I could do Tulsa Car Detailing and take my bucket so we could do essentially a two bucket wash method when I’m there blasting everything off using a wash pad. It’s like my local car wash and all go do blast my car off and then I’ll go and go home and do a rinse-less wash. You know it just depends on where you’re doing this stuff at. The best part of Oklahomies Car Detailing is that we are mobile, so we can come to you. We also use a self-lubricating solution that is called rinse-less wash to help your towels glide and not scratch or scuff the car’s finish.

If you want it, you could go and spray this down with the detail spray for Tulsa Car Detailing right now. You could use an ultra-plush borderless towel and then after you’re done with that, you can hit it with a graphene spray coating. I just need one of these towels to be wet. Okay, so check this out. Right? This is where I have my dry towel. This is going to be my wet towel. All I’m going to do is dump this in the water. Okay, and get this one and then I’m going to bring this out almost all the way keeping the solution in there. Okay. Now, this is nice and damp. Okay, now we can take the h2o, spray it onto the towel and we can also spray it onto the car.

First using the wet towel for Tulsa Car Detailing, I just wiped halfway they had no dirt on this. The rinse-less wash portion took all the dirt off of the windshield plastic so there’s a little bit of dirt here. Now the nice thing about this is now I can just flip over to another side. Use this side now then we take the dry portion of the towel and we wipe this off okay and now Chris’s car is protected. Right, so it’s fairly simple. By doing this process, you can even apply it to the garden. Lastly, is to completely dry the vehicle, it’s kind of the same idea. You know, you’re just utilizing the dampness of the towel as the solution to really get this on the car.

How does this help protect your roots so guard and gloss are like a pretty durable ceiling? It’s like a resume ceiling and anything that puts a protective layer on your car is gonna be helpful. Okay, No. Wax. It’s not as durable as a sealant or ceramic coating. Wax is the OG protection. A lot of times, wax was used really to hide imperfections. Degas back in the day, few people had squirrel killers. Okay, nobody has real killers. They had rotary buffers but a lot of people were polishing. They were at home waxing their cars to make them look shiny because they can hide. Polishers came about and the people were polishing their cars perfectly.

Then, people were putting on top of that protection to achieve perfection for polishing. Do you want that? Anyways, some sealants do not last very long. We make something that lasts three times as long as the wax and is just as easy to apply. When they came out, they were cut either mixed with wax that you can get on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or doing the same process of how you wax a car, like you put it on an applicator, and throw some circles on your cart. Be sure to call us at 918-999-0355 now to get your car waxed and glossy.

Tulsa Car Detailing | We Use The Best Soap For Washing

As we do sell detailing products and services, Oklahomies Car Detailing does Tulsa Car Detailing and focuses on engineering products. Things like H2O guard and gloss came about. We take the sealant that’s working super well. Then how can we make it easier to apply? Well, utilize the wetness of the car to help dilute wax and spread it around. Then use the dry towel to take off the streakiness. It leads to a burning loss and resumes sealant that even on harsh weather conditions that last five or six months. When you do this regularly, you’re always going to be protected.

You might not see the crazy super tight, dynamic hydrophobicity that Tulsa Car Detailing ceramic coating gives you, but you are still absolutely going to be protected in the last factor and how it makes the plastic look dark. I mean it’s such a really easy and beneficial way to protect and make your car look awesome. It works great just as a protective layer on your clear coat and your paint. That once you go to wash your car the next time it makes it easier to wash, clean, and maintain.

The nature of our gloss has silica in it and the spray coating actually adheres well to silica for Tulsa Car Detailing. I think it just works a little bit better as a process is really, you know, you want the base layer of the spray coating on some more robust protection and that’s a base. The silica in h2o creates more protection too. Go on top of that worked really well. All I need to do just come out here I’ll turn the hose off for a second or if you’re at your house, you could just run inside. You could run inside to your utility sink or your kitchen sink. You could get this a little bit wetter. Now. It’s a little bit different. Doing this when your car is not super complex your towel will dry out whereas when you’re doing this on a car that you just wash into super wet.

This is different than normal would be that you may need to add more water to yourself as you go through this process. Just keep that in mind if it feels like it’s starting to get dry. What’s going to happen is as you put the actual guard and gloss on, it’s going to be thicker. Then the water that’s in your towel isn’t going to dilute it as much. If you will just make it more streaky, you’ll be fighting so you know if anything, if it does get a little bit streaky, just add more water to your towel. It will make the whole process a lot easier and nicer.

The last thing I would do is try to get through and even wipe down the wheels and tires. The last thing I would do is take something like this graphene coating and just go dress the tires with graphene tire dressing. You know, it’s one of those things I think. Obviously, it’s a look thing but also it helps scruffy tire dressing like actually protects the tires a little bit and you’ll see like when you put that on you go back the next time you watch like it beats water, so makes cleaning your tires a little bit easier. At Oklahomies Car Detailing we always go through and dress your tires on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and by dialing 918-999-0355 before you move on and go continue to drive.