Whenever you are looking for the Tulsa car detailing services, call us today. And then the third one, I just looked at the before and after photos. Right. Post them there. People see it. They’re like, wow, cool. Done deal. Third one. I do his vehicles now. I did his old, um, I think it was a 67 truck or it could have been older, had an open bed in it, but post the pictures of that and that snowballed, I got like 11 customers out of that. Sweet, cool man. So just friends and family,

A way in which you can get people to give you lots of money for your Tulsa car detailing is given in the information here. You can ask and solicit friends and family posting those before and after pictures, social media, and doing the Google business page. Okay. And, um, what would you say are your like three, three to five top products? Every detailer should have. It depends on what the detail is doing. If you’re a car washer type of detailer, have you bucket foam, cannon, bunch of microfiber towels, some quick detailer, um, a good wax or a sealant.

If you’re going more into paint correction, which is what I really liked doing passionate about then use the Tulsa car detailing company such as Oklahomies Car Detailing now. I spent three hours trying to remove one scratch today, a good polisher and being wise about it. You can post online and get yourself a good, reliable used polisher. A good used polisher is better than a new bad polisher. Um, and start figuring out the game, start figuring out the compounds, the Polish, what works best for you. Get yourself some pads, get yourself a couple of the same pads. If you’re going with an orange pad or yellow pad or a heavy polishing pad, get yourself one of them too.

You don’t have to waste time cleaning it. Get yourself to, or the same one for a vehicle. The one side with one, one side with the other. Some people even go to four. Um, I would say pads, a good polisher depending on your area. It’s something like a waterless wash or pressure washer. I do a lot of waterless wash if I’m in the customer’s garage. Cool. If it’s not heavily dirty, cool. Wipe it down. It saves me an hour. Taking equipment out, putting equipment back in.

Do you have any like, uh, brand names you would recommend? I’m sorry. Say it again. So do you have any like, uh, brand name names that you would recommend for products? Yes there are lots of different products that are very good and we will explain them to the people when they are looking for the different car detailing products to use here in the Tulsa area and more. You will always want to work with a professional when you want the best kinds of service that you will need today. You can search online and if you are finally wanting a great detailing company now, then use https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now. Make sure to pick up the phone and call 918-999-0355 today to schedule your appointment now.

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People are going to hate on me right now, but chemical guys are good when you’re starting out because they break down everything to what it’s used for in order to give people great Tulsa car detailing services. So if you’re trying to get used to polishes, right, they have a heavy Polish, light, Polish, medium Polish compounds, same thing. They have four or five different compounds. Start with the lightest, move your way. Yeah, we feed heavier, but they break our variety of products to get used to it. Um, I’ve used Jack’s wax. We have Jack’s wax out here in Tulsa. Their stuff is really good, like they’re metal Polish. It works very well and is cost-effective. Um, griots garage, basically an engine cleaner. So you can use that on your engine bay details.

Then, from griots garage, they sell a big old bottle for all the different services you will offer people for Tulsa car detailing. It’s like 12 bucks. It’s like twice the size of chemical guys, very vital for cleaning your direct Adam’s polishes now. You can use Rupesh. I’d recommend starting out. If you’re starting out in the detailing world, chemical guys is going to start with, to kind of get a feel for the different types of products, because once you start getting into it and you go with the more professional grade items, you’ll learn about diluting your solutions and looking out for kind of what you want to use. Um, I know Rupert has made a pretty good all in one, uh, Polish and sealant.

So kind of go with whatever fits your fancy. If you ask that question on the detailing groups on Facebook, you’re going to get a million different answers and people are going to start arguing, oh, this is better than that. This is better than that. Don’t start now. Don’t think it’s too heavy if I’m recommending it right? Think of it like this. It’s all the same stuff. A Polish as a Polish, a compound is a compound. A waterless wash is a portal of squash. The wax is a wax.

They all have the carnival in it. Um, your sealants, all synthetic polymers, it’s all the same stuff. Use what you like, swim around in the waters and see what works well for you. Please take your time trying to figure out this product is going to get me here. I need to buy this $70 bottle of Polish because it’s going to make me an awesome detailer. It’s not the product that makes you an awesome detail. It’s all up and it is something you can decide, understand? That makes you an awesome detailer.

Boom. Very well said, man. Hey, I got two more questions for you and then I’ll let you get back. Um, so if someone started now, what would be the best marketing strategies to get their name out there? I know we kind of touched on this earlier, but, um, just to clarify again, more time, like maybe the top two to three best marketing strategies you’ve used in order to help grow and refine all the different styles of car detailing you use. You seem like the type of person that loves Oklahomies Car Detailing today. While you are wanting these services now, then you can give us a call today by heading onto the website which is https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or also by calling us at 918-999-0355 now.