At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we can still take care of your car and get it detailed in the winter with our Tulsa car detailing professionals. What are your plans to kind of like shift your business in the winter or still do business in the winter? Because a lot of people say that it’s a slow period or one of the slowest periods in their business. I’m expecting the demand for detail and work to go significantly down and for the clients that I still will have reached out to me the winter, I’ll probably just suck up the cold and do some details with a seminar or something, but I don’t personally have a garage in my house that I can detail in.

For my fellow Tulsa car detailing clients out there who do have a garage, I highly recommend you take full advantage of that pulse and have cars in there that you can clean. You can keep detailing going all winter, but other than the detailing course is going to slow down. So we need to find some other way to make money. What I’m thinking right now is to start some other kinds of business in the automotive field. So I’m thinking of either automotive photography or some type of channel or training program teaching others how to detail as well. We offer lots of other services here at Oklahomies Car Detailing for you to make sure your car looks incredible.

If there’s people watching out there who are sort of on the fence about starting a Tulsa car detailing business, go for it because there’s so many people that want to start side hustles or small businesses. 95% of businesses fail within their first year, that’s because they can’t find clients and it is as simple as that, or they spend too much money. My biggest recommendation, even if you don’t start a detailing business, start some kind of business that your family and friends could use. Your family and friends will always be the easiest market you can reach out to and will always be the first people you can reach out to. If you start some kind of obscure business that your family friends have no need for, it’ll be really, really hard to start getting your first clients, but with something like detailing, most of your friends and family will have a car. So super easy to get those first clients out there and get your business rolling.

We started windows and wheels and service clients all over the Tulsa area. Yeah, honestly, it’s the only thing we’ve ever done. Like we have never had a nine to five. We’ve never worked for anybody else. We started out just doing odd jobs for any, anything, landscaping, sealing, flat roofs, washing house windows. That’s how we got the main windows on wheels. We would do mobile detailing and wash their house windows at the same time. And eventually the detailing portion of it just, it just grabbed us. Like we enjoyed it the most out of everything we were doing. It was the most fun. It was the one that we became most passionate about. So for several years we were undercharging and doing mobile detailing and, and just kind of built up the clientele and did it as a hobby.

Eventually that kind of led to us purchasing our first polisher, getting into paint correction, and eventually surrounding that with ceramic coatings. We sort of worked from home a little bit more. And then the town of Tulsa came and said, you can’t do this type of work out of your garage anymore. Which made no sense because it was like everything in there, in their closet that as long as your, your garage door is closed and you’re you’re okay, but they wouldn’t let us do it, but it ended up being like a huge blessing in disguise. It forced us to get outside of our comfort zone to go and get that commercial building. Luckily we were smart enough during the years that we had kind of done the mobile detailing stuff that we did save some money. Therefore if you are finally ready to have our team answer any questions about auto detailing, call 918-999-0355. You can schedule an appointment online now by visiting today.

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Oklahomies Car Detailing was able to go in and kind of build out the shop that we wanted for Tulsa car detailing. That really has catapulted us. So now we’re a team of five right now. We’re going to be six later on this month, brought on paint protection film, brought on window tinting. If they just kind of took us, we’re on a different level than I thought we would be. And now I’m looking at it like, no, we could be so much better. So it’s been a fun trip though. It’s been a really fun trip and I enjoy cleaning people‚Äôs cars.

We didn’t have our own car until we were well past the 16 year age point. So people are actually paying us to get to work on their cars and offer them Tulsa car detailing. That was about a photo of people as we got, other than riding around with her mom at the time. So a lot of stuff being that we didn’t have a lot of money, we had to learn how to do it ourselves. Our godfather played a really big role in that, to where he was always like a big DIY person. Like, it didn’t matter if it was detailing a vehicle, applying paint protection film, compounding or polishing paint, or whatever. It was like he was always getting his hands and then getting dirty and learning something. And I, I really believe we kind of picked up a lot of that.

Tulsa car detailing started out doing just people’s windows and washing cars, and then you guys ventured off to do detailing. This was the first car that she had had that actually had good paint on it that we could actually wax because the other one was just oxidized. We got a new power washer for the family and we just wanted to make it look good. Some of her clients started noticing, Hey, your car always looks really nice. They were old retired people. Like, what do you think your kids would mind coming to do mine? And we’re like, hell yeah, we get to, you know, work on another car. We were charging money for a wash wax and like thorough, full interior detail as we did know how to do at the time.

We didn’t know what we were doing. We were just having fun with it. But then I started getting onto the forums and researching more and finding out about paint correction and finding out about, you know, different techniques and different approaches to detailing. That was kind of like the bunny hole that we ended up taking down. They were able to build out basically a game plan, a strategy of how to, how to really exploit that and then really grow that. In our case we kind of went the other route to do lower volume, but crazy paint corrections and stuff like that. It did take us several years to figure out what we should be pricing for this kind of stuff when it comes to auto detailing in Tulsa.

It was a learning curve. It’s definitely a learning curve. We didn’t have the internet and stuff like that back then to be able to learn from stuff we had to just read and read and read and read. You know, we, we had to pay our dues and, and a lot of them, we took longer than we, we should’ve taken through to pay them. That’s super enjoyable to kind of be at this point to where, Hey, we can, we can teach somebody a trade. We can teach somebody. The things that we kind of cultivated over the years, and now we’re able to sort of elevate our position in the business to where I have a polished, a car and a couple of years for the most part, same thing with my sister, maybe a little touch up here and there, but I ended up going on to learn paint protection film and you can call 918-999-0355 for an installation. We offer so many services that you can find at now.