You know it’s a pretty quick process for wheel cleaning when it comes to Tulsa Car Detailing. We use a wheel brush and then obviously just wheel and tire cleaner. I’m just going to go and clean these wheels. You guys just kind of know how to do this part. You can kind of follow along if you want to spread the tires down and clean the back of the wheel there. We will remove all the excess dirt and grime off of this already. I didn’t even take the fender brush. You will love the best way to get your wheels and tires cleaned today.

How does this compare to a surfactant cleaning solution for Tulsa Car Detailing. Our chemicals are designed and engineered specifically to attack surfactants like metallic brake dust. High-performance brakes usually have metallic brake dust and the thought of the wheel cleaner is that it attacks that directly. You’ll notice with our regular wheel cleaner that it turns purple when you’re using it on cars that have performance brakes. That’s the reaction between the thought in the metallic content and the main differences in wheel cleaner for cars. The wheel cleaner is going to be the perfect product for you on that.

Our wheel the tire cleaner, what I think is really cool about for Tulsa Car Detailing is it’s an all in one solution. Therefore, I could spray the tires down and you can see the effect it has on the tires. I mean, it deep cleans them. You can see how the nasty brown and yellow breaks down and you get back the shine on the tires. It also cleans wheels really well. You don’t necessarily need a wheel cleaner on every car, although it’s going to be effective. We’re not trying to attack the metallic brake dust that a performance car has so on this one, we can get away with the wheel-tire cleaner and use it to do a fender wells tires and the wheels are one.

I think using a little bit more product will make the cleaning process more efficient and super effective. If you’re using wheel cleaner, you can’t clean the tires with that. Therefore, you need a tire and rubber cleaner to go with that. I’d say having a gallon of the wheel and tire cleaner is great because since you’re using one bottle for everything, you tend to go through it a little bit faster. The extent of the whole one thing I wanted to say is that one thing I wanted to say is this process is sort of unique to us.

We understand that sometimes our cars can get super dirty, and that is why you need to call Oklahomies Car detailing today. If you live in an apartment and you don’t have access to somewhere you can wash your car, we have a process for you to get the job done. This what I’m doing today is a process you can do to really get your car nice and clean without needing a pressure washer. You can use the power that these pressure washers are giving you adequate was. Then you can take it back to a car floor or you know the place like an apartment with a parking spot. Call 918-999-0355 to get your car looking it’s very best. You can also head on over to now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Rinse-less Solutions For Extra Lubricity

You are doing rinse-less wash inside when you get back into a space for Tulsa Car Detailing. I’m also going to protect the car with a sealant. I’m going to show you the tire cleaner and rubber brush that works with a wheel the tire cleaner. Our team can begin cleaning rubber and plastic. It’s a really good product to use for cleaning almost any surface. These are like OEM rubber floor mats. Whether it’s a Chevy that has OEM floor matts or more of a plastic feeling, they’re probably more made out of vinyl than anything, but this product works on all of those finishes.

We’ve been able to grow in the Tulsa Car Detailing space and do better work than our competitors. We have been able to grow into the premium car care space. Consumers have done a great job of taking care of their cars, but many are doing it incorrectly. That is why you want to use a professional car detailing company to get the job done like us here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. We use premium car care products that matter to you. It was a really unique opportunity for us. You know, we always try to go above and beyond for our customers and clients.

By having a retail Tulsa Car Detailing shop and being mobile as well, it gives us an opportunity to reach new customers. What we want more than anything is I want to get a new customer in our network. We’re just really excited so it’s a really cool thing and you know, they wanted to have some exclusive products for them as we launch things. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to rinse this off, I want to get as much of the dirt and grime off as possible. What I’m going to do is utilize the power of a pressure washer. We are not using regular water, but high quality because we use the special water ionizers for a spotless rinse. Your car will be receiving a spot-free rinse.

What if there was protection on my car? It had spray coating on it a while ago but now it is a little too dirty to see. If you want to, you can switch to this spot-free rinse. If you want it I just there’s no power to it. You know, so if you wanted to try to blast off the other, unfiltered water the best you can still dry the water spots. Be careful because water spots become permanent after they’ve dried on your car.

First, we will be putting some of the cleaning solutions into your bucket that is already filled up with warm water. I filled it up with hot water and it’s been sitting out so it’s, it’s really warm right now. Now we also have a borderless plush towel. I’m going to dunk these into this rinse-less solution. Now what I’m going to do is I have those towels and submerge them into the waterless solution that we created. I’m going to hit all the places that need extra lubrication. We can use soap or a rinse-less solution to clean your car and get the best results you can find on now. Give us a call at 918-999-0355 today.