I have to say that if you are wanting great Tulsa car detailing services, you have to contact us now at Oklahomies Car Detailing. If i had to ask you a question, what do you, what do you think, would you say is like the one thing that holds people back from growing their detailing business? Because obviously it sounds like you’ve had a ton of success from just starting out, would be what 18 months ago, right up until now. And I mean, having to deal with that whole, I guess you were kind of in it for a bid that whole crazy situation, um, how, how did you adapt to that and how did you overcome those challenges to get auto detailing appointments still?

It kinda, it kind of spiked for me when the stuff happened because people were home and they wanted to get things done such as Tulsa car detailing and more. So I just adapted by advertising wearing masks, wearing gloves and steam cleaning. I really advertise that. That was one of the big purchases I made after I started, was a steam cleaner. I advertised sanitation. What would you say, if you could kind of tell us, go back in time a little bit, what is your like detailing horror story? Just something crazy, outrageous and out of the ordinary that has happened while detailing.

Yeah, so maybe two or three months after I had started doing Tulsa car detailing, and this was right before winter, so it was still pretty cold, I got this client who had a Toyota Solara soft top convertible. They had kept it outside over winter, wearing a cover over it. It had managed to build up quite a lot of mold. I took the job without any pictures and thought it was going to be an easy job., I was just gonna, you know, steam it real good, use all purpose cleaner, and dry it up. Thinking that was all and we’re going to be good to go. When I get there, it’s all over the panels, all over the ladder, all over the floors. I’d already given her a price and therefore could not change it for her.

I didn’t know the price range at the time. So it was a hundred dollars. I spent maybe six or seven hours there just because I could not leave with the job, looking like that. And you know, back then I didn’t have the confidence to be like, I deserve more than this for our auto detailing services. This is ridiculous. So I spent, I worked for probably $10 an hour and to remove a ton of mold. I told her it’s going to come back. I’m sure if you keep leaving it where it is, you know, change anything with the seal or anything. I would never take it again for any amount of money because the panels would need to be removed.

If you are finally looking for a great company to clean up that dirty car for you, then head on to our website today which is https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/. We will get you taken care of here at Oklahomies Car Detailing and make your car look better than ever. All you need to do to get started and book and appointment is give us a call or text us at 918-999-0355 as soon as you can so that you can get your appointment with us now.

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What would you say are your like the top or best marketing strategies, especially when starting out on the Tulsa car detailing journey. You know, you have little startup capital,kind of more on the low end free type of marketing that people could do. So even to this day I spend $75 a year on advertising and that is on a singular Facebook group. That’s here in the best city where Oklahomies Car Detailing offers its services to the people of Tulsa. But before I did that, I was just in a bunch of different Facebook groups and that’s completely free. If you advertise your personality rather than the fact that you’re selling an auto detailing service, people will read into it more and give it a better chance. So my number one would for sure, be Facebook groups and number two, then advertising that doesn’t really seem like advertising is doing extras for customers. And you can do that when you’re starting out. When you’re starting out, you can’t just be like, I’m not going to do this because I have other detailing jobs to get to.

If you’re starting out and doing Tulsa car detailing for Oklahomies Car Detailing, then you probably don’t have a ton of jobs to get too obsessed with. Throwing in free things and leaving a business card with a client is a big deal and you know, being personable with them. So the client service is the number two advertising event. How you treat your clients is going to get any more because that’s all word of mouth. And that’s the biggest thing in service jobs, especially auto detailing. Love it, man. Hey, well, real quick before I let you go, we’re going to play a quick little game called the underrated or overrated. So basically I’ll say the name of an item and you give us your opinion on whether it’s underrated or overrated and why.

Let me see if this music isn’t in play. Oh yeah I’m going to start to plays jeopardy music. Number one for you brother. Number one for you is an ONR. The waterless or rinseless wash method may be slightly overrated. Right? What about, the two bucket wash method? DIY water is underrated. For sure. Turtle wax, I use it. Oh yeah. Well what are your, what are your favorite? A turtle wax product that you use on a daily basis? I love and shine for a quick add on sealant of Tulsa car detailing for people seeing that shiny last three or four months. And it’s so easy to apply. Awesome. What about, uh, foam cannons? Overrated

Harbor freight da polishers. So underrated because I’m using one right now and I love it. I use it on most of my paint correction jobs to get the customer’s paint looking fresh and shiny. It will create that perfect sheen and shine on a car’s paint after the detailing wash process. Oh yeah. A bead maker. The product bead maker. Oh, by like PNS or something? Yeah. Overrated.
What about this? Could this get a, it’s gonna offend some people. So if you hang up, we’ll know what’s offensive. What about chemical guys products? It’s overrated to the general public.
All right. What about the last one? What about ceramic coatings? Underrated for sure. At least to the general public.

Oh yeah, sweet. Well, dude, usually we play this epic sound clip. I don’t know if it’s in play right now, Chris, I appreciate your time brother. Thank you for making the life choice to be on the detailing diaries podcast. My man, where can people find you? You can find us online at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ Oh yes. We, anything else you want to let the audience know? Always call us to book your appointment with Oklahomies Car Detailing. We can be reached at 918-999-0355 and just know that we are only one phone call away from cleaning your car.