This is the greatest drying towel that I’ve ever seen for Tulsa car detailing. I’ve used all drying towels all competitive drying towels, and ultra-plush drying is my favorite by a mile. It’s got two sides kind of plastic or glass. We use a drying aid that’s always the best because it makes it easier. It also makes the water spotless so if you’re on a hot day, you take a little detailed spray and you go, foam silica water flies off the utility towel. This towel dries perfectly, and it does not leave you to need to come back and wipe down again like remember the synthetic shammies or any other kind of towel.

Definitely don’t dry your towel and scratch up your car for Tulsa car detailing. However, we know that but look at that, look at how perfect that dries and then it keeps going. It keeps going and going, going, so I’m going to drive this in the wintertime. I want to have these hills. In the wintertime, it’s cool. On a hot day like today. Well, one of them is sufficiently advanced drying so fast anyway. Bottom line, this towel soaks up so many times this way is crazy. This is what I use for drying the vehicle and making sure that it is scratch-free.

Now for one ultra-plush towel in regards to Tulsa car detailing. You’d have to buy, you know, three regular drying towels. You know that it because it absorbs so much water and if you just buy a regular dry towel. Just how it definitely makes it’s, it’s worth the money. The ultra-plush is similar to the glass tower as a finishing side, and also has the higher pile side, and really these fibers in here are what’s absorbing all the water and this is what’s finishing the glass in the paint to make it look. They happen to work great on cars, so if you’re using the waterless wash. This is the towel, by this waffle finish, this waffle face reduces the surface area of the towel.

It’s made specifically pretty much for a water swatch. By reducing the surface area, just makes the towel glide over the finish. I clean my cars and I drive them, very little and that’s where the dirt goes up into there so that when you’re rubbing your finish, and you’re cleaning the crud off your car that dirt has somewhere to go into the waffle weave towel. The graphene coating or ceramic coating is the protection that you would use on your car that already looks good or maybe hasn’t been polished yet. You don’t want them like really high longevity of protection that you know that like graphene ceramic coating puts on your car. These products kind of cover in regards to longevity.

We had this borderless gray towel which was the same color as the product. It was like color combo code coordinated. People knew that you needed the two borderless great towels. He reported so I would say yeah, for h2o specifically any plus towel. I want to show you guys so I’ve watched it already I use regular car shampoo. I’m not worried that the soap is driving the car. We did a live video with Adam on that he watched two cars at the same time. He talks about the benefits of our soap having the ability to fully dry on the car. It’s pH neutral, so it eliminates water spots altogether. Once you mix it with your water and your bucket and use your pressure washer, like out of your Foam Cannon. This is safe. If we put it just straight water on here, he would not be safe, you get water spots everywhere. The reason why I left this with the soap on is that I knew I have time to gather things on and get ready to call 918-999-0355.

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A portable water filtration system is the best tool for Tulsa car detailing and we use the highest quality water at Oklahomies Car Detailing. This is just hooked up right over here to the spec and trying to reconnect to the water source. When they hook this up, and they turn this on, it went to zero parts per million. What that is in eliminating the minerals in your water on your car. Think of this is as your like if you go to a pain spread, but right now I have this on because I have a bunch of hurts in the car and you can actually turn these off. This will bypass it to come through here and then we’ll just be straight. Now I know I noticed filtered water but that’s a cool new product that we just launched.

How does how long does the water filtration system last for Tulsa car detailing? It depends on the parts per million in your water. The higher parts per million say it’s at 150 or 200 you probably need to refill the resin in the tank probably every six months. I’d say whereas like this guy’s house is at 65 he could probably get away with refilling the tank every year. It also depends on how often you’re using your water and so that system actually comes with the parts so I would just say like every month just check it to see you know like turn the filtration system on. Put some of the water and test it and then you’ll know you can monitor it throughout the lifespan. Check this out as soon as the soap reactivates and it will just come flying off the call so we get that soap sitting on top of the water bead.

This is a product that you spray on the car for Tulsa car detailing then you wait 15 to 30 seconds. After, you rinse the car off ideally with a pressure washer. You can use stream on just like a regular hose. This is a really cool product and you can add protection without a ton of effort. Sure, what degree tip are you using? This is a forty-degree tip, so check this out. What soap did you use on here, just regular blue standard car shampoo, I guess. I called car soap.

All you need to do is just spray the car like this while it’s still wet. In the shade, you know, if you’re doing it on an overcast day, it just tends to work better and not in direct sunlight. You know, there’s a lot of products like this out on the market and they say like you cannot be in direct sunlight. When you’re in direct sunlight, it just means you need to work faster. Once your car has soap on it, and you’re rinsing it, all you really have to do is just go around 30 seconds. Slicking slide after wash and wax. You’re just trying to make that slick surface so you get the hydrophobic properties.

You know, when we talk about hydrophobic properties really hydrophobicity spans across all protection. If you put wax on the car and you put water on it, it will be hydrophobic, as is the same with sealant and the same with ceramic coatings. It’s just how long those protection agents stay on the car’s paint. Wax isn’t going to last very long. Sealants will last a little bit longer. Ceramic coatings last the longest. If it’s a spray coating, then about a year and a half. If it’s like the straight graphene ceramic coating, then for many years. You want hydrate to hide the hydrophobic properties of your car. That’s what helps with the that’s what gives it the self-cleaning properties. That gives it the beading you see on and makes cleaning and washing your car a lot easier when calling 918-999-0355 to do.