You can see they’re kind of labeling bottling of the Tulsa car detailing so they’re doing everything here to book an appointment or contact us now. Pretty much by hand for the most part, and it looks like they’re also like right now it looks like they have a pump running and she’s pumping to clean the cars with car shampoo gallons. They have really great systems on to catch it and then, you know like not recycle it but make sure that we capture as much of the product as possible. When you get into like leaks and spillage and things that are literally like you can just see the dirty water running down the drain.

They have really great systems to make sure that they fill as much as they can you want as much out of the tote for Tulsa car detailing. You can and like, so I’ll actually I’ll talk to you guys about over here but if the totes run. Well, honestly that we get them at a different cost but I couldn’t even tell you like it’s a lot of money, I’ll just tell you that right here, this is kind of we have bottle suppliers for the detailing products. Here are your five-gallon jugs here. Then they have kind of like stack everywhere is just like 16-ounce bottles. Those ones specifically like right here are the ones that all-purpose cleaner, bug and or tar removers, wheel and tire cleaner to clean all parts of a car. See photos of our work online.

Then the problem is when you start making more auto Tulsa car detailing, typically the expenses rise up with that. That extra revenue that you have coming in, keep that creative mind going as you continue to grow and you will clean the cars better. So that way you’re not just using money to supplement your creativity. You’re going to use that money to live a better lifestyle yourself to grow your detailing business, not to buy you flushed it like so many of us to like you, you don’t need to have 62 polishers if they’re just a two-person team.

Like the car is, is the vehicle no pun intended, but the vehicle to the customer, what we’re doing is we’re delivering like an emotional experience for a customer when they have that smile or when they’re like like my stuff looks good when they have that emotional connection to it. Now you’re gaining trust. Now they’re liking you and they’re trusting you and they purchase from you and they’re going to refer people to you. And they’re going to repeat business with you and make sure you keep in touch with those really good customers.

We want to build trust with my customers at Oklahomies Car Detailing. That is the biggest, most ultimate thing you can do is build trust. If you can build trust, they will justify spending more with you because they feel comfortable with it. They’ll justify coming back to you and referring you for talking about you because they feel comfortable so check out the website at with you by calling us at 918-999-0355.

Tulsa Car Detailing | You Will Enjoy The New Look And Smell Of Your Vehicle

Well, the reason he claimed he canceled the Tulsa car detailing appointment was that we increased the price on him. From what we agreed upon. Well, the beautiful part about the software is like, it will timestamp everything that’s in there. I’ll give a shot to the software called a shot monkey. As soon as you send out an invoice, if they read it through email, it will tell you if they read it, they have to approve any of the services on there. If anything has changed, as far as pricing, it will leave. Like you can’t go in and edit it. It will leave a notification that there saying this price was changed by so-and-so at this date.

We had documentation up to show, that’s like, this is everything that you approved for Tulsa car detailing. The window tinting and detailing was on yourself and you decided to not go with it. So I would say, I wouldn’t say that’s the most out the box one, but I would say it’s probably the most, the most recent one that we’ve had where I’m like, are you kidding, man? I’m just going to make your car look good. There’s only an air bubble on the whole installation of car detailing or window tinting. I just want a pinhead-sized air bubble on the inside of the door jam. And she’s like, yeah, there’s this right here. And her keys are just banging out of the paint while she’s pointing at it. Then four months later, five months later, six months later, she contacts us back. Hey, I’m sorry about how am I acting back then I have another car.

Two bucket wash methods are overrated for Tulsa car detailing. If you’re taking care of a swirled-up of a car, like, what are you really going to do? But good to do. If you’re taking care of a car, you just spend a lot of hours correcting and coating a turtle, wax colonel wax. That’s my starting days, man. I can’t overrate that at all. That’s awesome stuff. It’s I haven’t used it in so long. I can even write it anywhere to be honest, but it did give us our start. So I’ll give it that nice. Foam cannons are awesome. I use them every day. I use them every day. I mean maybe cause I’m in a really dusty area, so it’s super dusty out here. So it does do a lot to be able to break things down, but just don’t get carried.

What do you think about chemical guys’ products when it comes to auto detailing? Maybe you might get a couple of customers that you took from me because your price is better, but you’re not going to get them in about three years from now because you’re going to be out of business and I’m going to still be around. So, and then you’re probably going to end up with a pain in the customer as well, just because they’re only looking for the cheapest. So yeah, there’s a, like I would really focus on like first think about what is your strategy? What do you want to get from customers? What are you trying to build? And then from that, look at all the avenues you can go about getting them into that. You hear people talk about sales funnels, but it’s like, how do you get them all to come up to bat cloud? And also don’t be afraid to say no, like there are plenty of not-good customers out there.

Our company, which is Oklahomies Car Detailing really cares about making your car look clean. We do all the polishing and paint correcting with many da polishers. You can have us offer paint correcting services and much more when you call us at 918-999-0355 or see the before and after photo at any time you are interested in our detailing services.