Bring your car to us so that the reduced graphene oxide works on it and makes it glossy for Tulsa car detailing there on your ceramic coated vehicle. That feels really nice, with really low surface tension and that feels really good. Let me just switch the sprayer out now with the graphene CS three. I think it’s a little bit easier to use than the graphene detail spray. It’s a little bit less concentrated with reduced graphene oxide. If you fight with streakiness and things like that, the graphene CS three is going to be a lot easier to use when it comes to a spray and wipes product. You can see I mean one swipe and it’s like not streaky at all. Whereas when I did the graphene detail spray, it was a little bit streaky in the beginning.

The graphene detail spray is going to be the best maintenance product for a graphene ceramic coated vehicle for Tulsa car detailing but if you’re not experienced with a spray and wipe, use a different product. You go like this and you spray that much on there and you wipe the towel and it’s streaky, be sure to use a wet towel. Right now my towel is supersaturated with the product. Now every time I wipe this I’m just moving the product around. I’m not actually wiping it in and taking it off. You spray and move and you like on this door. I’m only going to do three sprays. You can see how thin that it goes on and now watch when I wipe. It’s gone instantly.

Oklahomies Car Detailing makes your car look perfect and amazing with the Tulsa car detailing services. Our products will not be streaky or anything at all. Okay, see that? That’s how you want to do a spray and wipe kind of product. So that’s my tip, especially with graphene detail spray. The more you use, the less it’s going to perform. Less is more. Absolutely with all of our products, less is more because they’re highly concentrated. That’s what you get with h2o guard and gloss. I dried this and sealed it all at the same time. Now, dropping details, it’s the tools that you’re utilizing on your car to help get it back to beading water like this. This is what we want on our ceramic coating.

In order to help reinstate that dynamic hydrophobic property into a spray coating on here so you can see I mean, I did the spray coating. There are times when I just use car shampoo and I’m just drying with detail spray and that’s it. That’s a tried and true process that helps eliminate the chance of scratching while you’re washing. You can actually use products that we have here as polishes to restore the black trim and make it look perfect again. That’s what we’re going to do today.

You know what, what is going to require is multiple coats of the black trim restorer to get your faded trim back to that smooth black. It just takes a little bit longer to do but this you know, I have a feeling that once we clean it and we do it, it’s actually going to be it’s actually going to look like and really good so call 918-999-0355 now.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Restoring Imperfect Black Trim

We can restore trim as part of the Tulsa Car Detailing process if that is what your car needs. Trim can get pretty bad, but the thing is that you can almost always restore it. It just takes a couple of layers of it because what happens is it gets really oxidized. Plastic trim is porous so when you’re putting the dye into it, it kind of sucks it in and takes it in. You know, you could put one coat on and it will look pretty good, but it will you know really absorb a lot of that dye that you put the second coat on it will look perfect again. If your trim is really far gone, then probably multiple coats will be best.

When we do black trim restore for Tulsa Car Detailing I will tell you last as long as the protection that you put on top of it your trim will no longer oxidize. If you put black trim restore on and you leave it you don’t put anything on top to protect it then it’s only going to last you a short amount of time. Now if you put black trim restore on and then you add graphene ceramic coating on top of it, then it’s going to last much longer. Your trim your car, your paint, all that stuff is only going to last as long as you how you treat it. If you just do black trim restore with no protection on it will probably last a couple of months. But if you do a black trim restore and you put graphene ceramic coating on it, it’s going to last a lot longer. You can’t put black trim restore on without putting protection on after.

The first thing you want to do for Tulsa Car Detailing is you want to clean the trim and you want to remove as much as the oxidation that you can that’s on there. The product you use for that is going to be tire and rubber cleaner. What I like to do is spray it into an edgeless utility towel and then scrub this and there’s a very specific reason why you use an edgeless utility towel. That is because the edges utility towel is woven microfiber. Since it’s woven, it’s not going to lint everywhere while you’re using it. That is oxidation that’s being removed from the bumper of his car so what I’m going to do is I’ll flip the towel because I don’t want to keep rubbing that in. Then I’ll continue to start cleaning this and ideally, which I’m actually going to try to do right now is you want to scrub this so much to where when you pull it up, there’s not a bunch of black on there.

You know the hardest parts are getting in these nooks and crannies to get those really clean in the best way you can. You have to focus on that because if you end up not getting the oxidation that’s in here, the black trim restore might not adhere as well. Then your trim restoring job won’t be as consistent or effective. I feel like the coverage of your cleaning isn’t as consistent with a brush as then when we use a towel. We tend to recommend using a towel and I think you know, for the most part, the surface area of trim on your car utilizing a towel is easy enough.

The process that I learned from the very beginning because when we had paint sealant it wasn’t quite as popular as our Americana wax. When we detail cars, you know we were putting on the glaze after we’re done polishing and then putting on an Americana wax after that. Now the reason why you want to do glaze before the wax is you know even though you’re polishing and you’re making the finish look completely perfect, you’ll still have a few imperfections here and there. We will make sure your car is free of imperfections at or by dialing 918-999-0355 now.