Extra Mile For You

Now I’m going to activate the suds in this bucket for Tulsa Car Detailing and then I just splash. Now I’m going to start washing my car. First I use my wash pad and I know on this side I have the soap suds on here. I’ll just start washing my car and what I want to do is flip my pad frequently. How often should you know when it’s worn out? How often should you replace your wash pad? How do you know it’s worn out? Once it starts to kind of dreadlock and it doesn’t feel like soft to the touch anymore, that’s when you rotate it out.

What you can do is the Tulsa Car Detailing wash pads that are old and dreadlock together, you can use those for different kinds of cleaning and other parts of the vehicle. You know this section of your car like even hitting the wheels, whatever it is. I couldn’t tell you a timeframe because I don’t know how dirty your cars are getting. The dirtier your cars get and need deeper cleaning, the more frequent you wash, the more frequent you need to switch out your wash pads. The more that they’re exposed to dirt and grime the more often you need to rotate your wash pads.

We have something called a truck brush that we for Tulsa Car Detailing on areas we cannot reach you our hands. I think it comes in a kit. It comes with a Mr. Long Arm and the Mr. Long Arm is an expandable hole that you just screw onto the truck brush. It is used for really big trucks and super lifted huge F 350s, F 250s, RVs, or Sprinter vans, and other things like that. It’s the perfect tool for that. I know my car is way more filthy than normal so I flipped my wash pad more frequently.

Now I’m going to go to the grid guard. I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with the grid guard but the grid guard is this guy right here at the bottom of the bucket. I feel like I explained this every time, but these fins right here, prevent the water from swirling in the bucket. It kind of prevents it from swirling and they have different compartments so it doesn’t swirl around it, and the contaminants, they stay in one spot. What it does is prevents water from swirling in the dirt that’s on the bottom of the bucket coming to the top and getting into your wash pad.

What I’m doing is essentially in the bottom of this bucket, where the grit guard is, I’m rubbing my wash pad against this. You can see how all this stuff is falling underneath here. I rub it on this site, and then I flip it over and I rub it on this site and then get as much as that dirt and grime and sediment off of my wash pad and falling to the bottom of the bucket without it swirling up. I know I have a fresh clean wash pad so when I go back to put it onto my car, I’m not scratching it.

In the clean water bucket, I’m trying to get off as much of the stuff as possible, some rubbing this against there, then flipping it over rubbing it against air again. Okay, I like to wring it out. Then I’ll go into this bucket and rub it against this grit guard again. That is a huge key to washing a ceramic-coated vehicle. Chris kind of alluded to this earlier, but a ceramic-coated vehicle is not a bulletproof vehicle. It doesn’t mean that you can’t scratch your car if it’s ceramic coated. You know it’s less resistant to scratching. It absolutely can still scratch, so still taking the proper precautions and using the proper wash techniques is very important, so be sure to head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now for proper washing of your car. You can also call us at 918-999-0355 today.