Everyone’s been using a second slide, CS3, and detail spray for car detailing Tulsa. At Oklahomies Car Detailing, we use the best products for your car. I’m using a borderless gray plush towel, I’m making sure that I have this towel folded up into fours. I can just, you know, give it a nice wipe after dousing it with CS three. I’m treating this right now, as I’m doing this as a waterless wash for a simple clean. With a waterless wash, you just have to be wiping in one direction, dousing it, and doing a lot of wiping in one direction to get the dirt off. Then what I’ll do is fold the towel over so you can see how dirty it was here. Fold to a fresh side of the towel. Fold it over, and then I’ll just give it a little spritz.

Then I can really just even this out and wipe it down for car detailing Tulsa. I can feel the slickness of the silica in CS three, and how nicely it’s coming off. You know, that’s the one thing about CS3 for doing just like a nice spray and wipe down on your car. It’s not really that streaky at all, it’s a really awesome product. CS3 can be used as a drying aid as well. It’s a little finicky on glass and it’s easier to see on air but I’ll let it sit there in the direct sun. You guys can see what happens a little bit later but I’m just out here kind of messing with my car and cleaning it up with CS three just because yes, we’re going to a waterless wash with a little bit of shine.

That detail spray provides the silica in there, and the ceramic gives it the protection for car detailing Tulsa. We have a behind-the-process video in there, that explains more of the science behind graphene or reduced graphene oxide, which is what the graphene products have in them. The reason why they reduced it down make it a reduced graphene oxide is because those oxides and then allow it to be paired with other things so you can attach it to things. The way chemists described it was polysiloxane, which is what the ceramic is in something like ceramic spray or our old ceramic coating for detailing any vehicle. They’re working together to make an extremely durable protection agent which would be in graphene ceramic spray coating or 60-milliliter graphene coating. What happens is when you have reduced graphene oxide, you can actually put it in to solubilize into water-based products. That’s what graphene detail spray is. They took the reduced graphene oxide and put it into the regular detail spray formula.

It has the same benefits as a spray and wipes as detail spray. It adds a ton of shine, but what you get with the reduced graphene oxide is that protection agent that allows you to spray and wipe your car as well. The reduced graphene oxide and graphene detail spray are going to help maintain your graphene ceramic coated vehicle. It’s a polymer-based product. What I tell people is it’s sort of the spray and wipe version of h2o gloss. It’s not a drying aid, but it’s a way to dry your car and sell it at the same time. Okay, it’s a sealant. Now what we recommend is you put a base layer of paint sealant on then you maintain it with a gloss. If you need to spray and wipe, you’d be using slick to do these things so you can just use this as the spray sealant straight up and down.

If you’re using ceramic spray coating, our old version of ceramic spray coating does not have graphene. If you’re doing ceramic spray coating or the one with the UV tracer in it, CS three is like a great product to go over that. You put that on your car after you’ve cleaned it and done everything, but you want something to maintain it or you want something to use as like a waterless wash but as protection. We will be using the highest level of products on your car whenever you ring up 918-999-0355 or on https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ now.

Car Detailing Tulsa | Express Hand Wax In Minutes

You have graphene ceramic spray coating for the small bottle, and then you would use graphene detail spray on top of that for car detailing Tulsa maintenance. You have ceramic, clean shine, and protect CS3, The reason why is because you have the reduced graphene oxide and both, you want those to work together and stay paired together. If you’re wanting to do a heavy clean, like I was doing a heavy clean on my car just a minute ago, I was using CS3 on top of graphene. With graphene, it’s with the detail spray, and we don’t really recommend using it when your car is filthy.

When you wash your car and if you wash your car at Oklahomies Car Detailing, use us for car detailing Tulsa. Dry it correctly and then do a spray and wipe process around the whole car after your car was dry. Do it every time you wash your car, and it will always be protected with that ceiling. This is kind of a spray sealant. Silica works so well with the polysiloxane that is in here with the reduced graphene oxide, we recommend using it in any of the silica-based products. A washing coat would be the product that you use after you’ve applied graphene ceramic coating.

Really any soap would work with the car shampoo for car detailing Tulsa. That’s what I use on my car. It works amazing because of the reduced graphene oxide or the graphene ceramic spray coating of the graphene ceramic coating. Really, it’s going to be in your car for an extended period of time. To get back to the hydrophobic properties and the superhydrophobic properties of these, you want to get as much of the nastiness off your car. By giving it a deep clean with car shampoo, Adam’s car shampoo is great, but if you want to, you know, maintain then do a wash and wax.

Do you recommend any of these to go on top of ceramic paste wax? I do. I would say this CS three would probably be the best to go over the ceramic paste wax. The ceramic paste wax has the similar almost the same raw material that’s in this ceramic spray coating. I would kind of keep it in this family right here. So CS three on top of that, for sure it would work amazing. He cleans it and then he uses CS three on it. The car has been ceramic coated already so it is very easy to maintain. With anything in protection, when you reduce the concentration level, it makes the products easier to use. In the case of a sealant like paint sealant, you can’t spray this product, this is an application process. This would be like waxing your car, but you’re actually applying a sealant on there.

You can’t spray this product because it is thick. It’s very concentrated with those polymer sealants in there. Other products are just a little bit less concentrated than paint sealants. You can just spray it on and wipe it on your whole car. The one cool thing about h2o gloss the last update that we did about a year ago was when you’re so the process of h2o Garden gloss is you wash your whole car with the two bucket wash system. After you rinse all the soap off and there’s water all over your car. Okay, you just rinse it, well all you can do is you can go with h2o Garden gloss, and you can spritz it on the car. Then you take a towel that is wet. Then you take another towel that’s dry. In the wet towel, what you do is spritz some of the h2o Garden gloss on the car. Then you spread some into the wet towel. You keep the dry towel over your shoulder, and then you work. Once you’ve done that with a wet towel, then you take the dry towel. You’re applying a sealant in kind of this unique process, which is your car’s wet, like I just went through today, and what it does, it adds protection on while you’re drying your car at 918-999-0355 for https://oklahomiescardetailing.com/ today.