It’s such a freeing thing to be able to say to a customer that they can get the best Tulsa car detailing at Oklahomies Car Detailing. When you know, they’re demanding something that you can do, or they’re asking you to do it at a price that’s going to kill you unless you have a strategy behind why you’re going to do it. Like I’ve done free details before for promotions and for advertising because it’s a really unique situation, but then I’m marketing the out of it and, and, and explore, I should say, explain it.

By making sure that we offer the top service of Tulsa car detailing, we keep a customer happy and it’s like, we would go do somebody’s power or windows or whatever it was. Unless they contact the best specialists here at Oklahomies Car Detailing now. If you’d like, we can come out for quarterly maintenance and come out for every six-month maintenance, we can come out for annual maintenance, like, just get that repeat business because repeat customers are so much cheaper. As far as marketing dollars, go to be able to make sales, to compare to somebody who’s brand new. Start from the very bottom and build that trust all the way back up. So you’ve got to really, really take advantage of the ones that do not take advantage but take care of the ones that have really come to almost be like partners for your business. It is the most expensive and the most rewarding or inexpensive and the most rewarding type of marketing I think you can do.

For starting out? You will want to use us to get your Tulsa car detailing done quickly, easily, and get a brand new-looking car. I think they’re absolutely fine. It’s a great low bar to be able to jump over, to get into polishing. But if you’re starting to look for something reliable, then go get those roots polishers. I love room polishers. Like they’re, they’re built like things they work really well, but that’s when you could actually afford to do it.

I utilize it as much as I could to be able to get people coming in. Don’t get hung up on only advertising online as well. Your online content should be like a drawing card to be able to get them in person, because the advantage we as small businesses have versus the monster ones, is we can create that personal connection with people and keep in mind, like what we’re delivering more than just a clean, shiny car.

Ceramic coatings. I’d have to give a mix on that too. I think by those who are very honest about what they can do, then they’re fairly rated. I think those who are just looking to make a sale, even if it means selling their mother’s soul to the devil, then it is super overrated. Like it’s not a magic bullet. It’s not going to fix everything in the world is still a required statement. So just be honest with people, man, we’re killing the market with people off and they find out that you lied to them. We never lie to our customers at Oklahomies Car Detailing and that is why you can see our testimonials by heading onto https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now and giving us a call at 918-999-0355 with any questions you have about auto detailing.

Tulsa Car Detailing | We Provide A Clean Solution For Cars And More

Deionized water out here in Tulsa is great for any kind of Tulsa car detailing service that we offer. I couldn’t overrate it enough. I would absolutely recommend that to anybody who lives in areas that it’s hard water. We’ve got like a five-stage filtration system. And I tell everybody, you can take anything out of my shop right now. Just leave my filters alone. Don’t touch them. I have to have my DIY water for any kind of auto detailing.

Folks welcome to the detailing diaries podcast where we talk about Tulsa car detailing and so much more. I’m here with the one the only, not the tiny, but the tall Tim Franklin junior. What is happening, brother? How are you doing in the detailing world, my friends? We’re both a part of this detailing group on the old Facebook. And I just want to read this post today that, that got me fired up and which led, which is leading, which has led us to this conversation right here. And I’m just going to go ahead and play this

Today was the day I got accepted into my Tulsa car detailing program. It’s taught me so much paid for my car, paid for schooling. Now it’s time to move on to a lifelong career in car detailing. Thanks to everyone in this group who has helped me learn the ropes, starting my detailing company at a young age. Nice, and finishing it off at Oklhaomies Car Detailing was an awesome journey. I was driving my parents’ cars and it was like, well, you know, there’s a lot of, you know, I looked into doing and going and getting a job at a mechanic shop.

We like working on cars and doing all the car stuff. I thoroughly enjoy working on cars but detailing was definitely something that caught my attention. I think I started, where did I find it?. He’s a pretty big YouTuber that Doug does detailing and he had just posted a video about it and it came up on my YouTube. So I watched it, I was like, well, this, this could work. Definitely pushes you. I was, I was doing a couple of the things I’m, I’m into auto detailing and like little hobbyist stuff. So I was selling, you know, obviously, the pandemic happened like in between the time and then, but I was selling, you know, mass savers and, you know, here’s savers and stuff like that. But even before that, I was, you know, I was the kid who was detailing cars that I enjoy.

I think the first year that I was open, I did about 57 cars and I started, so it’s actually really funny cause like obviously being an advanced detailer now, you know, I see it, I started with a chemical guys pack. So I had ordered chemical guys pack online and I used it for like three weeks. Then, I like finally started getting into like, you know, I was going up to advanced auto and buying like Meguiar’s and you know, I was ordering stuff offline and about a year and a half in, I finally started getting enough people in where it was worth it so that you can call 918-999-0355. We offer all the different car detailing online at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.