The detail portion of it was Tulsa car detailing, honestly, it was easy compared to that other stuff. It’s so much easier. Tangible skills are easy to learn. It’s the instrumentation of business systems before starting the detailing business. I worked in the service industry. It’s all service-based, you know, but you know, learning from other detailers and kind of seeing how they’re very, very good and they’re professional in the detailing aspect, but not, they don’t know how to do the business. The systems and processes are what really hold a lot of people back. It, it really is. You really hit the nail on the head with that. And like the question you asked, if there was something that I wish I could tell the younger, younger me, it would be to start researching that stuff. And like today it’s so much easier than it was 10 years ago with YouTube and tutorials.

If anything, like the only, I guess, the counterproductive part would be shifting through all the, but also out there and figuring out what the good advice is versus the worst, the misinformation about how to do a great job doing the Tulsa car detailing out there. But either way, like you, just gotta get out and you’ve got to study it, and then you’ve got to put it into place. Like you can read a million books, but if you’re not trying it and making failures and figuring out what you failed and why you failed and fixing it, it doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest, most book-smart person in the world, if you’re not actually putting into place. And it doesn’t really matter. No. Yeah. Well, that’s, that’s, that’s incredible, dude. Now I’m going back and trying to help someone that is just trying to get their detailing business off the ground. If I only had 300 bucks to start, what would you do?

I would focus on express-type Tulsa car detailing services. First of all, I’m not going to go drop my $300 on one polisher. Go get yourself the most basic setup you can. So that would be probably like a waterless or, or a rental squash type of set up some sort of a regular type of spray wax or, or, or like, don’t think about coding, think about express type stuff shot back then your set of tiles and myths if you need it. And just in general cleaners, like focus on, on those, those startup-type things and then take advantage of every free thing you possibly can. So your, my Google business, your YouTube account, your Twitter account, your Instagram, your Facebook business, like all the free advertising avenues that we have out there now taken advantage of them and stay on top of them and then document your work.

That’s how we ended up doing it, having and providing great services basically. Because we, didn’t have, you know, cool little phone cameras back then. And we had this little knock-off $49 digital camera that took 80 years to upload onto my slow computer, but I made it work and I would post on auto detailing groups and Meguire’s online. In any of these other detailing types of more car forums in general. Eventually people were like, dang, they do pretty good work. Would you mind coming doing mine? I’ll tell my friends about you. And it was all free advertising at that point and referral work. So, so yeah, 300 bucks spend that on your basic start-ups to where you can, you can deliver, you know, whatever type of basic express service you can.

In three cars, you should have made that money back. That is why at Oklahomies Car Detailing, everybody truly loves what we have to offer them. You can give us a call at 918-999-0355 to book your appointment today or also head on to our website to get your first detailing for as low as $99 now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Our Options Of Cleaning Cars Are Endless

We’re hanging out here at Oklahomies Car Detaling for the Tulsa car detailing. We have all the detailing equipment here to give you a great auto detailing experience. First, we will do the panels and work on the polishes in Tulsa, and we’re excited because today we’re going to give you guys a tour of bottling and how all that works. At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we offer all the best services for car detailing and more.  I know he did kind of a warehouse too are connected to a live video before, but this time we’re just going to focus on bottling and kind of how essentially everything gets to this point where it’s, you know perfectly labeled perfectly bottles, and either here at our retail shop in the Tulsa Metro area.

It’s like an envelope system and you have to treat all your Tulsa car detailing customers with great respect. then there’s cars and coffee at Oklahomies Car Detailing. So we’re kind of like all over the nation right now, and we love Tulsa, Oklahoma. Make sure you guys check out those car events. We also want to thank everybody, locally that came to our atoms after dark event. Sounds like we almost got shut down by the police so kudos to you guys for showing up and in the masses, it was really a really fun event. You take a certain percentage of your money and you put it to the side towards running your auto detailing business.

One of it is to pay yourself after offering the people and your customers the Tulsa car detailing. Some of it is to cover taxes. And then some of it is to go into that mystical area that most of us never actually hit as small business owners. And that’s actually, I have a real tangible in your bank account, profit, not, not on paper, not on your profit and loss for the auto detailing business. Like no that money’s there. And, and you, and you get used to running your business. Like you’re going to be so, so efficient when you first start out, you’re going to think of things and it’s such a creative way when you first start out.

I was unable to make it but everyone that I talked to you that was here. We’re just thrilled with it so thank you for everybody that showed up for that. You know, I think we’re getting more into doing these events and, you know, sort of like car meets a little bit but keeping is central to kind of where I was polishes is so for everyone that’s involved with that, thank you guys. Make sure you guys turn on post notifications here on Facebook so you guys know when we’re going live for the car detailing services and auto detailing as a whole.

When we post when we’re launching sales. And on that note today we just launched a sale so you can buy a 16 ounce of detailing spray and get your car detailed at a discounted rate. You get your second bottle the calling of the phone at 918-999-0355 by dialing it. You can get a free ounce of equal or lesser value for free so make sure you guys go on the site on and check that out for the detailing of your clean car.