With graphene ceramic spray coating it will withstand car detailing Tulsa washing, rain, snow, and more. You can layer the ceramic spray coating to make it a thicker layer. Every time he washes his car he drives it. he just feels a layer on this. He knows he’s always going to be protected with graphene ceramic spray coating. If you’re going to do the real graphene coating there are steps. You need to polish your car and do the full process. It’s a little bit more work upfront. I did my father-in-law’s car this last weekend and t took me six hours to do the whole process from polishing to finishing the application of graphene ceramic coating.

It depends on the severity of the water spot that you are removing will depend on the car detailing Tulsa service you need. What happens with hard water is hard water contains minerals in the water. If that water gets on your car and it forms into a bead, the water evaporates into the air, the minerals stay down your car. If you catch them right when it happens, you could use slick and slide or CS three or graphene details spray for removal. You can wipe them off right away, but if they end up staying in your car for a couple of days, those minerals start to eat away at your clear coat. What happens is if it gets too severe, then you need to polish it because it has gotten into the paint. All you need to do is you take the CS three, and you just give it a spray, then wipe it off for detailing and water spot removal. You got to turn it on spray first. You just spray a little bit on there.

All you need to do is just give another spray and wipe it and it comes off perfect for car detailing Tulsa. Detail Spray gives you all the benefits of the pink stuff, the detail sprays that everybody loves. It also has added reduced graphene oxide as an added edge to give you a really slick finish on your paint. I know this side of my car is graphene ceramic coated and I’m using this on top. Restoring the slickness of what the graphene was before it had all this nasty stuff on here because I wash a car at Oklahomies Car Detailing. They are really great and use the best products on your vehicle. You should also protect your headlights. You should put ceramic on your headlights after you restore them. It’s going to help preserve the look of your headlights for longer and I will show you this right now because I did this a week ago. Check out this headlight. We do headlight restoration as well.

You can totally see the difference, and I put the graphene ceramic coating on top of that after you restore it. Put the protection on top because the protection is going to help the graphene or ceramic coating protect it from the UV rays. UV is what mainly turns your headlights yellow. It’s going to help preserve that look and the clarity. It’s going to help preserve it for a longer time. If you can use graphene details the answer is yes, use it all over your car.

My dad has an old 1935 Ford which is single-stage paint, working with it just feels different. There’s something different about it and you know when you get it perfect, you get certain protection on it. It feels slicker than anything you could feel. Single-stage paint is a benefit and no doubt even CS three will make it stand out. Mainly single-stage paint cars are older cars that sit in garages, they don’t get out into filthiness like my car. We will work on any car on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today, so call us at 918-999-0355 now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | If You’ve Got The Time Then We’ve Got The Shine!

These products are amazing for car detailing Tulsa. Those cars are sitting in garages and they get dust on them. They don’t get crazy dirt or road grime. This stuff helps tremendously. It’s going to help preserve the love and make the finish add a ton of shine, which is what you want. The CS three of course is one of our most popular for detailing. It cleans, shines, and protects. He says waterless wash uses the detailer and it’s almost done the things slip and slide. This one leaves a crazy slick finish behind hence the slip and slide.

Then talking about the graphene ceramic spray coating, which is, has nothing to do with the others but is a great thing for car detailing Tulsa. This is an actual coating. Alright, and then something that is more aligned with both the CSV and things like the graphene detail. I’ll tell you what people always want to know when do you why do you use either. Grab a detail spray from the other details is another productive product to use. I’m going to go ahead and close the hood on this surface. I can see some smudges and stuff on there that we will remove with a spray. The detail spray is so unique, because you can use it on anything, paint, glass, chrome, or really anything you want.

You use it as a lubricant for your clay bar for car detailing Tulsa. The spray is super versatile and can be used for all kinds of different things. Now I’ve been using the CS three quite a bit and you can use it for different products. If you’re using it as a product that’s going to remove dust and dirt and it’s an awesome waterless wash product. When you use this stuff as a waterless wash. Use it with the waffle towel because the waffle pattern on this towel makes it less abrasive. It makes it to where it doesn’t hurt a thing, when you’re wiping it down, all the dirt and grime will stay in the finish of the towel. That gives you a flawless finish without scratching it up so we just pulled off that much dirt with this product without scratching.

All of them work on the engine bay. They work especially in the engine bay like this, which is all painted like a modern engine bay. It has a lot more plastic. I like to use different products like our VRT in and out spray just to maintain it. We actually use our interior detailer spray. To know that plastic is good for leather it’s good for anything that’s sort of corrugated like that rough plastic. That’s a really good product to also use like on your bed caps of your pickup truck and your bumpers, you can do that too so that’s a pretty neat product CS three. It also is a great product to use on something that you’ve ceramic coated, okay. This maintains that really hydrophobic finish so when you’re when you’ve got something strong coated.

Can you talk about the difference between the CS three and the waterless wash? It doesn’t have the ceramic sorted up the superhydrophobic property to it. In other words, when you’re using the waterless wash it pulls the dirt off so nice. The CS three in the water was washed the differences are protection. You’re getting protection in the CS three we won’t have that in the waterless wash. If we were to go ahead then I will be using the CS3 as a detailer. It’s not dirty now we know he knows about the dirt. Now I just want to do some polishing and some really light detailing. As the detail spray or the waterless wash, the protection tends to be more visible on the glass.