It doesn’t get hot in Tulsa, but it gets hot enough in the cars and that is why we provide the people with Tulsa car detailing. There were melted fruit snacks in the car that we cleaned. I’m pretty sure there was probably vomit at some point. I mean, it was one of those cars that I opened the door and I was like, I’m going to have to odor bomb it, clean it, odor bomb it again. And again, clean it again. And then the odor bomb. Again, just like a car on fire. I literally walked outside. I picked up the thing and I was like, this was before we had to wear masks. I was like, I need to go get a mask. I cannot inhale what is in this car. It was, it was bad. It’s so crazy to see people’s cars and how they take care of them. You know, you spend so much money on a car, and then you’re like we’ll just throw it to the side and let it get trashed.

I wonder like some of these people’s cars they’re so bad and that’s their Tulsa car detailing. Like, I wonder what their house looks like. You know, it is crazy. They say that. I looked it up one day, cause I saw the detailing, and they say that your house is normally five to 10 times worse than what your car looks like. I mean, I don’t know that that’s necessarily true. We clean our car every week, every day something’s being cleaned and you know, their cars are no and they’re normal, you know, dirty, but again, their leases, they keep them for three years. It’s when you see these people who have had cars for 15 years, and they’ve never been cleaned since they pull the cars off the lot that you really start to be like, wow.

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we wanted to start Tulsa car detailing for the people of Tulsa. What would you do to get that thing off the ground? My big thing would be to find the right products for everything. When I was starting, I was using, you know, we’ll go out or chemical guys into your cleaner. I think dawn dish soap does a better job than that. I was using butter wax. I’m pretty sure I can go pick up a can of turtle wax and spray it on for better protection.

My big thing is, you know, I bought, I started buying the Meguiar’s all-purpose cleaner. I know that’s a touchy subject in the detailing world, whether you use all-purpose cleaners on interiors or not, I’ve never had an issue. I keep doing what I’m doing. You know, it’s $35 for two gallons and two spray bottles all day. I take it all day long. Another big thing, what I would probably, although it would be an investment, a temporary investment, I probably would’ve got a Bissell spot extractor to clean the car seats and carpets.

When I first started, I had a lot of people who were asking if you do shampooing or if you do extract? For the longest time I didn’t, I have an extractor. Do a little bit more research on what companies are using, what companies do not use. Not saying that, you know, there’s chemical guys, stuff that I use on a daily basis. They’re I mean, they’re carpet cleaners. I love them. They’re phenomenal. I use them all the time. I use their JBM sprints to send spray in my personal car. I use their coffee spray in them as well. I use their new car scent and all of my details. For the longest time, I was using the chemicals to clean cars and whatever their shining product is for the interiors online at now. Also, give us a call at 918-999-0355 for the next car detailing appointment.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Keep You Ride That You Love Cleaner Than Before

I was using that for months on my personal car, as well as my Tulsa car detailing client’s cars. I enjoyed the way it looked, it left a good matte finish. Obviously, I’ve upgraded since then, you know, I’m using the car pro Pearl and all-purpose cleaners. We have a two and a half car garage and the half that there is it’s just a stack of supplies and detailing products because I get something in like everything’s different. Like I have so many little tools that somebody contacted me and was like, Hey, this is what I need to be done on my car now.

I can buy the Tulsa car detailing tool for twenty-five dollars, upcharge it for 75 bucks and they’re still going to bring it to me. So I did, I would buy proprietary tools and, you know, tell them, Hey, I’m open in two weeks. This is how it’s going to work. And I’ve never had anybody not say, you know, that’s okay. You know, I can handle that or whatever. Nice man. So what would you say are your top five detailing products that every retailer should have, obviously that, that Meguiar’s all-purpose cleaner is one of them the all-purpose cleaner.

The Meguiar’s all-purpose cleaning chemicals are my number one product for all kids of Tulsa car detailing. I use that on everything. I mean, I’ve used it on carpets and everything else in the car, including tires. I don’t use it on some tires anymore because they are brown. Although, on my car pro pearl, I love that stuff. It can be diluted for interiors, exteriors, or anything you need it to be.

I do some ceramic coatings. So I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy Adam’s Graphene coating again, and that can sometimes be a touchy subject. I’ve had it on my car since I started never had an issue with it. It still looks brand new. My fourth would probably actually be it’s the set, but the CGS leather cleaning and conditioner. I have full leather in my car. I mean, my steering wheel is leather. Everything’s leather. I mean, when I got the car, it looks so dried out, and trashing destroyed it. Now it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. It does an awesome job.

And then my fifth one would probably be, is the products that I use a lot of is snow foam from chemical guys. It is called Mr. Pink. I use both of those. I buy them in, you know, the five-gallon buckets. I’ve gone through almost 40 of them. I always like to use more products than I have to. For my foam cannon, for instance, when I use that foam cannon, I want that car to be white. I make the joke all the time. I can change any car white. It’s just how I do it. I can change any kind of white by using an extra, you know, three to four ounces or so of snow foam. Does it cost me a little bit more? Yeah, but you know, when I take a marketing video or a marketing picture that you can see online at, it looks really good when they see that. And I don’t know what it is with the foam cannons but you see them in action at
today. Everybody who is not a detailer is fascinated by them and you can call Oklahomies Car Detailing at 918-999-0355. I mean, it just looks so good.