Paint Correction/Enhancement

Oklahomies Car Detailing not only offers you a way to clean every single crack and crevice of your vehicle, but we also offer paint correction Tulsa. You will be glad to know that we also offer paint correction in order to level out the clear coat and remove any light scratches and swirl marks that are imbedded in the clear coat of your car’s paint. If you are needing to make your car look absolutely perfect, then be sure to talk to our paint correction experts. They will make your car look like it did the day you bought it – shiny, new, and beautiful!

Oklahomies Car Detailing offers different levels of paint correction Tulsa that suits every person’s needs. The first level includes smooth out deeply embedded swirls, fine scratches, and some oxidation. This service is ideal for cars that are only one or two years old. It also includes polishing away any noticeable small scratches. If you are needing more intense level of correction and enhancement, we have that for you as well.

The next level of paint correction would be to make your car look as if no damage at all has occurred to your car’s paint job. You can say goodbye to those pesky light scratches and definitely even the deeper ones as well. We will even be able to take oxidated car paint and do our magic, making it look as making oxidation a thing of the past and give your car that fresh new look once again.

If your car is in need of paint correction, it means that you have noticed some sort of damage has been done to your paint job or additional protection was not put on top of the original factory coating. This would mean that your car’s paint will no longer be shiny and smooth looking because air pollutants and acid rain has started to eat away at the clear coat layers of your vehicle. Some common signs of damage include: oxidation, hard water spotting, sun damage, damage and stains from bird droppings, peeling of the clear coat, paint chipping, paint oxidation, UV damage, premature oxidation, or swirls from automatic car washes or improper car washing techniques.

Tulsa Car Detailing Level 2 Paint Correction Oklahomies
Tulsa Car Detailing Level 1 Paint Correction

This is a very popular process for people who want their new and old cars back to looking like new again. There are many benefits associated with getting automotive detailing and one of them includes having your car looking as good as new without having all the excess wax build up on your car’s exterior. A professional detailer can and will know how to properly treat the issues at hand, and this is where Oklahomies Car Detailing comes in. We use a variety of different Rupes polishers, as well as different levels of compounding and polishing to insure a fantastic result. A car that has undergone the process of paint correction by our staff looks better than when you first bought it.

The process begins when we begin with a set of standards when approaching each vehicle. We will want to assess the cars current surface level in order to choose the best combination of products and techniques to use during your session. Once this is done, we then take small sections at a time and do compounding on these areas, or if there are extremely deep scratches, or perhaps heavy oxidation on your car, we will need to remove all these spots in one shot before moving forward with polishing your car’s exterior.

Every case is different and it all depends on your car’s paint condition. We will be able to offer you the best and highest quality result possible at the most affordable price. When it comes to paint correction, there is no such thing as a challenge, only results. As you can see from the before and after pictures on our website at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/, extreme paint correction has been done on this car in order to remove the scratches that were left over from years of abuse. Without paint correction these seemingly minor scratches would have grown into larger, more visible problems with your car’s exterior surface every day. We do not want that to happen, and that is why you should give us a call at 918-999-0355 today in order to take care of your car in the best manner possible.

With proper care and polishing done before any new damages are caused your vehicle will continue to look great for many years to come! Paint enhancement is the last step in the detailing process. It will make your car look even better than when it was first bought off the lot by removing swirl marks, light scratches ,and general dullness. We offer different kinds of levels of paint correction and will ensure you are ecstatic with the results that we produce by overdelivering on our services.

Paint enhancement was originally created to take care of very light scratches and swirl marks, but later on people started removing light scratches as well. Since the process is so effective it has become more popular than ever today.

There are several benefits you will receive by getting paint correction done to your car including protection from further damage, an even nicer look than when you first bought it, and guaranteed satisfaction. By getting this step in the auto detailing process done your vehicle’s looks will be protected for many years to come. The areas that are polished to remove any defects or imperfections should then be protected by a sealant that will last longer than wax does alone. Paint protection is another great benefit that falls into this category as well. You’ll love the look of your car and how it will stand out with its glossy shine as you drive down the road.

Be sure to contact us as soon as possible so that we will be able to begin enhancing and correcting the paint on your car. Use Oklahomies Car Detailing today to get great results, clean car guaranteed! All you have to do is give us a call now at 918-999-0355 or set up an appointment online at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.