Well, you’re going to remove most of your deep scratches with our Tulsa mobile auto detailing services today. Then we use this polisher! I like follow up with the blue pad to kind of remove everything else and we’ll go ahead as before by starting off slowly. We will be working in a way more concise way for sure. Joe come here and take a look at what happened when my bro got his hands on some scratch remover from earlier today. All righty then – let me show you how paint correction is done by a professional company here at Oklahomies car detailing today.

I’m going to pretty much apply the polish to make it shiny for Tulsa mobile auto detailing so that I can see myself there in the reflection. Before I get moving again, Joe come back around this side again if you don’t mind. Let’s see how we did this time. Notice the difference now.? Look where I concentrated you guys come up here and take a look at this before after in the fringes or where you know what I didn’t go you’ll see the scratches start to start over here and they get massive. What I wanted to do is this is a test area I want to figure out what it’s going to take to get this vehicle or this panel perfect. I don’t really do the whole vehicle, but I want to do one tiny area to figure out what it takes.

Then, I continue with the whole thing right now for Tulsa Mobile Auto Detailing. I figured out that this thing is pretty good at removing scratches . It is about 90% of a better finish that is smooth and clear of defects. There are still a couple of deep scratches in this little hole right here. It would be wise to go ahead and grab a mini polisher because that’ll go inside those valleys a lot better. Can you get me some three and a half inch pads, microfiber blue, microfiber cutting pad and a blue? I’m doing single stage paint, you’re going to go ahead and skip the microfiber cutting pad all together.

Okay, so I was able to get this to 90% but I had to use a lot more effort. I had to use a lot more pressure because using just a little bit of pressure I wasn’t able to get all the damage out on a single stage paint, I can get damage out way easier. It’s way softer is way easier. Most single stage paint so people are talking about almost always are a bigger color. Okay, so now I know that I’ve gotten the big flat areas 90% The smaller is I did not so I’m going to put this guy down. I’m going to go ahead and grab the mini now the nice real killer is my absolute favorite tool, the mini swirl killer can get into these little valleys so much more effectively.

Come over here and look at the scratches. This whole area is 99% Perfect. However right here in this valley, you’re gonna notice that there’s some deeper scratches. Can you see those? Right there. Right along this value is from deep one. You will be able to remove all the scratches and swirls here at Oklahomies car detailing today. Schedule your plan for paint correction now by us a call at 918-999-0355 are going to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ as soon as you can.

Tulsa Mobile Auto Detailing | Did You Call For Excellence?

Now if you can’t get those with a full size polisher because it just won’t contour into those, you can deafly use a mini polisher for all of your Tulsa mobile auto detailing needs. I’m going to go ahead and pull off the wall while and jump into the same pad that I was just using. I’m going to go wide open to setting six with a mini that is smooth and clear of defects to make the paint as perfect as it can be. You are finally looking for a way to remove any type of scratches are swirling your car paint, then you have come to the right place by bringing your vehicle to us here at Oklahomies car detailing today.

Without a doubt, you will love all of it for Tulsa mobile auto detailing and what it is that we have to provide you here at Oklahomies car detailing. Whenever you are needing paint correction or paint perfection on your car’s clear coat, we are only one phone call away. We make it very easy for you to book an appointment. We need to do is going to her website and fill up a booking form, or you can give us a call or schedule a time to talk to one of our representatives via text message to.

We give you the very best in Tulsa mobile auto detailing and we offer a wide variety of services to choose from. We are very confident in the quality of work that we provide, and you will be too after leaving our shop. Schedule your appointment today, and let us show you what we can do for your car! At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we understand that not everyone is able to bring their car in for a full detailing service. That’s why we offer mobile auto detailing!

With this service, we come to you and provide the same high-quality detailing that you would receive if you brought your car into our shop. We use the same equipment and techniques, so you can be sure your car will look its best when we’re finished! We offer a array of services that you will love whether you need to bring your car to us, or if you would like one of our technicians to come to you. We can come to your home, workplace, or anywhere else that you are going to be needing detailing.

Our technicians are very experienced and can handle any type of detailing service that you may need. We use only the best products and equipment, so you can be sure your car will look its best when we’re finished. If you’re looking for quality mobile auto detailing, look no further than Oklahomies Car Detailing! We offer anything that you need to make your car it’s very best all the time. As mentioned, you can book your appointment very easily by heading on to https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ or picking up the phone and give us a call or shouldn’t text message at 918-999-0355 to get started now.