For car detailing Tulsa how do you know how aggressive to get at the beginning with correcting paint? I just personally know that this car needs a compound because of how bad the surface is. Okay, so I need to remove a lot of damage and microfiber in the compound, the microfiber batten compound is going to do that for me. Now, if your car, you know, you get it, you buy a new car and the surface doesn’t look too bad or there’s like really minor swirl marks, you could probably start with polish right away. You know I don’t know but I would say like just as a recommendation. If you think that your car doesn’t need compound in microfiber try it with polish in the white pad first, just do a section and tape it off if you have painters tape to really compare and contrast with what the rest of your car looks like, and then get a real assessment for your own sake.

Know where to start right away on your vehicle for car detailing Tulsa, so you always want to with polishing. You want to do the path of least resistance. You want to make sure that your car looks perfect by taking the least amount of steps. Not every car needs to be compounded and then polished every single time. Some cars can get away with just a one-step polish. We offer one-step polish at Oklahomies Car Detailing that is designed to be less aggressive than compound. The cons are that a little bit more than polish, and then you choose what pad is going to be the most aggressive.

If you use one-step polish for car detailing Tulsa and you want to be a little bit aggressive, you use a microfiber pad. If you don’t want to be as aggressive or you want to be not aggressive at all you use the red foam pad. Assess your finish on the car you are working on first, then experiment a little bit but don’t do it like right in the middle of your car’s hood. Do it in an area that you may not notice all the time but give yourself time to experiment a little bit. You need the formula of what it’s going to take to do the whole car. If it was me and I was doing this car for a friend or a family member then I’m going to go polish my father-in-law’s car on Sunday like he wants it to be polished. He wants a graphene coating on it for going into winter, so I told him I would do it.

I’m going to go on his car where there’s the most damage, and I’m first going to start and figure out the best process of how to get a three-foot by three-foot section to look perfect. Then when I know what the easiest way to do that is, I just noticed in my mind, keep the tools right here, and then I just go do the whole thing. That’s the kind of best way to approach car detailing and paint correction. That’s a really good question actually.

There are some cars that have a super soft clear coat and there are some cars that have really hard clearcoat. It just depends on what year you bought your car, what region you bought your car in, what time of year you buy your car, and many different factors. It’s a really great tool to kind of create a clean slate on your vehicle before you get into polishing. It’s going to help remove old wax or old sealant. It’s not going to remove ceramic coating unfortunately but if you do strip wash you still need to do clay, compound, and polish. Just be aware of the strip wash and that it doesn’t remove tar and paint overspray but it will remove like old wax. We can be sure to make your car great at or to call 918-999-0355 for a detail unlike any other in town.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Never In A Dirty Car Again

You really have to clean and do car detailing Tulsa before you compound. Look, to be a rule-breaker don’t clay before compound and the only reason I say to clay before the compound is, it’s going to help so your pad doesn’t get loaded up stuff you don’t want. A lot of times a clay bar will give you an idea of what the bond contaminants are on your car. If I go to start polishing this. This will load up with our tree sap and then the compound won’t be as effective. At that point, you’re working against yourself. Whereas if you just take the necessary step to clay at first you don’t have any of that stuff on your car and then you can just go into paint enhancement.

If you have a little bit of paint overspray, we can remove it with our car detailing Tulsa. It will probably not be that big of a deal, but again, it just depends on the finish that you have on your car. That’s why I know I needed to clean it because I can hear it and you can feel it on the car’s paint. You could probably start polishing again. We usually recommend to clay bar your car before you polish it and really the easiest way to do that is while you’re washing your car before you bring it in to polish it.

While there’s suds on it you will continue the car detailing Tulsa. Now if you’ve washed it with the clay mitt and there’s suds on it. Take put a clay mitt in your bucket, like in the soap bucket, take it out and go clean it and clay your car while you’re in the middle of the wash. That’s the easiest way to do it, it just kind of combines a couple of steps in rinsing it off, pulling it inside to dry, and beginning to correct the paint.

Alright, so this is starting to dry out so I just sprayed this a little bit with detail spray to rehydrate the polish in here. Now what I wanted to mention was. This has a variable speed setting, and it goes from setting one up all the way to six. I like to start on four. Okay. Another thing is before you start polishing. You don’t want to put this up here and it drags his cord across the whole outside of your car because then you have something that you need you’ll literally be polishing your car, forever, because you’re constantly putting scratches in your car. You put this kind of behind you a little bit and throw this over your shoulder, and now it won’t hit the car.

Make sure you have this on the car before you start polishing. When you turn it on it’s going to kick on and you’re going to go at a steady pace. I talked about this with people that are starting to learn to polish. It’s the plane of the polisher. You don’t want this tilted you want the plane to be flat against the surface. We will use the best techniques of detailing when you head to now or give us a ring at 918-999-0355 today.