That’s like a difference between, you know, a good towel and a great towel when we offer you Tulsa car detailing today. Wiping your car to both a good towel breakout the microfiber. Okay, so it’s huge. The jump up is substantial and really is one of the best ways for the frequency of touching your car. Like wax to me is like a hobbyist that goes out every night. Sealants are going away. I think I feel like the sealant market is being owned and taken over really by the ceramics because people want durability.

I would be surprised if we continue to sell sealant two years from now when it comes to Tulsa car detailing. I don’t think we will. I think the h2o gloss is a water-activated sealant that makes a lot of sense because it is so easy. It makes your car shine like crazy that that process makes it great. I see more ceramic technology coming into that product soon. I think what that’ll do is that will advance the amount of water bead you’ll get out of it and the longevity to it. Those are things that you would consider differences. The great question on wax versus sealant versus ceramic ceramics is both for sure. The most durable the longest-lasting it’s, it’s worth the effort. I mean, it’s not hard, it’s easy, you know, it’s easier to remove something remove it, it’s easier to move than wax or sealant. Okay, so it’s not like it’s going to be more work is less work. It’s more expensive. That’s the only downstroke doing so I’ll just showcase the second slide on this side like I was.

Let’s go ahead and show let’s say we tend to the car like this daily driver once again for Tulsa car detailing every month. This was super, super dry. If we just take slip and slide and we go ahead and just do a little section here as to what we can do for this guy. It’ll add a lot of water beading, it’ll add some shine too. I think what we’ll find is that this product right here will get a lot of people that are going to be buying this stuff, they’re gonna be using it as an alternative to detail spray because it’s got a little bit more longevity to it. Which is crazy. Really split so obviously you heard the paint before so I don’t want to call someone on that just like it sounds like a quick detailer but added protection.

Here we go before and after water kind of takes off a little bit more on the ceramic side. You know we didn’t do this let’s go ahead and do this pull that this is going to be almost dry. The water doesn’t quite fall off that quite as quickly right. There’s still a third advantage to the spray coating but to see the difference of the water beating you know this is going to shoot off and leave it a little bit better beading. One of the questions we got to the job out there is that layering has been brought up a few times. Can you put ceramic spray coating and then a school garden’s last shirt spray wax? Yeah. How does that work? Okay, so here’s the good news about the ceramic spray coating. The ceramic spray coating is a very durable topcoat. Okay, it’s a very durable finish. If you want to put anything on top of it, go for it. You know, just anything that’s not polished will instantaneously combust your car and catch on fire and burn to the ground. Make sure you know just recognize that. It does not reduce your options.

Once you ceramic coated your car, it actually increases your options. Okay, now you’ve got a bulletproof base. With a bulletproof base for car cleaning, you can do with you know, kind of whatever you want. You can go and use a whole plethora of products. If you want to say well, I want to use only the best the most perfect products for everything. Well, great. We definitely have a process for that. We definitely have the ceramic spray coating you will love at https://oklahomiescardetailing.com The CS three is to be used on top of that. You can use a strength boost here and there between washes because that’s nice and adds a lot of gloss easily. Once your car is ceramic coated, it increases your options and doesn’t narrow it down. Be sure to get a ceramic coating now by calling us at 918-999-0355 today.

Tulsa Car Detailing | Using The Best Products In And On Your Car

You may need to do two coats of ceramic spray coating during Tulsa car detailing and we have everything you need here at Oklahomies Car Detailing today. Let’s say you want to just put as much protection on there as you want as you possibly can. A new ceramic spray coating on my car every day. Well, you can but it’s a little bit you know, you have to be careful and not be getting too crazy. If you put two to three coats of ceramic spray in your car. Let’s say you do a new layer of ceramic spray coating after every wash for say three washes, consecutive washes, well then yeah, you’re gonna have a durable finish. It’s going to last more than a year okay, so it’s not going to be just one coat for one year. For me to be honest with you. I’m a person that believes that one coat is probably adequate. With that one coat which you get is crazy water beading, extreme self-cleaning, which means you know, a little water droplet rolls on your finish and picks up all the dirt with it so it just rolls off

At Tulsa Car Detailing, we offer a coating that has self-cleaning properties. It makes it so nice and that is really an easy product for you to go ahead and clean. In other words, once you’ve got a ceramic-coated finish, it’s gonna make it easier to clean you can go ahead and do multiple coats but if you wanted to do something to just put a whole coat of gloss on there if you’re into applying and removing something because you just have to do it. I get one of the things that I just took to apply and remove brake lines as a killer prior to applying and move so easy on so easy off. And it gives you the total satisfaction of knowing that you know to let it come off. You put it on Chrome, you put it on your factory wheels, it’s such a neat product so brilliantly is what I would do if I was to apply and remove something for more for therapy than for the cars as needed.

I come out here and polish on stuff all the time during the Tulsa car detailing. That’s why you’re watching this to see you know when you need to maintain it. You don’t need to get a perfect video today is based on just you being able to accomplish an incredibly easy to clean vehicle without having to go ahead and do a full insane paint correction. Especially if your car is a color like this. That’s so forgiving. It’s nice and dirty right now. You got I think he parks us outside it got caught in the rain. So you can see a lot of the dust and dirt and everything on it. The only thing about this is this is on right now. It only pulls the power when you pull the trigger of the soap nose. This stuff does come with the pressure washer, along with the steel braided 40-foot hose, to which the steel braided is key. It’s amazing, just constantly running but it is also really noisy. We’ve used gas pressure washers before and we had to take them behind the building because it’s so loud. So this is what we’re going to show today.

What I want to show is just how the pressure washer works and how effective it is when using something like a mega foam car shampoo. You know how you can talk your car with foam, things like that. So what do you say? Okay, let me see some really quick. I think we’re gonna wash this car. Just for the sake of time, I’m going to skip the wheels and tires. I’ll clean them after we’re done washing the car. I just want to show you how we can film this whole car down. Then all of you after this, we’re going to pull it inside. I’m going to show you guys the air cannon Jr. and how effective that is with a forced-air drying unit. We had a bigger air cannon. Those have moved on and we brought in the smaller one and I think we’re getting we’re kinda in development for a new air cannon seniors kind of what we’re calling it the bigger dual-motor one.

The pressure washer puts out a nice pressure. What we can do is we can take tips off the cuff for different tips. I personally like those 40-degree tips for cleaning the car. It is great. I think I’m more like in the 25 the green and when you’re using these, you want to make sure when you put this connection on. Sometimes that will come off. In the case of putting it on and then pulling the trigger. This is going to shoot 50 yards. If you haven’t hit or chip the paint, so I pointed away from a car on the tip. You can get your car cleaned now by visiting https://oklahomiescardetailing.com or dialing 918-999-0355 at once.