At Oklahomies Car Detailing, not only do we do traditional Tulsa car detailing but we also offer doing a waterless wash. That’s what we’re doing. This is, this is my reality right now everyone’s just running around hanging out. So I’ll just start waterless washing with one hand while I hold the phone. The paint and then these like tiny little plastic fenders and then the whole bottom section. Runs plastic as well. So yeah after I get done putting graphene tire dressing onto the tire. I always go and I put it along with all this stuff just like as I’m kind of moving from tire to tire I go and put it on it. I think it works. It works well because it’s not with one coat, it’s like not shiny, you know, so it can, it goes on nice as a trim dressing as well so, and obviously, it’s gonna last a little bit longer but really the best way to do it is you know putting graphene ceramic spray coating or graphene ceramic coating on it.

This is my wife’s car and she’s a teacher so she’s been at home, but needs her car cleaned with Tulsa car detailing from the Oklahomies today. She’s been at home hanging out with my kids and both my kids are on remote learning so she hasn’t been driving her car too much so the last time she drove it just got a little bit, a little bit dirty from snowmelt on the road. I can kind of see it’s not that bad. Therefore, we will be doing a waterless wash.

What do you think is the limit with waterless rinse washes as far as how dirty the car is when we do the Tulsa car detailing. It is more than what is on your explorer. So waterless is, as I just showed you guys this is about. This is pretty good for waterless, and even though the car looks kind of shiny. The car is not perfect by any means. Okay so, with it being a little bit dirtier I’m not, you know, there’s no like chunks of mud on here, which chunks of mud are when you really need to like blast it off with water okay when it gets really dirty. I mean I can show you my personal car. It’s white, but it’s definitely a lot dirtier, so you guys know my old foreigner but you can see that we are now going to detail it and get it very clean.

When your car starts to get into this range. I would say waterless isn’t as acceptable but rinseless absolutely is priceless. This is really designed to be able to fully wash your car. If you don’t have access to a water source or if it’s conditions like this where it is it’s even hard for me to get out there because it’s so cold and windy. The dirtier your car, then that is going to require more rinsing of the vehicle. The rinseless wash you know was adapted by the guy who originally created it as far as I know, and you guys can correct me if I’m wrong but rinseless wash is known as the Gary Dean wash method.

He developed this wash method to be able to wash your car without a water source. Mainly it was to reduce the usage of water, and we just adapted it into our rinseless wash method and the rinseless wash has very high lubrication so I generally fill a five-gallon bucket up like this guy. I’m polishing this one, but I was using this as kind of a dirty bucket but anyways. Use a five-gallon bucket like that, fill it up with hot or kind of warm water up to here, and then put, you know, six ounces of rinseless wash inside of it. Swirl it around, get it all incorporated, and then put, I usually put, you know, I think we said before is just put five double soft towels into the bucket, and then you have one double. We offer lots of different washing methods for your car at Oklahomies Car Detailing on and by calling 918-999-0355 today.

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The rinseless wash is very good for the types of Tulsa car detailing from us. You can be loose and one is for wiping later but I usually just put six. Because I have, and then have a seventh towel, and then you use each one of those towels kind of panel by panel on the towel you fold them into force, and you just gradually kind of work your way along with the car. This tells us all folded up here.

Be sure to use this for Tulsa car detailing and then it’s soaking wet with the solution. You just kind of go along the car while you roll your hand, and then this towel will get off this side this panel the towel will get really saturated with dirt and grime. So you flip it over to the fresh side and you do the same thing. You just go along the whole car like that and start from the top and you’ll saturate this thing with a lot of water and rinseless wash solution. That’s how you go through and do a rinseless wash of your car when it’s filthy dirty. That’s kind of the rinseless wash it’s a long-winded explanation.

Someone put some graphene ceramic coating on a truck while doing Tulsa car detailing a couple of months ago. The blue compound with a high-power buffer takes it off and fixes the swirls. Yes, it will. Honestly, with the graphene ceramic coating if you just go over it with one step polish that’s even enough to even out the swirl marks. That just brings up a good point, you know if you put graphene ceramic coating or any ceramic coating, for that matter, on a car, it doesn’t mean that it’s, It’s like a swirl-free. You know, it doesn’t fix all the swirl marks and it doesn’t eliminate the fact that you can get swirl marks so you still need to wash your car the correct way. We’re going to get into doing some videos here very soon on how to properly wash a graphene ceramic coated vehicle and how to wash a ceramic coated vehicle. It is easier and more efficient but you still have to take the correct precautions to eliminate the chance of washing and doing scratches

I mean if you polish it too aggressively, it can take the coating off so just be conscious of that, but a one-step polish, you know, because those scratches are really faint on the surface. So yeah, Jacob says rinseless are waterless I say both. They’re kind of for different purposes. I kind of just talked about the traditional washing method is more intended for really dirty vehicles and waterless is more
mildly dirty vehicles.

Thanks for agreeing with the product man and that the product is awesome. I just recently snagged one, there’s mine right there. I don’t have it hooked up right now just because of the weather and how cold it is. That thing has been performing really well for the car detailing community and it really is great. I mean it’s a very very useful product and, you know, one thing that we talked about in the video that we just shot was, it has this bypass valve on it. I don’t know if you guys know about this but it has this bypass valve so you can turn this so, this will actually when the water comes in on either side, it doesn’t matter but when the water comes in, it can actually come through and bypass the tank. It will be a truly great experience whenever you need to check out as well as dial 918-999-0355 now.