Right and that’s just more the weather that I’m dealing with when we do Tulsa car detailing, not as much like the product that we’re using is the most important for Oklahomies Car Detailing. Something to note about our technicians is that they’re working their butts off, I know they’re in and out of my neighborhood all the time. When the weather is like this, flipping your towel consistently is going to be a key factor in making sure that your car continues to look nice. I just want to share with you guys my favorite cold weather, mild cleaning process. I like to use regular waterless wash and then back it up with graphene detail spray. That’s kind of my mild cleaning killer combo that is closer to you guys here with the waterless wash and graphene details spray.

As I said, the waterless wash is more for removing the different kinds of dirt and grime in Tulsa car detailing. The graphene detail spray is more for an evening out the excess waterless wash. Therefore, be sure to start with this, see how much dirt I removed on the towel and that’s like, allowing me to let me open this up so you can see how many panels I use on this towel. Then I still have some left to work with. You can see I didn’t quite get this side there and then I backed it up with graphing detail spray. We always try to remove dirt and grime as you can see over there and then finish it up with this to make it look really nice. After, add that graphene protection and I have graphene ceramic spray coating on this car specifically.

We will be constantly using graphene detail spray for Tulsa car detailing all the time. It is going to help maintain that graphene ceramic spray coating and everything. Our process in washing different vehicles and water spot prevention. We will also show you how to minimize your chances of getting water spots as well as utilizing the chemicals that we have. We do have the water deionizer, which is new to our line, we’re kind of emphasizing that a lot more as we’ve seen a lot of interest around that unit. Originally we thought there was going to be a lot less.

Let’s go ahead and hook the deionizer up and let’s go over the ionizer and why you need it for Oklahomies Car detailing. We have the new polish deionizer for clean water in car detailing. This is a really cool project of ours, this is set up with on the go which is a father and son business over on the east coast. It’s just been something that’s been really close to me in terms of following us. Oklahomies Car Detailing always had this 110% guarantee right. We want our customers to absolutely love what they’re using, and honestly, I think we hit the nail on the head with this product.

I mean this is an amazing deionizer. There’s a lot of deionizers on the market and we’ve spent probably the last year and a half going over and trying every single digitizer until we got to this one. I’ll point out a couple of key features of this why this makes this car detailing deionizer just leaps and bounds over the competition. First, you have a built-in bypass valve and so this is going to enable you to use hard water and just standard water for your washing process. For your first rinse, you can use regular water, and then you’re going to be able to switch to DI water afterward in the car washing process. You’re going to be able to do your final car rinse with DI water or you may actually want to do the entire process of your rinsing with DI water. We use the best products here at Oklahomies Car Detailing today at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com whenever you visit or call 918-999-0355 now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | We Are Striving To Overdeliver On The Details

For the Tulsa car detailing experience, we’re gonna hook this up real quick and then spray it on the vehicle and we’re gonna allow it to dry. I’ve already hooked this up before we keep disconnecting it every night. Do you have to do that, and then disconnect it?. Now you can leave this thing hooked up, just make sure your water supplies are off. So right now we’re set up and bypassed, but we’re gonna hook this up to the pressure washer, and again you don’t necessarily have to have a pressure washer hooked up to this unit, however it does work really well when washing cars.

By using a pressure washer for Tulsa car detailing, it will make it easier and give you a cleaner car. We know this pressure washer is putting out about 2.4 gallons per minute. We’re going to optimize the lifespan of the deionizer, by using the most minimal amount of water needed to actually rinse the vehicle. We’re now hooked up. We’re going to prime it with some water. So right now we’re still in the bypass mode. It’s not using the current, but right now we are not using DI water, we’re using just standard tap water and I know my tap water is 161 parts per million. With this pressure washer, we will always prime it first. Make sure you get the water going through a lot of times, because if the pressure washers in here I’m kind of choked out and that’s just because there’s air in the line.

When using this deodorizer for Tulsa car detailing, Oklahomies Car Detailing makes the experience unique and will give you the cleanest car around. We are really giving you the ability to just not have a spot-free car detailing experience, but so much more. In order to be able to have a spot-free vehicle, the built-in bypass is a huge advantage above others. Traditionally, you’d have to build the whole system or host setup or switch your hoses mid-wash in order to actually be able to use and utilize the system in the best way possible. The built-in bypass is a huge win on this one.

The other thing is the tank itself comes pre-loaded with resin and virgin resin is very important because a lot of deodorizers on the market will come with regenerated, or reprocessed resins. If you’re buying a reprocessed resin or regenerated resin, you’re only going to get about 70% of that resin’s capacity to absorb the minerals that are in the water, to give you that PPM near zero, the parts per million, we want to get anything below 50. That is going to be a spot-free rinse and this tank will take it completely to zero.

As you use the tank as the water here on this house, it is testing out at 161 parts per million. Therefore, I’m going to get about 700 gallons of DI water out of this. If I’m living there I saw some guy in Oklahoma whose water is absolutely horrible. He’s somewhere in the 400 range, you’re gonna get significantly less. I don’t have a chart in front of me but it’s going to be lower and in the hundreds of gallons in terms of the ability for this resin to process all those minerals and everything that’s not h2o out of that water. We will always use the best water when detailing your car. In order to get the best information, head to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and dial 918-999-0355 for any questions or concerns now.