That was polished on the car that we will use for Tulsa car detailing. It is super humbling and super awesome to work on so many cars. These three bottles, towels, applicators, and a custom bag are some things we have in the shop for sale. What one of the pre-saturated interior wipes might do for your vehicle. I used one towel on the exterior. I’m going to use a different towel because there are two of these utility towels that come with this kit. The interior detailer. There we go. I’m excited. I’m going to go ahead and do a thorough wipe down on this interior with the second tower. Two towels, one of the utility towels, You’re going to use as an exterior towel, it’s gonna get nasty and grungy and cruddy and this interior towel won’t get nearly as nasty. Well, it shouldn’t get nearly as nasty depending on how you live. We have all the before and after photos on the website and I love that.

You don’t need to spray it on the car with Tulsa car detailing. It is almost perfect. I’m only doing it on the second, a little dirty, these are a little bit more loving, I’m given a little bit extra amount of chemical to go ahead and get that cleaning process done. Then sometimes, that no shine. Then the seats and pull the seats apart to take the little sand out of those cracks. When we are done with your car at Oklahomies Car Detailing, it’s gonna look fantastic. Basically, somebody has wiped it down with a little like, maybe like one of those store-bought wipes. I’m going to spray into my towel a whole bunch that I want to spray the dashboard with because it makes such a messy cleaning. If I can get a more consistent lesson on either side, versus streaking it will be better. That’s how to get, you know, it’s kind of like the Armor All gone wrong thing. When you use that is what happens.

I don’t want to spray it on the dashboard in Tulsa car detailing because it’s just such a pain to get it out of the mixing phase when you spread it out. You go ahead, take a really well-saturated towel, wipe that down, and get out of the nastiness off of there, and then I’m gonna go ahead and hit downstream. You want to get all the fingerprints off. Okay, we get all this. That’s our interior, and then the very last part of the interior is the floor. These are super nasty from scratches. The worst part right we’re going to go straight across is that there is a definite need sometimes for full-on cleaner. It will need a full-on heavy-duty scrub. They need that. These are so far, they’ve been utilized really well. After you clean them you can dress them with that vinyl, rubber, and trim dressing.

Yeah, on the light, but getting a finish perfect of course is what we all want black about the swirl marks, that’s the easiest thing to show because the before and after is more remarkable. It sends you to buy products now which is of course, how we all tend to eat and drink these days with customers buying products that we demo. Now before, certainly, before we get into removing swirl marks. Before we get going on a polishing job I want to make sure and get whatever little suckers are stuck to this thing off. That is with the clay bar. I’m using our clay bar to pull the plastic off. Yes, you did awesomely. I’m going to go ahead and forego the geo tool and just use this guy, and go ahead with the details right. just go ahead and gently clay all of the contaminants off of this. There’s a lot on there. You can’t really use the tools you’re doing little tiny areas, definitely easier to go by just hand getting into the nuts, the nooks, and the crannies.

I really liked using the clay mitt, or big red mitt, especially when you’re doing big surfaces on your car like the whole hood. It also works when doing doors. It doesn’t work as well on this because, by the time you move from one, two, this second area that you’re going at basically you’re stopping. The clay bar on motorcycles and things that are small like this is a lot better. Clay first. Give it just a gentle wipe down underneath to make it perfect, but I definitely want to go ahead and attack now. I want to see what I can accomplish first with our swirl killer mini now. I use this tool more than any other polisher. I use this tool the most by a long shot. I love the size of it. I like how it fits in your hands and I really like that you can get in the nooks and crannies, all the little areas that a full-size polisher just can’t get in with the blue foam pad, or the blue and white microfiber cutting pad. We can take all your car’s scratches away when you give us a call now at 918-999-0355 or visit today.

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These pads are going to cut in to solve a lot of these scratches when we do Tulsa car detailing, I know this thing’s way scratched up. I’ve actually already paused on some of these bikes so we know that we’re for sure going to go ahead and hit the microfiber pad to begin so quickly, a little shot of detail spray. Then our compound might be getting a delivery of wool right now for our shed that we’re building. If we do, it’s gonna be really loud and I apologize in advance that much. We will make this car look incredible at Oklahomies Car Detailing for you.

Let’s go ahead and do the best kind of Tulsa car detailing in any vehicle. Today we’re just riding a little motorcycle. Let’s go ahead and just even that, that compound out on that pad so that I don’t have any sling edge swing edge. That is a very highly technical term for messing up other stuff in your garage and messing up your own shirt. Alright, so the big areas. I’m gonna go full bore and we will do all this paint correction now. Yeah, great question. Most people are really concerned about burning edges, especially people that have ever used a rotary buffer or they’ve had their car buffed by like a professional body shop or someone who’s less than professional, and then you use a rotary buffer and you get up on an edge. and, you know right here like this.

We’re looking at prior base code and you take a peek at the primer of course when we do Tulsa car detailing now. Using an oscillating polisher like this, we will be using an orbital. It’s much more difficult to burn something on the car’s paint. I always say you have to be pretty seriously inebriated to go ahead and burn something with a polisher like this. You kind of have to be like falling asleep once you start to fall asleep on the polisher, put way too much weight on it, shove it down into that track too much. You’re gonna have a lot lower chance of burning a finish with an oscillating polisher.

If you’re working on something that has super thin paint like Broncos original paint, you know, thrown on in 1972 then you have to be careful. That thing is painted thin and you can see through lots of places where it was passed through. That’s a different thing. Anything that’s modern with a base coat and a clear coat, it’s a lot harder and it takes way more effort to burn through it. You have to be almost intentional about it. Now the reason that I wanted to start off with the mini polisher is just to say okay, look out, look what I did get. Then we’re going to notice that I didn’t get all the details, so I’m getting down along the bottom of this crease here, getting around this little lock, getting up here close to the seat, getting up in this little corner, getting all around there. Now, this polisher is this small. It was a small polisher obviously compared to a 15-millimeter polisher and a 21 millimeter which would be just pretty totally worthless on a motorcycle, but better on a car.

In lots of cars that have swoopy panels, you need to use a small polisher. There’s this going to be sometimes that the small polisher isn’t small enough, and that’s why we introduced our micro paint polisher tool. The micro uses really a one-inch, or one and a little bit more inch backing plate, and what we can do with this little guy is used either the microfiber cutting pad or just a foam pad. We can go ahead and get pretty neat results, and I really like using the foam with this tool, unless I’m trying to cut some serious sand scratches. The reason I like this little tool for detailing is that it gets into the nooks and crannies. It gets into those creases a lot easier because there’s so much more foam to give. The microfiber pad has a small amount of foam and doesn’t give as much as this huge guy gets a lot when you call 918-999-0355. Then when I go ahead and get into those little creases, some go and show how much compound and go on the car online at now.