In three one. Oh, yes, yes, yes. And yes, folks here and offering you the Tulsa car detailing now. We have the incredible villain. What is happening, man? Nah, just another day. Oh yeah. So wait dude. Hey, will you look incredible? Not sunburn. I don’t know where you’re from, but, um, once, like you’ve been taking a lot of fish oil lately. I am out here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Awesome, man. How’s the weather out there? Is it pretty, pretty hot? No, it’s been raining for like the past week. So it’s cooled down a lot. About two weeks ago. It was like in the hundreds unbearable. So all my clients were under a tent or in a garage.

Nice. Cool. So dude, tell us, tell us the name of your business and how you got started, man. So I’ve been doing detailing for about 10 years, not for money this past year. I decided I love to do the Tulsa car detailing. You know what, I’m, I’m done working for somebody else. I’m going to start my own business. So I am the owner of wild horse detailing and I do interior exterior, ceramic coatings, paint corrections, the whole nine yards. Yeah, it’s been, uh, it’s been good, man. It picks up still there. Yeah. Still here. Can you hear me Okay? Yeah. Yeah. You cut out for a sec. So you said you’ve been doing it for 10 years, but not for money, you said?

Yeah. So I was in the car club and also offer the people Tulsa car detailing. I had my fun little toys at a high school. I had a couple Mustang stuff, so I’d go to the shows, Lauer’s doing my own vehicle, you know, picking up all that road, grime and gunk and people come over and they’d be like, Hey, can you do mine? I’m like, all right, cool. And I just kind of started getting a little reputation there and allowed me to kind of experiment and do other things and get into using buffer and using all the different compounds, polishes, and then using the ceramic coating.

Um, and sealants sealants are a big one. I made the switch from doing waxes for customers to doing the sealants. And everyone’s always been happy with that when they hear about the benefits of it. Um, so it was just like stuff for people in the car shows and their friends and family vehicles, you know, you always get that nice, satisfying feeling when somebody comes out and they look at their car and it’s like, holy crap, that’s a big difference. And you know, I still get the, uh, the father-in-law’s motorcycles bugging me, you know, that family discount

For sure, man. How’d you make that transition from doing it as a hobby, more or less to turning into a business? Well, I did roofing as a, as a job, um, Tulsa cars detailing and during the contracting and project managing there and I was like, you know what? This is, this isn’t as scary as it is. Like I was doing basically everything to run the company there. So I was like, you know what, let me do something I love doing. That is why I am at Oklahomies Car Detailing today. When you are finally looking for all the best services that we have to offer, then you can call us now at 918-999-0355 or head on over to the website which is now.

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I can work on my time and make money at it when I offer my clients and customers the Tulsa car detailing services. That is something I love doing. So, you know, you just got to take that leap of faith as a business owner and just go all in with it. And I spent, maybe this will start up buying like customer products, like stuff that I’m using specifically on customer vehicles, the brand new microfiber towels and everything spent maybe like two grand in total, by all chemicals, the set up the bags, the buckets, the hoses, the pressure washer, all that. Um, but you know, I don’t regret it. Not one bit.

I encourage a lot of people that do so. A lot of people are on the fence about leaving their jobs and stuff that I see posted in the forums. It’s definitely a good movement to make. If you’re passionate about it, you love doing it. And you like seeing your own results. Do it and give people a great experience when you offer them the best kinds of Tulsa car detailing services in the area. Now. I mean, two grand to start a business is very, very minimal. Um, I mean, if somebody doesn’t have to grant and was looking to take that leap, uh, what would be like the bare essentials they would need to get started?

I mean, I kind of went overboard. I, you know, I always go over the top. So two grand probably wasn’t ideal, but I had it to spend. So I was like, why not? But I would say to start, you might need a hundred bucks, you know, get you one bucket, get you a Shammy sponge, get you some soap, start washing vehicles, go into it and start making that money. You know, washing a vehicle. You can do the exterior for only 50 bucks. Cool. Even then I get customers that just want a basic wipe down as their Tulsa car detailing. They just don’t want to do it themselves.

So they, uh, they take me to the messenger, like, Hey, how much do you come out and do a wipe down? I’m like, all right, cool. I have a waterless wash or quick detailer, you know, that’s like 19 bucks or something. Yeah. So microfiber towels, boom. Wash it down 50 bucks right there. It’s in your pocket, you just made $30 profit. Save it. Invest in yourself. Boom. Hey, real quick. We got five minutes left. Cause I want to try to make these podcasts short, actionable and entertaining. Um, so I’ve got a couple questions for you and then I’ll let you go back to your, back to your life now.

Um, how did you get your first three customers? How did I get my first three customers? Old time friend posted? I started my business. Your friends are always very supportive. Your network. You hit me up. Well, I post a picture of his truck and a couple other people hit me up and that was on Facebook. That is the best part and you can only give Oklahomies Car Detailing a ring today by picking up the phone and dialing 918-999-0355 or head on to the website to sign up for a detailing appointment today at now.