What we do when we offer Tulsa car detailing is fill the water first because if you put the soap in first, it suds up and it’s harder to fill with water. A couple of squirts of mega foam are great. We don’t really have a way to measure it exactly. It’s not really that important. As long as you hide the water, that’s really key. So that’s the mixture of mega foam and water in here. We’re on here and what I want to do here, there’s a knob on the top and it has a plus and a minus the minus means less water coming through the unit of the Foam Cannon. The plus means more water. So check this out. I’m putting it all the way to plus. These foam cannons have a fan here so I want a fan-like right about there. Now since I haven’t to plus it’s gonna have a lot of a high amount of water coming through this so you won’t see as much and what that allows you to do is customize how much foam you’re really putting on the car. Or if you want you can widen this out and you can blast the car.

When you want to foam your car, but it all the way to minus that’s something I learned early on when doing Tulsa car detailing. One thing Adam taught me with these units is you know you can ride the fan and we like that. What he told me was to make a fan. What you can do is if it’s a slider, all I have to do is turn it on and then as far as nearly ceramic coated. You can see I think we used ceramic spray coating his car when we did the car cleaning. You can see this side is ceramic coated.

Is there a way to adjust the pressure on the pressure washers for a really high-end electrical pressure washer or a gas pressure washer when doing Tulsa car detailing? That’s when the excessive pressure is going to do damage to your car. We always say you want to stay a few feet away from the car when you’re blasting the water. You don’t want to be right up next to it while you’re blasting it obviously not with the Foam Cannon. With the tip on it so there isn’t a way to customize ours but like I said, ours is more designed for cleaning cars and not for cleaning concrete or your house. Things like that. It’s like specifically, we developed this to work with your Foam Cannon and to plaster and grime on. Just repeat one stayed safe on ours is safe on clear rot but again, we still don’t recommend getting super close.

Alright, so I’m in the middle of washing. I’ve done the top half. Now we’re going to actually finish and then do the top half and this wash pad has become contaminated. It’s not too bad right now you can’t really see any dirt. I just want to make sure that I’m not gonna bring on washing and do scratches so that the safest way possible to wash your car and not put scratches on your car is to do a two bucket wash. That is one bucket with the other bucket with your water, clean water. You plug this in, you rub it against me here. What I’m doing is putting my hand out in the water, rubbing it against it like this, rubbing it over like this. I just like to do it twice. One cool thing about the grid guard is thin on the green card on the bottom right here. The dirt when you rub it against dirt, the dirt falls in and then the water won’t swirl around and swirl the dirt out because these fins keep the water from swirls. So a grit guard is a key aspect to save last. I’m gonna run it against making sure you’re getting all the good. Got backwashing and was able to wash the car with just one flip.

Now what I want to do is I know the hardest part of car cleaning and detailing. On this side of the car, and I’m actually going to flip my wash mitt back earlier because I don’t want to access dirt and grime. The reason being is all of our shampoos that we offer to neutralize the water. What that does is it eliminates the minerals to think inside the hard water that is sending out in your car. We use the highest quality filtered water here at Oklahomies Car Detailing and you can get more info on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com today. Be sure to give us a ring now at 918-999-0355 today for any questions or comments.

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Doing Tulsa car detailing is not going to cause water spots. It’s when I go and rinse the car, that the hard water that sits on your car and then evaporates is the reason. The minerals will then stick to your car. Then they eat away your clear coat. That’s how you get the summer water spots that are stuck directly embedded into your paint. The only way to get that out is really polishing. That’s just that’s actually a good question. I’m not worried about the subject as far I’m not worried about the sun baking on there. You know, our soap is really high quality so what’s going to happen is when I go to rinse all these dry soap suds off, the water is going to reactivate the soap and rehydrate it and it will rinse perfectly clean.

What I’ve been able to do with his product knowledge, detailing process launch through editing, and watching the videos is kind of talking to me directly to a new level of Tulsa car detailing. If I don’t have that prepped, I am susceptible to getting water spots. Right now I’m going to pull the car because I need to get it into shape. In the order of aggressiveness is what you need with the polishes. Yeah, and the pads are just the polish too. It is one step in between comprehending what it goes like this aggressive, middle aggressive, least aggressive, but the way that it’s designed is to be the system. This is a system so if your car has deep scratches and you’re trying to remove swirl marks, deep scratches, oxidation things that you want your car to look perfect, you start with compound. What happens with the compound is it leaves a haziness to the finish. The haziness is because the abrasive is so aggressive in this way. When you’re done with the compound, you move on to polish to even out the haziness of the compound and it makes it look showroom ready and crazy, amazing.

Now getting into one step polish for Tulsa car detailing, you can customize how aggressive you want to be based on the pad that you use. This isn’t going to remove everything that compound can remove, it will remove 80% of the damage on your car like fine swirl marks, a little bit of oxidation, but it’s not going to get scratches from a cat jumping on your car and sliding down or maybe your wife or girlfriend or someone puts their purse on the hood and it slides off. It’s not going to remove those deep scratches, but it will make your car look really shiny. It kind of depends on what system you’re trying to tailor to yourself. This takes longer. Okay, no doubt this takes longer. You need to do two passes with compound to get out as much damage as possible, then you need to go essentially do two passes again with polish. One pass to me is like going up and downside to side. That’s one pass. You do that again, that’s two passes.

Okay, that doesn’t mean you go around your car twice. With one set, you can just do that. Just go around one time. And you should be good. Let’s address this. Aggressiveness on the pads. The least aggressive one sounds right? Yeah, it’s fine. This is separate though. This is the most aggressive. Next most, or next least aggressive. What I’m going to do actually on the coolest car now I just wrote down what we use with one step. The next one I want to do is foam pad and I’m going to do it on this one right here. We did the one step out here. I’m going to do blue foam here. Actually, I’ll do microfiber here and then blue foam here and white foam here so you can see the difference in what they look like.

If your car has the absolute minimum swirls with the white polish to be a better fit or one step. If my car has the absolute minimum swirls would the white parts be better or one step someone said their car has minimum swirl marks? Minimal swirl marks would be one step hard with Polish work. I would honestly say one step with a white foam pad would probably work the best. It’s first I just know for sure it’s gonna remove those swirl marks and it’s gonna look really nice. So one step with a white foam pad I think would be great and that is what we offer here at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com. Okay, so this is now microfiber with one-step polish on this guy right here and you can dial 918-999-0355 now.