When you are getting your car detailed, you may see us use a foam cannon for the Tulsa car detailing experience. What about foam cannons? I think they’re neat as hell. I think they’re wicked. Chemical guys products may also be used when detailing. This could be a, this could be a dangerous territory right here. I have yet to use any of the chemical guys’ products. What about Harbor freight? Da polished. Ooh, Harbor freight. I mean, it’s a toss away tool. There’s going to be things that, that are, that are not the best about it, but then, you know, it’s practically thrown away, use it up until it’s done and then buy another. My paint guns are from Harbor freight. So like $35 a piece. It doesn’t matter once they love once it is finally done, throw it away and have another one so you can continue to clean the car.

At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we do it all in order to make sure that you love the Tulsa car detailing experience with us now. We offer you lots of different services. What about ceramic coatings? I love them. I think they’re amazing. Ceramic coatings are awesome, but you’ve got to do the paint correction before and their enhancements beforehand when doing them. If you don’t do that. Ooh, no. What do you think is the most prominent thing that holds people back from either starting their detailing business or scaling and growing their detailing business from just themselves? Well, I don’t want to say what skills lack the experience to where you don’t have the financial freedom necessarily because you’re always doing detailing as well.

You have to weigh and balance your time and we love to show you the best services when it comes to making your car look incredible after tulsa car detailing. Just like I talked about, understand your value. If you are, if you are putting value back into yourself, by learning or by educating yourself, that’s you are improving your value, you’re improving your knowledge base. You’re creating the product that is you as a detailer, as any service that you’re doing, you’re improving yourself. And if you do that, you can ask a higher price for yourself. It’s just that simple. What most people hesitate to do when they see a vision, they say, I want to do, where do they get? They get, they get excited to get excited. They have a lot of steam and they’re ready to do it there. They’re learning. They’re trying to do all this. They’re buying stuff and lots of different polishes and compounds. They’re doing all this. And then they finally get to the moment and they’re like this is overwhelming in the work aspect for detailing cars and doing the work.

Well, they get in their own head, but we take care of you and your car during the auto detailing process. They overthink it. It’s like if you’ve done the research and you’ve bought these products, and if you’ve honestly followed through and you followed some of the people on YouTube, you know, follow some of the great people in, in the detailing group you can honestly be able to start small and learn you. Are you the only thing, holding yourself back? It’s up here. It’s a mind game. You are capable. Everybody is capable to a very vast degree if they only believed it. You know, and also the feeling of not being supported. That’s another thing is if, if you don’t feel like you’re being supported and there’s no net underneath you anymore, you know, that takes an entrepreneurial mindset that takes, that takes somebody who’s willing to risk it all, you know? And that’s not easy for a lot of people. Detailing is an art form and you will love to get your car detailed by Oklahomies Car Detailing now.

You mean there’s, there’s going to be plenty of people that are just not cut out to have a large scale detailing business. They do. They’re just, they’re just not gonna, it’s like no offense to everybody, but if everybody could do it, guess what everybody would be doing it, but they’re not. So, you know, part of that is having that mentality. We are truly professional detailers here at Oklahomies Car Detailing and show you what we can give you during your auto detailing appointment. See our reviews and schedule now by calling 918-999-0355 or on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ and sign up.

Tulsa Car Detailing | We Make Your Vehicle Stand Out From The Crowd

That’s all a bunch of our cars that we do the Tulsa car Detailing on. We got lots of customers that read our reviews and gave us their car to polish and clean up. We got Nova’s. We got, we got it all. So like, you know my job is pretty much like I got my own setup right next door. If I were to take a little stroll, but I put them more than lights on in the showroom. I mean, we got, we just picked up this. Cool. I think it’s a third, 1932 for a hot rod. Truck is pretty, pretty sick. These Broncos are really hot right now, but we’ve got the Ford pickup. I haven’t really been taking the wheel. And then that’s the Bronco with a working out for a while. Just got it back from the paint shop. So you know how those guys are those hackers that don’t know how to wait. I never seen guys at body shops that don’t know how to wet sand and countdown.

That’s why they called me to fix the problems here at Oklahomies car Detailing. We’ve got a grand national, which is, I’ll tell you what it is. I mean, the body lines are amazing. I mean, it’s a real deal with the twin turbo in it, you know, it is truly a really cool car to detail. That’s an old school, Monte Carlo with a 4 54 SS in that thing, man. What a stick that thing’s got to stick in it because you were mandated to that’s him. Right? All white with all kinds of different ways to do the Tulsa car detailing on these cars. It is a great experience and we love to clean the cars and make them look brand new again.

We do all the Tulsa car detailing because I’m in my shop and we love to detail cars here at Oklahomies Car Detailing. On this episode of the detailing diaries podcast, we have the godfather of detailing with us here now. You have the sickest background behind you with all the cars in the garage. We are actually based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and service the Tulsa metro area, It’s a, you know, it’s pretty decent place. Got a lot of customers. I mean, I’ve been at it for 26 years. It’s my thing. I love to do it. You know, I mean there’s nothing I can’t handle.

Oh yeah. We are like the Ray Donovan of detailing here, sweetie. Hey, how’d you get started on it, man? You say you’ve been in it for 20 years. How, how is this a business startup? My family is going to own a car lot next door. For 70 years we’ve been selling cars and detailing cars as well. So since I was like 11 years old, I’ve been at the car lot, you know, washing cars and butchering cars. When I first learned on a Makita buffer, no Milwaukee, that weighed about 9,000 pounds, but you gotta start somewhere. So, what I did was I learned the ropes from a couple of their guys from our mechanic, from our detailer at the time. But for me personally in the last 26 years, things have evolved so much, especially with chemicals and products and buffers and whatnot. I mean, I can sit here for an hour alone and go over products. And what I think is good or what I think is bad.

Oklahomies Car Detaiing has to fix everyone’s mess ups and I’m used to it. So when they want things done, they come to me, which is fine. We do car detailing done right and you will want to call us at 918-999-0355. It’s absolutely great auto detailing because we are the best in the Tulsa area. You can read our reviews online and visit our website to book an appointment at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.