What you can do is because Tulsa car detailing neutralizes the hard water, which eliminates water spots. You can do your initial rinse when you’re washing with your hard water, and you can rinse your whole car and then you can foam your car with a foam gun or foam cannon. That will neutralize the water, so you don’t need to filter the water on your very first rinse, and then after you go and you wash your car and do everything. Then you can come back over and you can engage the deionizer, and then on your final rinse, you can use your deionized or filtered water.

Then your final rinse will not be hard or have minerals in it during our Tulsa car detailing. It’ll be hard water if you filter water, and then you have spot-free rinse, and then drying is so much easier. You don’t have to fight the sun and the water drying on your card so I think that’s a really cool feature that I hope doesn’t get overlooked. Really I just want to remove as much dirt as I can so I’m going to saturate this quite a bit. Then, as you guys can see I have a waterless wash towel so because it’s really dirty, I don’t want to just go and start rubbing this in so I’m actually going to take this and kind of work a little bit like a panel by panel. You can see at first the initial lights are really dirty so what I’m going to do is I’m going to make sure to clean this around the area.

We will be trying to get as much of the dirt off that’s all I’m trying to do right and I don’t even care if it’s streaky because we will offer the best kind of Tulsa car detailing. If it doesn’t look good right now, what I’m trying to do is just get the dirt off. If you kind of break down washing into three segments, it’s like right and initial rinse and washes. Then you will be agitating the dirt with your wash pad. Then, rinse it off right. If you think about waterless washing it will be the same. All I’m trying to do right now is consider this as a rinse sort of saturating the surface with the chemical to give it lubrication. Your towel can glide really easily. Just getting the dirt off as best I can.

Never do the waterless wash one-handed and be sure to scrub the car very well in Tulsa. Okay, so you can see my tiles, still, a little bit saturated but not as bad. So flip it over to this site. Now what I can do is either go through and you could use waterless wash again. I will just flip it around again, you can go like this and just a couple spritz, just to reactivate the chemical on the car. Then you can go through and wipe this down. Okay. Get the streaks off and everything now it’s just more about removing the residue of the waterless wash.

You might have to wipe a couple more times, but just like that, it is pretty simple. You know my towels are not saturated anymore because my first initial wipes are what’s removing the dirt. Okay, so what I just did is kind of like, you could think about that as like a final rinse. I sprayed more of it to clean the car. I sprayed a mist on it there and then I wiped this off. What I like to do with waterless wash is not adding any protection right now, especially during the winter. What I like to do is go through and remove the dirt safely with waterless wash. The dirt and grime and everything will come off. I’m using quite a bit. To just want to remove the dirt, that’s the only thing I’m trying to do right now remove dirt and we are experts at cleaning cars at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com and remove anything you do not want on my car when you dial 918-999-0355 any time.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Technicians That Are Detailed

Okay, just get this out so you can see my towels are saturated from doing the professional Tulsa car detailing today. We want to use a different towel not as much on this site so I’ll just flip it over. We will then go and wipe this off just like this. Instead of going through and using waterless, we will be using a waterless wash to even everything out. What I’m going to do, this is my plan from the beginning, is I’m going to go take this back. Okay. Then what I’m going to do. So there’s a saturated towel from waterless washing, then what I’ll do is I’ll take this. I know I’m not going to be moving dirt around or scratching the car, but I can take this and I can even out the streakiness of the waterless wash because I use so much of it. I can add protection at the same time, so that’s like a really great combo and you can do it with CSP too.

That’s all I have this out here so you could do the same thing I did with a waterless wash in doing Tulsa car detailing by using the CS three. Due to the fact that this weather is so cold. CS three tends to not work as well. That’s why I use a waterless wash. It is a lot easier to remove when I’m using this, whereas CS three is in extreme weather conditions either hot or really cold. It can be kind of finicky so that’s why I use waterless. Just so you guys can see, my buddy Doug, who I met through this live video. He’s a really good welder and he made this bottle holder for me and I love it, it’s really cool and makes car detailing so much easier in the entire car washing process.

Now I can grab Detail Spray and I can even use all the waterless washing when providing Tulsa car detailing. The graphene ceramic spray coating is a wonderful product. In the cold weather, it’s honestly easier to use it to clean cars. It tends to take a longer time to care, and it’s the most innovative for Tulsa auto detailing. I mean the easiest and most durable product in regards to the protection that you can use on your car so it will look its best.I know you guys get a ton of snow and the weather’s pretty crazy so I would honestly say graphene ceramic spray coating would be your best option.

The detailing products at Oklahomies Car Detailing are easy to use and it’s going to help you make it through the winter with a clean car. There is so much to do when detailing and if it’s more for daily driving then I would say our buttery wax is crazy easy to use in really any condition. Adam designed it to be like that so he always used to say this in the videos and always thought it was funny, he said, you can use buttery wax if it’s hot if it’s cold. You can really use it in any condition so that’s probably the best option for car wax there.

What I’m going to do now is get some graphing detail spray going, so I just went through and did our regular waterless wash, you can see I still have some stuff. The thing is that the streakiness, it’s not nearly as bad as it was. Just grabbing Detail Spray and I’ll just do a couple sprays here and there and then I have our borderless grey towel. Then do just nice, long swipes. The product doesn’t like to evaporate as fast, so you might just need to flip your towel a little bit more and give it a few more swipes, or flip to a side of the towel that doesn’t have the product on it. It will also help you guys to see it just like this stick and hang around. When you need to get your car detailed be sure to visit us at Oklahomies Car Detailing every time at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com or by calling us at 918-999-0355 any time.